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Toyota RAV4 2012

Toyota RAV4 2012 Reviews
Overall rating:  Product Rating: 3.0

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The Smooth Riding Toyota RAV4 2012 Could be for You but not for Me

by texas-swede:      Sep 19, 2012 - Updated Sep 26, 2012

Product Rating: 3.0 Recommended: Yes 

Pros: Rides well, quiet, spacious, air conditioning, practical, family oriented.
Cons: backwards controls, rear hatch hinged on right side, mpg.
The Bottom Line: 

The Toyota RAV4 2012 is a good practical family oriented small SUV with some odd features. You may like it but it is not for me.

I do not own a Toyota RAV4 2012. However, I recently drove an almost brand new Toyota RAV4 2012 for one month and over 2,000 miles because my son who does not have a car needed one. Overall I felt that this is a good car that drives well, it is roomy enough, and has an air conditioning system fit for the Texas summer heat.

Overview of the Toyota RAV4 2012

The Toyota RAV4 2012 is a small budget SUV for five people. It is expandable to seven. It has five doors, a 269 horsepower V6 engine, front wheel drive, a 4-drive automatic transmission, and it is roomier than it looks, but not as spacious as the biggest SUVs. It has front and rear seat air conditioning, lots of cup holders, two glove compartments, a storage compartment between the front seats, luminescent instrument panel, and remote keyless entry. The mpg is just a little bit above 20 which is better than an SUV, but worse than the average sedan, and much worse than my 48mpg Toyota Prius. So I cannot praise it with regards to mpg. As mentioned I rented it but I think the price, in the mid $20,000, is quite affordable. One odd feature is that the rear hatch is side mounted and swings open sideways and the spare tire is attached to the rear hatch.

The Toyota RAV4 2012 Opinion & Experience

Overall I felt that driving the Toyota RAV4 2012 was comfortable. It was smooth, quiet, easy to maneuver, steady on the road, and it took corners well despite its height, and the acceleration was pretty good. I sat comfortably in my seat and there was space for my knees and legs. The Toyota RAV4 2012 had Fahrverknügen if you will. I also liked the fact that the air conditioning was powerful. That is useful on humid 100+ degree days.

I thought that some controls were somewhat backwards. For example, you turned the enclosure of the dial for the air conditioning instead of the entire knob, and the numbers were on the inside of the enclosure, which made it feel like you were turning the dial the opposite way of the numbers. Also the shift stick (P, R, N, 3-D, 2, and 1) had the 3 and the D on the same level just slightly apart, which made me accidently use 3 instead of D on several occasions. I also found it unintuitive that you adjusted the side rearview mirrors using controls between the seats rather than on the doors. I know that Toyota does these kinds of things a lot on their cars so I should not be surprised. It is mostly a matter of what you are used to and feel comfortable with.

The fact that the rear hatch was hinged on the right side instead of the roof also felt odd but it did not seem harder to open the back door and it might have made the hatch roomier, which was quite roomy by the way. The fact that the spare tire was on the back door was also odd. It made the door heavier but because of the way you opened the back door it did not make it much harder to open. I guess that they placed the spare tire in this spot to save space in the hatch, and that is why they then designed the rear hatch the way they did. One negative aspect of this approach is that the door seemed to get in the way more often. Was it a good idea? I would vote against it.

As mentioned the car had several cup holders and storage compartments and the back seat was roomy. In general this car was a practical and comfortable car for long distance travel (five people).

Final conclusion and recommendation

Overall I felt that this car was comfortable to drive, it was spacious and practical and family oriented. It is a good car. However, it also had some odd features and considering that the mpg was not great it is not really a car for me. I would not buy it. However, I still recommend it to others who may be less concerned with mpg than I am and less concerned with the odd features than I am. I give it three stars.

Finally I would like to thank Christal Calderon for adding this car to the epinions data base.
Condition: Used
Model Year: 2009
Model and Options: V6 Automatic
Product Rating: 3.0
Recommended: Yes 
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