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Tupperware Large Hamburger Press

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Makes Perfect Burgers EVERY TIME!!!!

Feb 6, 2004
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Pros:Make your burgers the way YOU want them (Even better than Burger King)

Cons:None that I can think of.

The Bottom Line: You won't be disappointed when you find out how easy these are to use, and what great things you can do with your meats.

The Large Hamburger Set is yet another great product made by Tupperware® I don’t know who ever thought up these great gadget ideas, but whoever it was, sure does know how to make life in the kitchen much much easier. My mom used to have these Tupperware Hamburger sets. She had a ton of them. I even remember how she had them stacked up in the freezer. Whenever we wanted a hamburger we just took one out, and fired up the grill.

The Hamburger Press & Freezer set is even quite attractive these days. Years ago, they were just the clear Tupperware, with a clear lid etc. But now they have it accented in sapphire blue. I haven’t bought this yet, but am planning to buy it very soon. I have experience with using them though, because of using my mothers for years.

The general Info about the Press itself

The hamburger press is sort of a simple thing to use. It’s designed to flatten your ground beef, (or turkey, or sausage. etc) into the shape of a hamburger. The press has a round container type of thing that you put your meat into, with a ring that fits inside (this ring keeps your meat from being pressed completely up against the side of the “patty keeper”) To use the press you just sort of squish it down, using the handle, and it forms to the perfect circle. You get 3 “Patty Keepers” with ONE lid, when you buy the hamburger press set. But they also do sell the “Hamburger Freezer Set” also. Which then gives you more of the containers to keep your burgers in.

Why would you want one of these Hamburger Presses?

Well I can’t speak for you, but I know for myself, that during the summer I do a lot of grilling. And it seems to be hamburgers that my son wants most. When the hamburgers are already made up ahead of time, it is just such a quick and simple way to speed up your prep time.

WHY use these Tupperware forms instead of buying the pre-made frozen patties???

1. I have bought the frozen patties several times. I don’t know but for some reason the flavor of the pre-frozen patties are sort of bland.

2. You can mix your own spices in your meat before freezing them is a GREAT way to have some knock out burgers.

3. Have you ever compared the cost of buying a package of frozen patties as opposed to buying your usual ground beef? Price per pound is cheaper to do it yourself.

4. When buying a package of pre-frozen patties, you sometimes find yourself slamming them on the counter to separate them, or you have to pry them apart with a knife…. Using the Tupperware Hamburger press set, you have none of that to worry about. They are already separated, and you don’t have to slam anything at all. It comes out of the patty keeper quickly and easily.

5. And last but definitely not least…. You can choose the thickness of your burgers. Do you want a big juicy burger? Or maybe you would rather have thinner burgers, or maybe you feel like making a little bit of both? The choice is then yours on which way you would rather prepare your meat. (each container holds 1/3 lb of meat, if that tells you anything)

Storage & Cleaning

These great little items are just like your ordinary Tupperware… cleaning is simple…. Either wash by hand, or you can put them in the dishwasher. My mother always put hers in the top rack of the dishwasher and they cleaned nicely.
As for Storage. They are small. They aren’t much bigger than… Ummmm,… a hamburger… ha ha…. So they don’t really take up much space. They do not have a ton of lids to store either, because the way they stack when in use. The bottom part of one patty keeper becomes the lid to the patty keeper underneath it. Maybe I should quote the way TUPPERWARE tells what way it works… it might be more understandable…. Tupperware says: The three stackable containers snap together to create airtight seals for each patty, while the single seal encloses the container.


The cost of the Hamburger Press set is $10.99 online, but you may be able to get a better deal when ordering through a catalog or at a Tupperware party. I’m not sure but it’s worth checking into. Either way by the time you have your shipping charge it all evens out. Even still, not a bad deal for $11.00 right?
The cost of the Hamburger Freezer set is an additional $9.99. The reason this is a separate option, is because sometimes people don’t care about how they store the burgers, or they don’t care to make them up ahead of time. So they really wouldn’t have a big need for these, but I am going to get the whole set. And of course you can buy as many Freezer sets as you feel you may need. Not only does your meat stay fresh, but your freezer looks neat and tidy always.

As with most Tupperware, these burger press products have Tupperware’s’ Full Lifetime Warranty. Meaning that if for any reason your product, cracks, chips, peels or breaks under normal use then they will replace the product free of charge.

Sooooooo, here is what I suggest……

• Buy the burger press
• Buy your Meat
• Season
• Press
• Freeze
• Grill/Fry


Items can be found @ www.tupperware.com under the “Storage” section.

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