Totino's Party Cheese Pizza Frozen Food 9.8oz

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Totino's Frozen Pizza - The taste is "yummmm" but the fat and calories are "yuck!"

Dec 16, 2007
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Pros:I really like the "airy" crust, and the delicious sauce and cheese.

Cons:Why is it that everything I like is so bad for me!?!?!

The Bottom Line: This is a delicious frozen pizza. But I wish it were healthier!

Every so often, I crave a Totino's Crisp Crust Party Pizza. It's by far my favorite frozen pizza, and has been for years. In fact I remember being a kid, and sharing a Totino's with my father for one of our favorite lunches.

What's so special about Totino's? The "Crisp Crust". It's truly "different". Made with a patented dough, the texture of the crust and the bottom of the pizza is definitely unique. There's simply no other way to describe it, except to say that there are "air pockets" throughout. The very bottom of the pizza somehow splits apart from the layers above it, forming pockets of air. So biting into the pizza is like biting into little pillows of air. I don't know how they accomplish this effect. I don't even know if it was done that way on purpose, or if it was just a "lucky accident", but it's the texture of this pizza crust that makes a Totino's the treat that it is. Interestingly, there's really no "outside crust" to speak of on this pizza. That's good for me, since I normally leave that part over.

Of course, the crust isn't the only part of the pizza I like. I love the taste of the sauce, and the cheese, as well. There's less cheese on this pizza than on others, which to me is a bonus. I prefer my pizza to be heavy on the sauce and light on the cheese, and that's what I get with Totino's. And speaking of the sauce, it's delicious. It's fairly spicy, slightly sweet, and somehow it just works. Between the unique "airy" crust, and the very good sauce and cheese, this is what frozen pizza should be, as far as I'm concerned. And, at least in the cheese flavor, it's not too greasy. With some pizzas there's a pool of grease left on the plate after you finish; with this one the plate is dry.

Oh - on top of all of that, these are inexpensive, too! They are sometimes on sale for $1 each. That's not a typo! When they go on sale, we buy a few of them, and keep them in the freezer for an occasional delicious lunch.

If I enjoy these so much, why do I say "occasional" lunch? Well, they're not the most nutritious lunch I could have, that's for sure. In fact, I'm a bit horrified at the fat and calories. First of all, they consider this to be two servings. Unless you're a little kid, that's just silly. At 10.5 oz. This is a perfect size for an adult's lunch. Each serving (remember you have to multiply by two if you eat the whole thing) contains 320 calories, 15g of fat, and a whopping 760mg of sodium. Ugh! I'm sorry I took a look at that label! I knew they were bad, but didn't realize they were THAT bad!

How do you cook these?

In the oven. No microwave instructions are included, as baking in the oven is the only recommended method for cooking. The best way to make this pizza is to place it directly on the rack in the center of the oven, and heat at 450 ° for 14 to 16 minutes. You'll know it's done when all the cheese is melted, and peeking underneath shows a slightly browned bottom. This method is for "crisp crust" which is the best way to enjoy this pizza. However, if you want a softer crust, you can bake it on a cookie sheet, for 17 to 19 minutes. Even though the first method is a bit messy on your oven, I still recommend it. The whole point is that delicious crust, remember?

Overall, this is a delicious frozen pizza with a truly unique texture. I recommend it for an occasional lunch, but its fat and calories will probably keep you from enjoying it too often. In fact, I would give it 4 stars for taste, but I'm subtracting a star for the fat and calories.

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