Apex Healthcare Products Ultra Pill Splitter by Aertex Healthcare (70068L) Reviews

Apex Healthcare Products Ultra Pill Splitter by Aertex Healthcare (70068L)

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Apex Ultra pill splitter - Split your pills, not your fingers.

Nov 14, 2011 (Updated Nov 14, 2011)
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Pros:Curious fingers can't touch the blade!

Cons:Nothing... This is a great product.

The Bottom Line: Skip the dollar-store model and spend the few bucks... It's worth it.

Normally I’m all for buying the cheapest version of a product versus the way more expensive one – if the cheapest one will meet my needs.  But I’m going to tell you why I opted to spend $5 on a product that I easily could have bought for $1.  And once you see my reasons, you’ll likely agree it was the right decision.

It was finally time to invest in a pill-splitter.  Yup, we are at that age where we take far more pills than we’d like, and sometimes you need to split those pills.  Why?  Well, there are a few reasons.  With your doctor’s permission, it’s sometimes cheaper to buy the 40mg’s and split them into two 20mg’s.  Or, perhaps your doctor prescribes the 1000mg’s and wants you to take 1500mg each day.  Or, maybe your pill is so big, you prefer to swallow it in pieces.  For various reasons, as long as your doctor gives his or her approval, there’s nothing wrong with splitting pills.

But it’s important to do it correctly – this is not the time for “guesswork” or “approximations”.  You do not want to use a butterknife, a hammer, or a pair of scissors for this job.  You want a device that is designed for this very task.  Thus, you want an official pill-splitter.

From what I’ve seen there are loads of these devices out there and they all work in pretty much the same way.  A little plastic, hinged caddy (approximately 4” X 2”) opens up, exposing a razor blade coming down from its ceiling.  On the floor of the caddy is a triangle-shaped area where you can place your pill.  It’s triangle-shaped to allow pills of [theoretically] any size to fit horizontally.  With the large opening of the triangle at the top, and the opening getting smaller and smaller until you get to the triangle’s point, your pill should fit somewhere in there.  So, get your pill pushed downward into the triangle until it fits snugly, then close the little device.  The razor comes down and BAM! your pill is split in two.  Most of these little devices have a space inside for carrying your pills, or for storing the extra half of a pill until you’re ready for it.

Like I said, they sell these devices everywhere, including the dollar stores near us. 

So why did I spend $5 on the Ultra Pill Splitter from Apex?

Because this model has three features that set it apart from all of the other cheapies out there.  And one of those features is a vital safety feature that I wouldn’t want to do without.

The first feature is a larger triangle than the cheaper model.  The opening at the top is 1 1/8” wide.  This is wide enough for even my gigantic vitamin pills.  The cheaper model’s opening is only ¾” – not big enough for some of our pills.

The second feature is that the triangle is made from rubber in this model, not the hard plastic of the cheaper models.  The rubber sides of the triangle act as a “pill-gripper” whereas when you use the plastic ones, the pills tend to slide around.  While a round pill is no problem, an oval-shaped pill tends to turn itself around and slide downward, when you need it to remain perfectly horizontal.  The rubber triangle on the “Ultra” pill splitter really does act as a gripper.  Simply place the pill horizontally, and the rubber sides of the triangle hold it in place.  This makes the task much easier than if you have to constantly worry about making sure your pill stays put.

But the third feature of the “Ultra” is my absolute favorite.  This model has a thick plastic shield that prevents curious fingers from ever touching the blade.  It’s such a clever design!  When you open the device, a plastic shield slides upward until it completely blocks access to the blade.  The plastic is thick; there’s no way a finger’s going to push on it hard enough to dislodge it – the blade will always remain covered.  When you close the caddy the plastic shield lowers, exposing the blade.  By the time the blade is ready to split the pill, the shield is completely lowered and the blade completely exposed, ready to do its job.  Of course by this time, the device is closed – no fingers can possibly be inside.

As the blades that come in these devices are extremely sharp, I am very happy to have this safety feature.  Well worth every bit of those extra few dollars!

If you need to split pills, I recommend Apex’s Ultra Pill Splitter. 

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