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Apr 14, 2003 (Updated May 8, 2003)
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Pros:Vivid Color and Sound, Plays DVD, DVD-R, Photo CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD, MP3, JPEG Viewer

Cons:Slow to read all disc, MP3 Text Menu can't read long text

The Bottom Line: Price is better at the clubs and some online stores, but it well worth it excellent product!

In this review I will be covering Toshiba 5-disc Multi-format DVD Player Model: SD-K625 sold at SAMS Club and Costco also known as SD2815 sold at Best Buy an online stores.

What's the difference between SD3815 and SD2815(SD-K625)

Toshiba top-end 5-disc model SD3815 same features as the SD2815(SD-K625)except for color is silver not black and uses Color Stream Pro (Pro being Progressive Scan Model)instead found at Best Buy and online stores.

What's in the box?

1 SD-K625 5 disc multi-format changer
1 Remote
2 AAA batteries
1 Standard RCA Stereo A/V Cable
1 Registration Card
1 Manual

Specs and Features

DVD 500 Lines for Vivid Picture Color Image
DVD 100dB Gain Digital Audio
CD 95dB Gain Digital Audio

10bit/27mHz Video D/A Converter
ColorStream® Component Video Output
Black Level Expander

24bit/96kHz Audio D/A Converter
Dolby Digital/DTS Output
MP3 Audio
3D Surround

Picture Zoom
x2/x8/x30/x100 Scan
1/8, 1/4, 1/2, Slo-Motion
Parental Lock
Multi-Camera Angle Select
Multi-Language Select
Multi-Subtitle Select

At the rear you are given a choice of outputs which are all 24K gold plated connections except for s-video and optical digital:

Connection Features
Component video output (Pr Pb Y)
S-video output
Optical digital output
Coax digital output
Standard video output
Standard Stereo audio L-R 1 of 2 outputs
Standard Stereo audio L-R 2 of 2 outputs

How does it performed?

Toshiba gives you a lot for your money in this player not only can you play 5 disc either (5 DVDs or 5 DVD-Rs or 5 CDs or 5 VCDs or 5 CD-Rs, 5 CD-RWs, 5 Photo CDs, 5 MP3 CD Discs) and there is the JPEG Viewer on top that.

The player has a slim case, height is 3.1" (17" x 3-3/16" x 16-3/16") but the width is 17" longer ouch. Very durable, hard metal black case which you can stack 10 to 25 lbs of equipment on of it.

Remote feels good in your hand; it's a bit smaller than I thought it did on the box cover though. All 45 buttons are laid out and spaced out good. Nice features on the remote, like a function to dim the display panel bright light at night or day.

Update 5/8/03: You can now skip to any disc 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 just by pressing the the disc skip and #disc number of your choice on the remote. It's quick!

DVD - Excellent vivid color pictures, sound is clear, bass it tight tones and highs are excellent

DTS - Excellent Sound Quaility
Dolby Digital - Excellent Sound Quaility

MP3 - Excellent Sound Quaility, tones are clear and high, bass is tight. (Text Menu is easy to use and program, but longer text might not show up in the menu)

CD audio - Excellent sound clear, bass it tight, tones and highs are excellent

Fantastic buy and features are very good.

Extra Tip with connections, cables

Best Recommendation Hookups
(Note always use premium 24K gold plated cables for best results)

Choices are:
1. Monster, Philips, Radio Shack, AR
2. RCA / GE Ultra gold cables

Monster is at a premium price for those who want to spend more, the results are excellent for S-Video, Coaxial Digital, and you’re Sub-Woofer.

Philips and Radio Shack offers you just about the same premium, but not at higher price, except for Radio Shack new Fusion AV line (pricy) then it’s just like buying Monster Cable. Philips offers premium cables under the 24K Gold Series line. There optical cable with 24K gold plate ends is excellent offering very good highs, tones, tight bass, and no loss audio signal with excellent vocals.

RCA / GE Ultra gold cables are good for standard video and audio, their optical cable is cheaper and don’t expect to much highs, tones the bass is okay, there is some loss, vocals are good.

Better Connection Choice
Component Video
Optical Digital Audio

Best Connection Choice
Optical Digital Audio (fiber lead)

Coaxial Digital Audio (copper lead)

Selecting either of my choices for Better or Best will give you what you really expect out of this DVD Video Player. Just remember to use 24K gold plated cable ends and premium fiber for optical cables for optimum sound quality from your front, center, rear and sub-woofer.

Good Connection Choice
Standard Video
Standard Stereo Audio

At the Standard Video and Audio choice, except high quality VHS pre-recorded tape, again use 24K gold plated cables.

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