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Blah, Blah, Blah, Botox Alternative, Blah, Blah, Blah...

Feb 3, 2008
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Pros:Return policy, price can be quite reasonable, pump bottle

Cons:No results, I broke out, face felt rubbery and tight

The Bottom Line: One person's miracle product is another person's disappointment. I was disappointed in Bellaplex but wasn't surprised at the lack of results. There is NO Botox alternative!

It was late at night and I was surfing around looking for information for my anti aging column that I write elsewhere on the net. One link led to another and I ended up at the Bellaplex website. The testimonials were outstanding and the ingredients seemed to be a great combination of wrinkle relaxer and skin plumper that could really work.

But it was expensive and so I left the site. A pop up called me back offering me the same product for half price if I would just come back. I caved. I bought a once jar. Sheesh some people will buy ANYTHING, huh?

About Bellaplex

Bellaplex is a true Botox alternative. It is a superior facial cream which contains the four most effective substances needed for real results. You're about to experience one of the most amazing advances in skin care and wrinkle reduction: Bellaplex.

Bellaplex is unlike any other skin cream you have ever seen. Most products use one or maybe two of these important ingredients necessary for results. Bellaplex uses all four: Matrixyl 3000, Argireline, Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Bellaplex website


This "miracle lotion" comes in a long slim clear plastic tube with a clear plastic cap and a pump top. There is one ounce of product in the tube but looks like way more because the plastic is very thick and double layered. The product is white and fairly thin in consistency and has no scent that I can discern.


I just have to tell you how crazy the pricing is. It is $79.99 per ounce on the website and $59.99 per ounce on some beauty sites. And, if you go to the Bellaplex website and leave, they will give you the product for half off which is about $40.00. If you choose auto ship, you can get it for $25.00. What the heck? I got it on auto ship with a PayPal one use virtual credit card meaning they won't be able to charge that same card if they try to send me anything else. I figured if I liked it, I would give them my real credit card. If not, I got to test it for a low price.

My Experience

No instructions come with the Bellaplex, just a booklet with vitamins and other stuff for sale from the same company. However, the website tell you to use it before any other product. The company claims that after a short time using the product, you will see a 33% decrease in wrinkle density, a 23% decrease in the volume of wrinkles, and a 20% decrease in the depth of wrinkles.

Botox, by the way, gives you a 90% - 100% decrease in wrinkles - for a few months anyway.

Argireline is a light wrinkle relaxer that relaxes underlying muscles a little and can help smooth wrinkles. But you have to have at least 10% by volume to do it. The company does not reveal how much Argireline is in the product.

The other ingredients are supposed to build up the skin's moisture level and plump the wrinkles.

Having said all that, anything that calls itself a Botox Alternative is kidding itself or, at least, kidding you. There is no such thing. Botox is Botox. Everything else...isn't. Period.

But still, I did dab the lotion on my face, around my eyes, forehead and all over. It made my face feel a little rubbery and a little tight. It definitely did NOT moisturize my skin. In fact, I felt I needed to use more moisturizer when I was using Bellaplex. After a week, I broke out. Big nasty zits that had no place on my face. I stopped using Bellaplex and let my skin breathe for a while. They started to go away so I restarted the Bellaplex. I broke out again. This is not an allergic breakout. It is a clogged pores type. My skin felt as though there was a mask on it and my pores couldn't breathe.

As for wrinkle reduction, I didn't see any. I wouldn't go on record and say it does NOTHING. The ingredients are good and Argireline can relax tiny muscles under the skin for an appearance of softer lines. For $25.00, maybe it's worth giving it a shot for a few months. For any more than $25.00, forget it. I personally will not use this product any longer. I saw no results and my skin objected to the pore clogging formula.

Any company that really believes in its product and truly has a miracle cream to sell, wouldn't panic when you leave the site and give you the products for half price. They started out offering me a tube for $79.99 and ended up giving me the same tube for $25.00. If this was truly a Botox alternative, they would charge what they charge and know people would flock to it. The price drop reeks of desperation.

Buying Info

Your best bet is to go to the Bellaplex website and then leave. Then they will offer you the half price deal. You can buy it at various beauty sites for around $60.00 an ounce.


Bellaplex isn't for me. It may be for you. But I hesitate when any product calls itself a Botox Alternative because everyone knows no topical cream can come close to the results of Botox. And the fact that they begged me back and offered me this miracle stuff for half price makes me pause. If it were THAT great, why so desperate to sell it?

I didn't see results - except for breakouts. My face felt rubbery and somewhat uncomfortable when I used the product. For me, it was just another hyped up wrinkle product. Everyone's skin reacts differently and I can't tell you if it will work for you. If you try it, they do have a return policy which is tough to decipher but apparently you do have time to try it and decide.

I am going with a 2 star rating based solely on my experience. The least it could do was to moisturize my face and not make it break out. You may find it is youth in a jar. For me, breaking out like a teenager is NOT the youth I was looking for.

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