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United Stationers Sentry Fireproof File Box Gray

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Sentry Fireproof File Box

Sep 14, 2009 (Updated Sep 16, 2009)
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Pros:Fireproof up to 1500 degrees

Cons:Can be carried away

The Bottom Line: Fireproof up to 1500 degrees

Being your typical somewhat paranoid person and being very organized I invested in a United Stationers Sentry Fireproof File Box.

The Sentry Fireproof File Box  is a gray colored metal box with black around the lock area. It is meant to keep important papers safe in case of fire. Anyone who listens to the news knows about all the recent natural disasters, Louisiana flooding, the California wild  fires, hurricanes in Florida should know that this is a must have. Being prepared makes me feel comfortable and it's just  the smart thing to do.    

This box will melt closed in extreme heat. I think that's comforting I'm not sure. We keep our wills in there, death certificates and the like, some car titles other than the ones that are in a safety deposit box in a bank.

You can keep insurance papers, credit cards, business papers, birth certificates in it. You can store CD's, valuable photographs, DVDs, memory sticks, cell phones and the like, anything you can't replace easily.

The box could be carried out of the house by anyone determined to take it but  you can keep it well hidden and that's really not the issue I'm avoiding. On the upside this means you can easily grab it, pack it and run if you need to get out fast.

We use the Sentry Fireproof File Box for keeping important, hard to replace papers safe. The Sentry box is inobtrusive so it's not all that hard to hide but it won't fit under a typical bed if that's where you're thinking of stashing it. That's too obvious a place to stash it anyway. It's heavy so it lends itself to sitting on a floor. We kept ours in a closet covered with other items. Not the best solution but it worked so far, except now everyone knows. 

Sentry started as a small family business and still is but it's now known globally. It's been around for 75 years. It's produced in the USA and it costs under $100. I paid $49.99 and it can be purchased at Staples or Office Depot as well as other stores. You can also purchase one online.  

Sentry makes gun boxes. They make versions that open with fingerprint ID, electronic entry, combination locks or key entry.They make media safes, file draw style safes, small safes, key boxes, waterproof safes, depository safes, hard drive safes and even car/RV/marine safes. 

We (I) recently broke the key in the lock in our box . We went on line to the site. Sentry will replace lost keys, I was very relieved, that's good service .They are very service oriented. They will trouble shoot with you on line if you've forgotten your combination or are having a problems with the fingerprint lock. 

Our box measures 13.6"H x 15.3"W x 12.1"D  and weighs about 30 lbs.The box is fireproof up to 1500 degrees and it will protect up to 30 minutes against fire.The Sentry company rigorously tests their products it says on their site. In tests other boxes disintegrated. A few words of advice:

Watch what you buy. Read the label before you buy a safe box. Some fire safes will say fire retardant, that will  only slow down the burn, not protect your valuables. Some come with file folders some do not if this is important toyou. Ours came with file folders. 

Be prepared for an emergency, invest in a Sentry.

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