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Toro Power Lawn Mower (20333)

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Toro Power Lawn Mower Model 20332, I Like It!

Aug 7, 2011
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Pros:Started with the first pull, easy to install and put together.

Cons:All the plastic scares me a bit.  Plastic wheels?

The Bottom Line: Good price, solid warranty, Briggs and Stratton engine. Powerful self-propelled, up to 4mph.

After 10 years of abuse, wear and tear, trips to the repair shop, my Craftsman Lawn mower had it.  The engine blew, in part, with a defective gasket, along with other issues.  Craftsman was not on the top of my list for a replacement.  During the repair time, I had a chance to try out a Toro Power Lawn Mover, Model 20332 and I liked it! So much, I went out and bought the same model.  Why the Toro 20332?

* I wanted self propelled model, our lot is big and rolling enough that a push is not practical and with the land scaping, a rider model will not work. Self-propeleed is perfect.  Compared to the Craftsman, the Toro was GIDDY-UP! I could not believe the range of speed that is available.  Toro has a "Personal Pace System" that you can adjust to your walking level.  I, of course, opened it up and was nearly running, so I slowed it down to a safer speed. It is based on an adjustable bar that you can move up or down to control the speed. Easy to use, right there with the dead drop switch to kill the motor if necessary.  The adjustable speed is great, a wonderful option, adapts to your walking speed.  Rear wheel drive, up to 4mph.

* Powerful, a Briggs and Stratton 7HP engine is fine for our area.  It is 190cc, great for residential use.  It is a ready start engine, no gas bulb to push, no choke or priming to worry about, just pull and go.  True, I pulled the chord once and the engine started and hummed.   

*  3 In 1 bagging, mower system is standard. The three choices are bagging the clippings, side vent throw, and mulching. Personally, I prefer to mulch, as I strongly feel the recycling of clippings help lawn health, however, it is easy to change and add the bagging option. All it takes is one switch pull to install the bag.  Also, the side discharge option is great in case your neighbor's dog keep pooping on your lawn and you want to get even by blowing your clippings into their lawn.  You can keep the bag attached if you want, even in the mulch mode, but not sure why you would. 

*   A 22" cutting deck, is larger than most. Many mowers have a 19-20-21" deck, the 22" is larger, saves time when mowing.  Toro has a trademarked "recycler" cutting deck.  This is part of their guarantee. The 22" cutting deck is a time saver, excellent feature.

*  Easy height adjustment for cutting length. There are four simple toggle like levers to move the wheels up and down for cutting length. Easy to use, easy to get to.  I used the 2nd highest length as it is August, the lawn is not growing much, just needed a "trim."  Length can be a short as one inch up to as high as 4 inch. I cut at 3".

* Clean up flush port.  An easy way to flush and clean the bottom of the mower deck of clippings is with the flush port.  You can connect the gardem hose directly to the mower to wash out the bottom of the mower.  It cleans the mower right side up, no need to shake it around or turn it over.  This helps to maintain air flow within the mower for high performance.

* "Atomic" cutting blade is excellent for mulching, along with the recycling systems.  Wider 8" wheels control and ease of use.  It came assembled for me.  Weighs about 8- pounds, 1/4 gallon gas tank, 20 ounce oil capacity.  Easily stored, about 25" wide and without handles about 17" high.  Handles are easily adjustable or lowered.

* Highly rated by Consumer Reports, also guarantee and warranties are high, 3 year warranty on the power train and "guarantee to start." 2 year full coverage warranty is included. This is fair and reasonable.   

Price: $349 at Home Depot, I got the last model in stock, the floor model, so I saved an addition 10%.  I also opened a Home Depot charge account, so I saved another 10% and only pay monthly at 0% interest for a year.  With the savings, I purchased a Home Depot extended warranty for an additional 3 years.  So far, so good, and I give the Toro 20332 a high rating.

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