Uno House Rules and Special Edition Toy Story Uno

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Why Is Everybody Always Pickin' On Me? [Uno House Rules]

Oct 30, 2000 (Updated Oct 30, 2000)
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Pros:Fun, amusing, fast game.

Cons:When your opponents chose you to pick on. (All in fun of course)

Product: Uno House Rules

Objective of Game

•To be the first to discard all of your cards•


4 color suits of cards: red, green, blue, and yellow. There are hazard cards, cards you can play against your opponents; 4-wild cards, 4-wild draw four cards, 8-draw two cards, 8-skip cards, 8-reverse cards.

Game Play

In Original Uno

• The dealer deals 7 cards to every player, stacks the remainder of the deck in the middle of the table and turns over the top card to start the game.

• In the game you either need to match the color, or card value (#0-9)of the card previously played or you can play a wild card and change the color preference to suit your needs.

• Along the way the game can get dirty and you can play hazard cards. These cards can disarm your opponents by making them pick up extra cards, skipping their turn, or reversing the direction of play. (This is their turn--they do not play a card after suffering the hazard).

• If a player is unable to play a card they need to pick a card up from the stack, and can play that card if they are able to or will give up their turn if they are still unable to play.

•If any player discards and is left with only one card in hand they must as a rule say "Uno" to inform the others that they indeed only have one more playing card. Should this person forget to say "Uno" and an opponent notices this, the opponent may challenge the person with Uno and they will need to pick up 2 cards as a penalty.

• The game continues until one of the players discards their last card.


I have played with or without scoring.

If you chose to score. All cards remaining in your hand after the games ends is scored as follows:

• 0-9= their face value
• Draw Two, Reverse, and Skip= 20 points each
• All Wild Cards= 50 points

Two different ways to win, you can chose:

1. Winner is found after the first person earns 500 points. The person then with the lowest score wins the game. (This is the usual way to play)

2. The first person to reach 500 points wins.

Why the Words "House Rules" Have Been Added

Mattel has added 3 other random versions of the game to each pack (I believe that these are random--the following are what was included in with our deck).

These "House Rules" were submitted to the company by consumers in public contest.

1. Seven-O Uno # 53 (submission by:Serah Petite)

• Basically same play as Original Uno with 2 exceptions. When a "0" is played--all players need to pass their hands to the next player. When a "7" is played the person that played the "7" trades their hand with another player of their choice.

2. Progressive Uno #16 (submission by: Douglas Temple)

• Basically same play but when the draw hazards are played when the first person plays a Draw Two, the next player draws the 2 cards, then the next player plays another Draw Two card, the next player then has to pick up 4 cards rather than only 2 cards. Same is true for the Wild Draw Four Card.

3. Jump-In Uno #11 (submission by: Wess Eslinger)

• When a card is played if you can match that card exactly(regardless of whose turn it is) you can play all cards that match that same card--these cards need to be played one at a time and allows other players to "jump in" as well. Play then starts from whomever "jumped in" to play. (The last player to play a card) If you play multiple hazard cards (Reverse, Draw Two, or Draw Four) the second card takes preference over the first hazard card. (Once again cards need to be played one at a time to allow other players to "jump-in")

There is a blank "House Rules" card to encourage you/your family to come up with your own rules.

(Note: These rules can be used together or separate from each other)


Uno is very affordable at just over $4. (Depending on where you are or even online you can get a better deal) It's well worth the money and great for rainy days, or those all too familiar snow days when the family is stuck inside.


Just like any other card game the cards can be torn and bent--overall they hold up pretty good and really aren't a huge investment, they are easily replaced with a new purchase.

Why We Bought This Game

We bought this game mainly for the sake of our 7 year old. We enjoy playing strategy games with him, and enjoy teaching the lesson of good sportsmanship. This game is a fun way to teach those lessons. Both my husband and I came from big game playing families. (Trivial Pursuit, Uno, Phase 10 and the likes) This allows for bonding in the family and opens communication in a time where it is lacking.

How Do We Like the Game?

As a whole we love the game. This is a game that is much more fun when played with 3 or more people. (Although you can play with 2-10 people) We've played this with our extended family around the holidays and always ends up as a very entertaining time for all. (Just ask CodeBaloo, mah hubby--I met up with the whole Baloo family one Christmas Vacation--boy was I in for it--talking about a competitive family! (Danger, Danger Will Robinson!))

My 7 year old wants to play Uno anytime he's bored! He loves the game. (I think he loves to pick on his ol' mom and dad, honestly!)

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