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Universal "Fat Burners": A Caffeine & Stimulant-Free Product To Help Rid Stored Fat

Jul 13, 2005 (Updated Aug 21, 2006)
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Pros:Easy to swallow tablets, 110 tablets per bottle, no stimulants

Cons:Not a thermogenic product so it might not work well for people with stubborn metabolisms

The Bottom Line: A nice product for the "natural" bodybuilder but not as effective as thermogenic ones

There is a saying at my gym that if fat burning products worked one tenth as well as claimed, everyone would be thin, have six pack abs and never have the need to work out. There is a lot of truth in that statement and Universal’s “Fat Burners” is a prime example of it. The manufacturer does present all the facts about the product - it is stimulant free, will help to coax stored body fat from your body and ultimately help you lose weight but what they don’t tell you is that it won’t work as well as products that are thermogenic [raise your body temperature to help speed up the process and make it more effective]. This product is targeted to appeal to people who are scared to death of taking anything that has any caffeine or stimulant in it, with all the hype about ephedrine based products and the banning of them, more and more people are trusting what the nightly news has to say about something rather than spening some time and doing their own research. Even the medical community have started to come around in regards to how stimualnts can be used, not abused, to help people acheive weight loss goals.

Universal Fat Burners

This is marketed as a product that will help you rid your body of stored fat by forcing them to be burned for energy once they are expelled from the cells. This is nice in theory but it means that you have to do a moderate amount of exercise in order for the process to be completed. If you just take this product then the fat is release but it doesn’t have any place to go. I have used this product in the past when I came across it on sale and I can’t say that it doesn’t work but you will need to take it for at least a month to notice any results. You will also have to do your part - and that means exercise. Since I weight train as well as do a good bit of cardiovascular work I don’t really trust the scale to tell me how I am progressing. Muscle is heavier than fat so you have to measure your body parts as well as have your body fat levels checked to see if the product is working or not. If you are going to see results from this you will see them in about three to four weeks so you will have to go through almost the entire bottle [if you are taking three to four tablets a day] before you can tell if this is something that your body will be responsive to.

Universal likes to pimp their products by listing things like chromium picolinate, choline, inositol, betaine and carnitine and making them seem like they are an exclusive ingredient that you can’t get anywhere else. The only thing that makes this special or different from other fat burners is that it is free of any type of stimulant or energy enhancer
energy enhancer. This means that you can take it at any time of the day or night to help you burn stored fatty acids without giving you the jitters or keeping you awake. When I tried this I did notice some results but they were minimal and not nearly as noticable as when I used products that were classified as a thermogenic. There was some talk about Universal reformulating this product to make it a little stronger but so far they haven’t made any changes to it. If you are looking for a product to help speed up the fat burning process then this is worth taking a look at but you should really do your research on it and know what’s in it before you purchase it and use it. If you have any preexisting medical conditions or are taking any prescription medications you may want to consult your physican before you start taking this so you will know, without a doubt, that there won;t be any conflicts between your meds and “Fat Burners”.


If you shop around and make use of the plethora of online sites that sell body building and fat burning supplements then you will be able to find this for about $15.00 to $20.00 for a bottle of 110 tablets. Retail stores do sell this for a bit more than this so if this is a product that you are interested in, look online at places like Fitness One Sports Nutrition and Advantage Supplements to save a good bit of money. From time to time you can also find this at The Vitamin Bin but they are notorious for rotating their product lists and inventory based on sales and general interest in a product. If you can find this for under twenty bucks and are looking for a stimulant free fat burner than this is a good deal, anything more than that and you might not be all that happy with it.

Dosage Amount

Since this is considered a dietary supplement and isn’t regulated by the FDA [Food And Drug Administration] you are taking Universal’s word as far as the dosage amounts are concerned. They suggest that you take one to two tablets before a meal and if you wish another one to two tablets before a workout. The limit on this is four tablets per day. Since this doesn’t have any stimulants in this some people might be tempted to take more than the recommended amount since they don’t “feel” anything from it but I’d suggest against doing this since it does contain a good bit of iron in it and the body has a hard time expelling excess amounts.

Product Guarantee

Universal has a no bull 30 day guarantee on this product. If you aren;t satisfied with how it works then you can return it for a refund or exchange without any hassle. That sounds nice but you have to keep in mind that some stores have their own return policy that might conflict with this. You might want to ask them up front if they are going to honor this guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with how this works. If all else fails you can call Universal and complain that you had trouble making a return and they will take it from there. Since Universal is backing this guarantee, individual stores shouldn;t really give you trouble about it because they will be getting credit from the manufacturer but you never know when you are going to run into someone that wants to be a hardass about it.

The Bottom Line

Since this product hasn’t been evaluated by the FDA you really have to take the claims with a grain of salt. This is a nice alternative to fat burners that have a lot of caffine in them or contain more than a few stimulants but you really have to question how effective this is as a fat burner. The fact that they try to push this on “natural” body builders makes me laugh. This shouldn;t be confused with products that will give you energy while they help to boost your metabolism, per Universal’s claim, “Fat Burners is designed especially for those individuals who wish to remove all stimulants and caffeine from their diets.” This might work for someone who hasn’t used other fat burning products but it isn’t, in my opinion, as effective as the ones that contain the ECA stack or variations of it.

As always, thanks for the read!

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