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FACT OR CRAP? It's Your Call

Dec 27, 2003 (Updated Aug 25, 2010)
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Pros:Quick Set Up and easy to learn

Cons:Crappy name

The Bottom Line: Fact or Crap is a fun, action filled game that keeps all players involved.

We are always looking for new games to add to our collection and variety of play. For Christmas we generally get three or so new games. My wife found one for me, Fact or Crap made by University Games.

The game is suited for 3-8 players. Teams can also be formed. The box notes that the game is for ages 12-adults. I'll give my impressions of the age group in a bit.

I can't say Fact or Crap is an appealing name, but hey, I'm not necessarily the most hip guy around. The fact is, everyone I mentioned the game name to seems to like the humor of the title. Fact or crap; sounds like toilet humor to me.


Each participant collects as many tokens as possible by answering questions correctly. The person with the most tokens at games end wins. Extra points are allocated by speed of answering in the game too.


This is the part that almost had me give up on the game as soon as I opened the box. There are many parts that have to be separated and sorted. The contents include

185 tokens
250 Question Cards
64 Rush Hour Cards
16 Answer cards
1 rule sheet
1 Timer
7 Fact Crap signs.

Though seeing all the parts seemed daunting, the game did set up within ten minutes. After the initial set-up the game is much more easily prepared for play afterward. The set up, with a few hands helping out, takes about seven to ten minutes. That would include reading the directions. It really is an easy task.

The tokens, question cards, rush hour cards, answer cards
and Fact/Crap signs are all made with a coated cardboard that seem to be adequately durable.

The rule guide is on a single sheet of odd sized paper 14"x14" that is flimsy. I suggest applying it to the inside cover of the box cover with a glue stick. This will keep it durable and easily found for future use.

All parts at end game easily fit right back in the compact 14"x14", red, yellow, black and white box.


Each player starts with 8 tokens. The remainder are in a reachable area to all between the players. Each player also receives Fact/Crap signs. These are two sided boards with a popsicle stick handle, looking like a paddle, with Fact written on one side and Crap on the other.

The game also offers each player a Fact card and a Crap card. I found this a bit confusing at first. The game is set up to play with either the signs or cards. I'm not sure if the game people are still trying to decide which is better for game play. We used the paddle signs. The other option was to place down either the Fact or Crap card on a table.

The Question cards and Rush Hour cards are shuffled together and are also located on the table within reach of all players.

Let me tell you a bit about the question cards. First thing is that with 250 cards you should be able to get through many games without seeing the same questions again. I also feel that even when you may repeat the cards, the game play will still keep the answers fresh for a while.

The questions happen to be making statements that, the players have to decide, may be fact or may be crap. Each player must make that decision in a fast paced flurry of action.


Here are a few sample questions. There are three questions on each card.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was knighted by the Pope at the age of 14. Fact or Crap?

A four ring combination lock will have no fewer than one million possible combinations. Fact or Crap?

Titanium is the hardest natural substance in the world. Fact or Crap?

Here are three questions from another card.

The surface area of an adults small intestine is equal to that of a standard tennis court. Fact or Crap?

Bill Gates earned a computer engineering degree at Harvard when he was just 18. Fact or Crap?

Binocular parallex is the ability of the human brain to perceive three dimensional depth. Fact or Crap?

I question whether most 12 year olds could answer these questions. We played in a group of age twenty to sixties. The questions, though not answerable by all, were quite doable and, with the option of a multiple choice of just two answers, kept everyone in the game.

For those not quite sure of the answers of the preceding six questions; here are the answers according to the game cards. Fact, Fact, Crap, (diamonds are), Fact, Crap, (he left in his junior year), Fact.Some of the cards give the alternative answers as I just showed you.


The host gets the honor of asking the first question. All other players have sign paddles in hand. The host asks a question. Each player responds to the questions stating whether they believe the question is Fact or Crap by raising the appropriate side of the sign.

This is where the fun of the game comes in. Once the question is asked, the host looks for the first person to raise a paddle. All must raise a paddle and give an answer, however, the first to raise the paddle gets a chance at double points. If they raised first and answered the question correctly they pick up two tokens from the middle of the table. If they are wrong they must add a token from their own pile to the middle pile. This is the same with all other players in that round. If they answered correctly they take one token. If they are wrong they must return one.

Once the host finishes the first card with three questions, play moves clock wise to the next person who will pick up a card and ask the next three questions. Play continues like this until all the tokens in the middle are picked up. Players may be bumped from the game if they run out of tokens. We did not see this happen and it, seems to me, would take an incredible bad run at the beginning of the game to lose all tokens.


Within the decks of cards are Rush Hour Cards. These throw a bit of a twist in the game. I thought it was a good one.

The person who draws a Rush Hour card picks any other person in the game and will ask that person a series of five questions, fact or crap, that must be answered in the thirty seconds as recorded by the egg timer.

Each correct answer by the opposing player gains a token. Every wrong answer gives the token to the questioner. Some quick token exchanges can happen here! Some game strategy can be used here too.


We get together with the same friends, with whom we played this first nights round of Fact or Crap, about once every six weeks for "Game Nights". We play about two or three different games in a four hour period. We know what is fun and what just doesn't click. This game received raves from all. It was exciting, challenging, and we all learned some interesting and useless facts.

The games last about forty five minutes and most everybody was in the game. The game also has its movements of winning and losing tokens so the thrill of catching up or trying to stay in the lead is always present. The game can also be set up in teams.

This is a game we will be playing again, maybe on a rainy day.

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Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 12.00
Type of Toy: Educational
Age Range of Child: Other

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