True Innovations Sport Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair Reviews

True Innovations Sport Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair

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True Innovations Sports Mesh Office Chair - Quality And Comfort At Bargain Prices.

Nov 4, 2011
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Pros:Comfortable, adjustable, great support, breathable fabric, great price point, three-year warranty.


The Bottom Line: True Innovations Sport Mesh Office Chair provides adjustable comfort, breathable fabric and ergonomic design at an affordable price point.

I recently had to outfit several new offices and a conference room. Working within a constrained budget, I managed to purchase twelve chairs for the conference room without breaking the bank. Ergonomic desk chairs can easily run up into the hundreds of dollars. While computer chairs can be found for less than one hundred dollars, you will be hard-pressed to find quality chairs in that price range. High quality chairs can easily run five hundred dollars or more. When I found the True Innovations Sport Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair at Office Depot for 120 dollars per chair, I ordered twelve. They were shipped to the office in small boxes that I quickly realized would require some elbow grease.

The True Innovations Sport Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair was completely disassembled in the box. For the cost savings, I did not mind assembling these chairs, although it took a while to get them all together. Each chair required ten or fifteen minutes of light labor to assemble. The instructions were easy to follow. The parts were labeled accurately to ensure proper construction. The parts included two allen wrenches, three blister packs of bolts, five wheels, one base, one hydraulic lift, a seat, a back and two arms. With all of these parts, I figured it would take longer to get all of these chairs constructed. I was happy to make short work of it.

The chair itself has several ergonomic features that give them a comfort level that seemingly exceeds the price point. The chairs have a hydraulic height adjustment that provides a range from 37 to 40 inches in height. Each arm is also adjustable, with the adjustment know already assembled on the arms in the box. The padded arms provide adequate comfort, but are not exceptional. The ergonomic pillowing is layered to maximize support. This includes a waterfall shape design for your legs to reduce stress and provide added comfort. The material is a breathable sports mesh that looks attractive, is comfortable to sit in and allows for air circulation.

The True Innovations Sport Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair has adjustable controls that are also built into the chair. This includes a tilt bar to lock the chair from tilting back, or allowing you to recline. There is also a lumbar support knob built into the base of the backrest that did not require any additional assembly. This adjustment allows you to find your own balance between comfort and support for your back. I don’t spend much time leaned back in my chairs, so this is less effective for me. There are backpads for those of us who sit forward in our chairs to provide additional support.

The True Innovations Sport Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair comes with a limited three-year warranty. If there are any defects in workmanship and construction, the chair must be returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Replacement parts can be obtained by contacting the company through their website and submitting the SKU and PO numbers which are located on one of several tags attached to the bottom of the seat.

The True Innovations Sport Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair appears to be well constructed. The chair is constructed from a plywood frame with a durable mesh material covering the ample layers of cushioning. The seat base is approximately twenty inches square, making it average to small in terms of computer chairs. The seatback is larger and more comfortable than the seat pad, providing comfort and support without skimping. The lift control is a one-touch pneumatic base with a three-stage plastic sheath. The plastic is for appearances and is probably the cheapest part of the chair. One of my boxes was crushed and this plastic sheathing was flattened a bit. It still has not regained a perfect shape, but it really isn’t noticeable beneath the chair. I know it because I assembled the chair myself. Unlike the chair in my office these chairs do not have an adjustable head rest. The chair advertises a weight capacity of 225 pounds, but appears sturdy enough to exceed that restriction significantly.

The True Innovations Sport Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair is an exceptional bargain. With a price point close to one hundred dollars, this ergonomic, adjustable chair is far superior to other chairs at the low end of the price spectrum. A fair number of computer chairs come dissembled into just an upper and lower, requiring minimal assembly. These chairs require more effort to assemble, but the instructions are very easy to follow. Considering the cost savings, a bit of additional assembly is a small price to pay. Four stars.

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