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Under Armour® Cold Gear™ Outdoor Boot Socks -- Another Fine Pair of Cold Weather Socks

Oct 1, 2009 (Updated Oct 5, 2009)
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Pros:Work great and are availble in men's sizes medium, large, and extra large.

Cons:Not available in size small.

The Bottom Line: Tired of cold feet then give these a chance, because they will keep your feet warm.

My primary reason why I bought these is because I wanted to try out some different socks outside the typical norm of Cabela's, REI, and Military Wool Socks. I did not get to wear them as much as I wanted to because of my feet and below my knees retaining water because of a pulse medication I use to take but quit when I found out that was the problem.


I have found these to be very comfortable.

The flat toe seam makes them comfortable around the toes because it does not become bothersome.

As for me it seemed as though to somewhat support my arches which is a very nice feature to have in wool blend socks.

The terry or cushioning of the sock is quite nice as provides a somewhat plush feeling to the feet which is very comfortable because of the Merino Wool in them and the cushioning of these socks typically will last between six and eights hours for me since I am two hundred plus pounds. So if you weigh less the cushioning could be richly soft like a pillow up to twelve hours.

They have never fallen down or bunched up in Skecher boots I typically wear once the weather is colder. They wick away moisture quite well and will keep your feet warm when wet because of the wool content.

Out of curiosity I decided to try and wear them during the colder nights of Summer and a few days so far in the Fall but it was still too warm to wear when it got down to 68 degrees F. Then when a cold front came through I decided to wear them when it was getting into the mid fifties degrees F and they felt almost just right because my feet were sweating profusely; however, if my feet were lightly sweating it probably would have been too warm to wear.

Times to be used

These are excellent for being by camp fires when it gets bitterly cold at about 55 degrees F to a couple of degrees below freezing and anything much colder I think it would be wise to wear some thermal liner socks. Also these socks are great for camping, hunting, hiking, and biking in cold weather. I have not tried these socks in rubber boots while fishing yet, but I have some other socks with similar material content and I assume these would be good for fishing in rubber boots.

Side Notes

I recommend reading the helpful hint guidelines to achieve the max life out of these socks. I disagree from my experiencee that these socks are good for any weather as claimed on website as I have found these to be too warm for wearing even when the temp was 68 degrees F.

Suggested Reading For Helpful Hints For Socks

Proper Care & Life Extending Guidelines for Socks


Last during the colder days (of Autumn 2008 through Winter 2009) they have held up quite well and the little I get to wear them about twenty to thirty times during the cold weather, they appear as though they should last five to seven years with very minimal wear showing up.

About Available Sizes

Typically you can purchase these in the following men's sizes: medium, large, and extra large.

Color Selection

Currently they are available at Cabela's in Black and Olive. Other places may have the third color of Grey.

Fiber Content

Under Armour® Cold GearTM Outdoor Boot Socks are composed out of 41% Olefin, 41% Merino Wool, 17% Nylon, and 1% Lycra Spandex.

Place of Manufacture

I can not remember if these are American made or if they are imported; however I do know most Under Armour socks origin is from outside of America.


I do not think these have any type of warranty except for the stores return policy of anywhere from thirty days to ninety days, so pay attention to the stores return policy so if you decide you do not like them, you can get a refund or exchange.


Here is the website "" but they are not currently listed on the "dot com site" and it may be because these are an older model of socks.


I would most definitely recommend buying these Under Armour® Cold GearTM Outdoor Boot Socks and wearing them if you have a hard time keeping your feet warm with cotton socks during the winter, especially since cotton socks do not wick away sweat...cotton socks simply act as a sponge by absorbing sweat until saturated and then your feet will begin to get anywhere from chilly to down right miserably cold. So in short these socks are excellent for keeping your feet warm and are definitely worth while for wearing in cold weather. Plus these Under Armour Socks do an excellent job at absorbing shock (as opposed to wearing thin cheaply made cotton socks that could possibly jar your feet, since they lack adequate cushioning). Plus with these socks you should never get blisters or get rubbed raw, but if you do experience this it would because the socks are either too loose by being stretched out by neglecting to put on or take off properly, or ordering too big of a sock for your feet.


Typically you can pick these up for under thirteen US dollars (at twelve dollars and ninety-nine cents) and there are light versions of these that can be bought for under eleven US dollars (at ten dollars and ninety-nine cents).


I do not have it available as I forgot to save the info before throwing away the package back during October 2008 when I started to wear them here and there as needed and as I could when my feet and from calf down were not swollen from retaining water.

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