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Feb 26, 2001
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Pros:fun game

Cons:yes, I imagine Cons, and Ex-Cons can play Uno.

The Bottom Line: Surgeon General's Warning: Playing UNO will impair your ability to operate heavy machinery.

Before we talk about my UNO experience, I shall go over "Things to consider when writing on Uno Original..."
How long did your child seem interested in the toy?
I don't know, I dont have kids. But I played with UNO for probably 5 hours. In addition, I played UNO with the lovely lady in my life for that same time, which translates into 10 hours of UNO.
In what situations was the toy particularly useful?
The UNO cards were absolutely essential when playing UNO, I don't know how we could have played UNO without it.
What did your child seem to like or dislike about it?
What is all this talk about children? I have no children. Are you trying to tell me something?
Why did you purchase this toy?
It was raining, and my no good friends did not show up where they were supposed to this weekend. (of course they mocked me saying I would no longer show up since I had my girlfriend staying with me)

Now that we have dispensed with the formalities, we shall begin the true UNO review.

Not to be yelled loudly like JENGA!, or BINGO!
UNO is to be spoken lightly in a taunting sort of way, so as to place stress and worry upon one's opponent. UNO is spoken when you have one card left. To not say aloud UNO is to force yourself to have TRIO! that means you need to grab 2 more cards as a penalty for not warning and causing severe emotional distress to your opponent.

Why must UNO be spoken? To warn your opponent of the potential of impending doom. Your opponent will be stuck with all of his or her cards, points will be added up, and you will get all those points.

Points are always a good thing, except in Golf, in which case they are called strokes. But In UNO, you set the number of points you wish to get to for the win. UNO suggests 500 points as your goal.

Here are what cards are worth in points.
9= 9 points
8= 8 points
3= 3 points
0= No points.
Get the idea?
Now comes the specialty cards
Reverse, Skip, Draw 2 = 20 points.
and the deadly
WILD CARD= 50 points. Don't get stuck with these. Especially don't get stuck with more than one of them. Ditch them should you hear the word UNO.

Now you'll need an opponent to play UNO with. So get yourself some friends who will show up.

What you do is basically match colors, or numbers, or specialty cards. For example if someone puts down a green 7, you may play either a red 7, and that would change the color to be played to red, or you may put down your green card, should you have a green card. If you don't, get out of this country.

That's the basic idea behind UNO, if you don't have a color or a number to match what was just played, or a wild card to save yourself, then you must draw cards until you get the card you can play. This is how you can really get stuck with a lot of cards.

UNO also has twists, you can play different styles of UNO which are explained in the game rules, such as add and subtract UNO, so you can play multiples of numbers to get the number you need to play. However, you cannot play multiples of colors to get the color you need. Yellow and blue might make green, but you cannot use a yellow card and a blue card to equal a green card. Unless you make up your own rules, of course.

Making up your own rules.
There is an UNO card supplied in the pack that has blank lines, you can make up your own rules there.
Such as, for every 100 points you get, your opponent must lose an article of clothing.

Now playing UNO is actually a fun thing to do. As evidence for this, I state this to be the 105th article on UNO written, and not a single one does not recommend UNO.

UNO can take a long time when there are only 2 people playing it. We played two games to 500, and it took almost all night. If you have more than 2 people playing, it would be much easier to amass the suggested 500 points.

Finally, UNO has a lot of cards, they are somewhat difficult to deal and shuffle because there are so many of them, but who cares? It's all about the last card.

I won once, and lost once. But was the overall points loser.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 4.99 plus 5%
Type of Toy: Game
Age Range of Child: Whole Family

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