Innova Ultrex II 16 Piece Cookware Set Reviews

Innova Ultrex II 16 Piece Cookware Set

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Ultrex II 16 piece cookware set;Slicker then a snakes belly and twice as tough

Jul 20, 2002 (Updated May 27, 2003)
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Pros:NO Scratches,regular utensils can be used. Looks great and cooks great.

Cons:See review

The Bottom Line: Try this and you will love it. A 75 year guarantee on the Ultrex II Interior {INNOVEX 75}

Since I never watch Home Shopping Network, it was a fluke that I happened to turn on the TV one night about 2am and someone had turned the television to HSN. I started to turn it and then I heard the words guaranteed for 75 years. This tweaked my curiosity and I set down to watch what it was that was guaranteed for that long a time. Imagine the shock when I realized that it was the interior of a set of pots with no stick coating. I watched the station until the pot section was almost over then I did something I never do; I ordered this set of pots from HSN.

What I got in the sixteen piece set

Sauce pans 1quart and 2 quart the two quart saucepan is flared at the top and both have lids that fit them. The lids have vents at the top that are unique at the top of the lid is a little lever that you can open to allow steam to come out or close and it keeps the steam in.

10 quart covered stockpot . This stockpot is different in that the handles have a flip section that when pressed hard holds the lid that has holes in two different sides of it.

The lid has two sets of holes. One side has small holes so that spaghetti or something of that sort cannot come out, only the water. The other set of holes is on the opposite side and are bigger. I use this side to pour the water from when I cook something like whole or cut up potatoes for a side dish. The flip handles you hold against the lid so that the lid is held on tight while you pour the water out of the pot.

4 quart covered Dutch oven with the lid I use this to cook rice in most of the time. It is just perfect for cooking soups or stews.

11-1/4” covered total kitchen pan This pan I love it has ridges on the bottom of about an inch wide and they are spread about like you would cut pieces of pie so this is very handy for cooking things that you don’t want to lay flat on the bottom of a pan. I use this for anything I cook except eggs or something of that sort that needs a flat bottom.

9-1/2” open omelet pan I call this a regular old frying pan it does not have a lid that fits it, but when I need a lid I use one of the others from another set of pans that I have and it works perfectly. This is the pan I use for eggs and bacon or ham anything I would use a regular frying pan.

The set is finished with a set of stainless steel utensils for cooking you heard what I said, stainless steel. This set consists of a Slotted spoon , Solid spoon , Slotted turner, Chinese turner {spatula that is flanged and flat. The last item in utensils is a Chinese Fork it has two prongs and looks like a regular large fork for cooking with to me.

These utensils all have a rubber handle that keeps them from getting hot when using them.


I have to say that this is the most amazing set of cookware I have ever had the good fortune to use.

INNOVEX 75 is the interior coating that is in each pot and pan. I was astounded that it really does work. It is guaranteed for a period of 75 years, I always use my regular stainless steel utensils with it, and there are no scratches on it anywhere. The non-stick coating is bonded somehow to the stainless steel pans and pots making an almost indestructible non-stick coating.

This cookware can be put in the dishwasher, which you can’t do with most non-stick cookware. They do recommend that you hand wash it. I put mine in the dishwasher some of the time when I am cooking a large meal and have a lot of pots and pans. When I just cook for my husband or myself and there are just one or two pans I usually hand wash. On the frying pan, I usually just rinse in a little dishwashing detergent and water and then use a paper towel to dry and I am done. If I have only used the cookware for boiling water I just wipe with a dish towel and put it back where I keep it..

75-year guarantee. They will replace the cookware if it fails to perform as stated, which is no peeling, cracking, or the coating being scraped off. Of course, this guarantee does not apply to misuse just like most warranties.

Steam Vent Knobs on the lids. This is a feature that I like and use. When cooking rice the conventional way I just set the knob so no steam escapes When cooking a stew or soup I fix the steam vent to allow steam to escape. This is very handy instead of having to place the lid part way off the pot to allow the steam to escape.

The cookware outside and bottoms of the cookware is 18/10 stainless steel, the stainless steel is what all of my pots and pans in different sets are made, it seems to me that the Stainless Steel cookware cooks evenly and doesn’t leave hot spots in the cookware like some cookware does.

The pot lids are made from tempered glass.

The Cons

There are very few but I do have a couple of things I am wary of with this cookware.

The lids get hot and I always make sure that the vent is closed on the tops of the lids before using a hot pad to remove them.

The one incident that happened when I was cooking spaghetti was with the pot with the flippers on the handles that allow you to pour out the water from the pot. I was holding the flippers hard against the lid and pouring out the water when the flipper slipped out of my left hand and the lid came off spilling spaghetti and hot water most of it in the sink some of it on me.

Now in all fairness I must say that it may have been my fault and not the design of the flippers. I have a problem right now with my left arm going numb and I may not have realized that my left hand was loosing the grip on the pot and lid.


One thing I wanted to warn people about when using any kind of non-stick cookware. The cookware if over heated or left to boil dry or burn emits an odor that will not harm people or pets but will definitely harm Birds I always make sure my birds are in there cages in their room with the door closed before cooking with this cookware. If your birds are where they can smell the burning cookware with any kind of non-stick surface it can KILL THEM.

The lids get hot so be careful.

Recommendation from the manufacturer

Season the cookware before first use. I did this by washing the cookware first, the drying. Heating on low heat for a couple of minutes and then taking a paper towel and rubbing olive oil into the interior of the cookware. I do this ever few weeks, as it seems to help the cookware.

Do not put empty cookware on a burner, this may cause damage to your cookware and the manufacturer says it is not necessary to preheat the cookware.

High heat is not recommended. When I am cooking, I bring what I have on the stove to a boil then cut down the heat to low and put the lid on, it continues cooking with no problems and this way I don’t have to contend with burned food.

Final thoughts

I love this cookware and I intend to buy more pieces as my money allows. The retail price for this set of cookware is over 350.00 but I bought this set for 189.00 I would recommend this cookware to anyone. It is the first set of non-stick cookware that has lasted for me more then three months. I have been using this for six months now and still no scratches or peeling on the inside. I have been able to put my rubber spatulas up and forget about them. If you have a chance to purchase this cookware do so, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

This is my entry for the F.O.I.L. (First Official Intramural Logorrhea) Write Off. This write-off is populated by the TR/As of Home & Garden against the TR/As of the Health & Beauty Each review must be the first or second reviews for the product, and must be posted July 20th or 21st.

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