JetStream Sport: Not Perfect But Pretty Damn Close

May 22, 2011
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Pros:Three colors to choose from, comfortable barrel, quiet clicker.

Cons:Don't rely on this as your only means of being counterfeit safe.

The Bottom Line: If you want a thick line when writing but smudging is a concern, check out the Sport.

Finding a pen that you can say you really love is tough. I go through a lot of gel and stick pens; some get lost, some get stepped on, some just get pilfered. If I have a pen that I really like writing with chances are it won't leave my desk let alone go out of the house. When I got the JetStream Premiere I was pretty stoked about it but I wanted to try the others out to see if I was missing anything. Write wise all of the pens are the same; you get a smooth flow of ink but some of them give you the choice of tip size and color. I really need to stress that these pens advertise "Super Ink" on the package and that they "help prevent check fraud". That lulls people in to a sort of false sense of security. If someone wants to screw you over, trust me, they will find a way. Pens like this can help with the common criminal attempts but if someone wants to change an amount written on a check to something larger they will find a way to do it and do it without the bank catching it.

What separates the JetStream Sport from the Premiere, Classic and RT? Most of it has to do with the barrel shape, contours, point tip sizes and colors that they are sold in. I started out with the Premier but branched out to the Sport because of the curve of the barrel and the color options. I love pens that write smoothly, don't clump the ink and leave you with a thick line. Sadly that usually means that there is a chance of smearing but I have to say that the ink used in this dries fast, is fade resistant and almost counterfeit proof. There's no way to completely erase it and trust me, I tried. When I got the Premiere version from my bank I put it to its paces on a lot of different paper. I did the same with the Sport just to see if it was possible to completely remove the ink. All I ended up doing was ruining the paper or removing so much of it that it was evident that I tried to erase the ink.

The Sport branches out to include red, blue and black ink. I bought the black to start with but got the red because I had the chance to try it out and liked the color of it. I don't usually need red pens but they are nice if I need to make a correction on something and don't want someone to miss it. The black ink is a true black, not something that is washed out or 'almost' black. I got the bold version because I like thick lines but the smaller fine point is also a smooth writer; if I have the choice between the two I will pick the thick version every time. When you are using something with a 1mm point you are going to want to make sure that the ink dries fast – if not you could end up with smudging or smearing and that's not good. This dries fast. Not super fast but fast enough that you can write sentences and have them dry completely before you hit the next line. For art, these are good but you need to work from the top to the bottom to avoid having your wrist smudge larger sections of ink.

Price wise you really need to shop around for these. I've seen them selling individually for about $1.65 but most of the time they are going to have the Premiere in stock. Don't bother getting a box of them to save money because there is a chance that you might not like the feel or weight of them and then you are stuck with them. The comfort grip area is a true perk but you need to make sure that you are getting the Sport and not another version of the JetStream. These are nice to write with and the ink is nice if you have documents that you don't want tampered with. Sure, most people will get these to write out checks but they are also good for rent receipts and other items that could be changed and cause some aggravation for you. Nothing is truly counterfeit proof. Every day people are getting pieces of counterfeit currency not to mention checks that get washed or changed. The JetStream Sport can help prevent some types of check fraud but it shouldn't be your only line of defense.

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