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Turbo Cooker Beats out Competition in the Kitchen

Jun 8, 2003 (Updated Oct 18, 2003)
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Pros:Easy to clean, fast, efficient, versatile, helpful in maintaining a low cal diet

Cons:Not as durable as I would have hoped.

The Bottom Line: Given what I was looking for, a fast, easy, efficient, versatile way to eat healthier and spend less time in the kitchen, Turbo Cooker fit the bill nicely.

I first purchased the Turbo Cooker at the advice of a co-worker who is a single father and who struggles with finding time to fix meals for his son. At some point he decided that he couldn't just keep stopping at the fast food restaraunts, but needed something healthier. Turbo Cooker was his solution and he fell in love with the product and recommended it to me.

So what is exactly is Turbo Cooker? It's a medium-large pan that comes with a special lid and is to be used on your stove top. The difference between the Turbo Cooker and other pans is that the lid has a valve on the top of it that you can set to open and close. If you set it to open, steam escapes and the pan becomes in essence a convention oven/steamer. The Turbo Cooker itself comes with its own recipes so you know when to open the valve, when to close it, and what other meals etc you can make with the Turbo Cooker. (However, just because the Turbo Cooker came with its own recipes, this has not stopped me from still using my own recipes with the Turbo Cooker. This is mainly because the Turbo Cooker not only comes with its own recipes, but with an additional booklet on how long and what the valve should be set to in order to cook common food products such as frozen corn or either frozen or thawed ground meat.)

I was also concerned with my increasing consumption of unhealthy fast food. Like him, I too didn't want to spend hours in the kitchen. I am not fond of spending mass quantities of time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. Who is?

Anyway, I made my purchase and figured that I would give it a try. So far, I have used it nearly daily while being able to rid myself of several other pots and pans, including an air popcorn popper. I live in a small apartment with a tiny kitchen, so being able to reduce the number of pots and pans that I have on hand was a definitive bonus.

I found that the Turbo Cooker comes with some flavorful recipes and other recipes that I did not care for. At first the instructions seemed difficult, but it came with an instructional video. I found what was most beneficial was the booklet that came indicating how much water and time to cook meats and veggies seperately rather than the complete recipe cards. Using this, I was able to adapt some of my own recipes using Turbo Cookers instructions and was able to increase the versatility of the product and cut my cooking time in half. A dish that used to take 45 mins, now takes 15 and tastes just as good as when I was cooking it using the traditional method.

The other thing I came to like about the Turbo Cooker was that I could adapt recipes to cut out oil and other fattening ingredients since it uses water to steam the food.

Clean up time is also a cinch. The teflon coating allows me to soak, wipe, and rinse. I have yet to scrub out the pan.

The only thing I found disappointing about the product was that the "valve" which controls the steam ventiliation on the lid seems to be loose and I may have to return the lid for another. As for the quality of the pan itself, the spring form pan, and the steam rack they all seem durable and in good condition.

Given what I was looking for a fast, easy, efficient, versatile way to eat healthier and spend less time in the kitchen, Turbo Cooker fit the bill nicely and I am happy with the product.

To further review the Turbo Cooker and/or make a purchase a good place to start would be http://www.turbocooker.com

(They have a new product called the Turbo Grill which I have not yet tried, but a hyperlink for the Turbo Cooker is still on the initial webpage.)

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