Turtle Wax Finish 2001 Car Polish

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Gimme a damn sponge

Aug 24, 2001
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Pros:Easy to apply. Easy to remove. Great Finish.


The Bottom Line: If you can't get anyone to do it for you, this is the easiest way to wax (polish) your car. I highly recommend this stuff.

I'm lazy. I used to rarely wash my vehicles, let alone wax 'em. If I had to polish and rub anything, I would polish off a six-pack and rub my big fat beer gut. Wanting to keep my '94 Ford Ranger for some time to come and keep it looking good means I'll have to keep it clean and do the wax on, wax off thing. So when I do, I'd like it to be easy.

Other than having the Karate Kid to it for you, Finish 2001 Car Polish by Turtle Wax is the easy way to go. This stuff is great. It actually contains NO Wax but is labeled as a 21st century urethane enriched formula. You only have to apply it once a year. I bought the 16 oz liquid bottle 3 or 4 years ago at K-Mart and have used it on my truck as well as my wifes Escort. I recently bought a 14 oz. can of paste that comes with a round sponge applicator from Wal-Mart for $3.67. You just pour it (or in the case of the paste, dip it) on a damp sponge or cloth and wipe it on in a circular motion. After it dries to a haze, you just wipe it off. No buffing!! It leaves a fantastic sheen.

Other can waxes dry up in the can. I've had the liquid for a few years and it still pours fine. The paste consistency is like pudding and applies with the same ease as the liquid.

I had, by mistake, used some old can wax earlier this year and wondered why it was so much work this time. It was harder to apply and I had to buff it to get the haze out and still left a lot of wax it the crevices. Not to mention the aforementioned drying up in the can.

Five months later, I wanted to get out some scratches and paint marks left by those accursed people who insist on counting coup on my door with theirs. I washed it, blended in the scratches and got out the paint marks with Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound. You can remove scratches with this pretty much the same as waxing. It comes in a can like wax, you apply it to a damp cloth or cheesecloth and just rub it over the blemish.

After that, you need to re-wax. This time I used my trusted Finish 2001 Car Polish. It was much easier to apply and wiped off with ease, leaving no haze and a great shine. As is the law, anytime you wash your car, it must rain. It rained the next three days. Usually, after a dose of acid rain, cars look dirty again. The rain just beaded up and ran off, leaving it looking like I just washed it.

Another testament to the ease of use and satisfaction of Finish 2001 is that my 84 year old father-in-law uses it on his '91 Buick. He drives the car daily and keeps it in showroom condition. He is from the old school of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and I was surprised to find that he would use something called Finish 2001. Too Pepsi Generation (as he says) sounding. I would expect something like "Wax Dag Nab It", but he does say "Work smarter, not harder" and that statement applies to Finish 2001 perfectly. He still waxes (I mean polishes) his car himself. (Did I mention he's 84).

I have had my truck for over 6 years. It has never been garaged. Finish 2001 has helped it endure the blazing sun of summer and salted roads of winter. The finish still looks (almost) as good as it did when I got it and because it's so easy, it doesn't seem like work. In fact, as I dampen the sponge, I smile...I even laugh.

Cute anecdote
I laugh because it reminds me of a time when I sent my then 5 year old daughter to her mother for a damp sponge. Now, I clearly heard our little angel say "Mommy, can I have a damp sponge?" I laughed at her reply. That she could have even thought our cute little 5 year old could have said what she thought she said was funny enough but the matter of fact, calm way she replied cracked me up. She said, "That's darn sponge dear".

Anyway, that smile helps to get this lazy guy started and the ease of application and removal helps him finish, with "Finish" being the keyword of Finish 2001 Car Polish

Stuff on the container
Makes old cars look new
Keeps new car finishes looking new (Mine still does)
Withstands the rigors of more than 12 months of car washes...water still beads

No Rubbing
No Buffing
Wipe On-Wipe Off

Safe for all car finishes
Protects from the destructive effects of acid rain, ozone and other pollutants.

High-tech silicone resin formula, enriched with urethane. Includes ultra-violet ray absorber to protect against fading. (My '94 Ranger has not faded and people can't believe that my father-in-laws Buick is a '91).

You should always wax your car in the shade....And use a damn sponge.

Money back guarantee. Finish 2001 will shine better and last longer than any car wax or polish, liquid or paste. or your money back. I don't know who would actually do this but...if not completely satisfied, return unused portion and sales receipt for a full refund to:

Turtle Wax
PO Box 547
Chicago, Il. 60499


Recommend this product? Yes

Ease of Application: Excellent; a breeze to apply and shine - lasts forever

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