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TurtleWax Ice has issues

Jun 26, 2011
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Pros:Quick and easy

Cons:Cold Weather performance and streaking (could be an application issue)

The Bottom Line: Streaking during cold weather. Very frustrating after spending over 4 hours working to make the care shine!

I applied ICE on my brand new car (dark gray color). I paid extra close attention to the directions on the box to be sure I am applying it correctly. Here's what I did:
1. Washed the car with Turtle Car Wash liquid.
2. Dried the car with no residual water.
3. Waited till all the car surfaces were cooled off so there would the liquid would not dry too quick.
4. Applied ICE polish on the applicator pad it came with and then applied it to the entire car. I ended up having to apply more ICE polish on the applicator pad to cover the whole car.
5. Then I wiped the excess liquid from the car surface with the provided microfiber towel. I noticed it was leaving streaks as I did that.
6. After wiping the excess off the car, I used a new microfiber pad on the rotary buffer to buff the surface to a shine. I did not apply too much pressure.
Results: the car was shining real nice when I got done. However, the next morning there was streaking on the front hood and top of the rear trunk lid.

Remedial actions:
1. I took a clean terry cloth and wiped-off the condensation to prepare the surface for another application of ICE polish.
2. After wiping the hood and trunk lid off, I applied ICE polish on the applicator pad (less amount than the night prior) and wiped it onto the two surfaces.
3. Then I used the microfiber towel provided (washed, cleaned, and dried after last night's application) and wiped the excess polish off with one quarter portion of the towel.
4. Then I flipped to towel to the other quarter (totally dry) and lightly buffed the two surfaces. Results: streaking was gone.

The Problem NOW: I then traveled 400 miles to South-western CA near Santa Maria, CA, where the temperatures dropped to 54 deg F and there is humidity. I noticed that ALL OVER the car body I have streaking in the same direction I applied the ICE polish on all surfaces, not just the hood and lid of the trunk.

Due to this issue with TurtleWax ICE Synthetic Polish, I would rate this product 3/5 stars.

Recommend this product? No

Ease of Application: Average; takes some care to apply and shine well

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