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V5955 Villaware Grand Wrap Flatbread Maker

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Jun 22, 2005 (Updated Nov 26, 2005)
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Pros:quick, easy, no-stick, large size, easy-to-store, cord storage


The Bottom Line: For the perpetually hungry guy, who can't refrain from advising in the kitchen, it's the perfect toy-the promise of food at the end!

Villaware 5955 Grand Wrap Tortilla Flatbread Maker

I can do my hair, spend an hour in the bathroom applying cosmetics that would put me in the class of Cleopatra, and I could put on a dress that I bought at a Hollywood auction, and the only thing I would be greeted with at the door at the end of the day would be,

"I am so tired and hungry."

It might be a revised version of the above for creativity sake, but all the same, it would be that statement.

My mother always said, " A way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

My question is this. Is it because of the idiot who invented that saying that men always seem to focus on food above all else? Or is it because of men's obsession with food that the idiot, ahem, I mean nice person, designed such a saying to make women feel not so alone in the world?

Regardless of which it is, I still have some spunk now and then to fight the dragon that rears its ugly head- HUNGER. You know, the one that refuses to be satisfied?


What I love is that my dear husband will come home, declare his undying hunger and then proceed to advise me on how to fix dinner, what he does not want to have (after I already started it), or why he has to add a ton of gourmet accoutrements because it just does not seem complete without it.

Amidst my bubbling rise of irritation at this phenomenon which insists on repeating itself, I decided to do something constructive.

I decided that I would begin to buy HIM kitchen appliances for gifts. Then he could feel obligated to use them and experiment all he wanted.

Well, it worked.

One of the first personally owned appliances that my husband was treated to was the VILLAWARE GRAND WRAP 5955 TORTILLA AND FLAT BREAD MAKER.


This appliance is a very sturdy and large appliance. We own a Vitantonio Tortilla Chef, which we have owned for about 15 years. That got a lot of use- weekly- for that amount of time, but the main complaint of the resident self-appointed kitchen advisor is that it was too small. The Tortilla Chef made flatbreads that were only 6" in diameter. That IS rather small to make a substantial sandwich with.

This past Christmas season, I saw the Villaware Grand Wrap at a store. I showed it to my husband, the kitchen appliance critic, and he merely shrugged and said, "we do not need that".

Well, I knew better. I bought it for him through Chef's catalog and managed to hide it from him for two months!

The GRAND WRAP is a very substantial large tortilla/flatbread maker with solid parts to it.

The cooking surfaces are 9 1/2 in capacity for a tortilla.

The handle is a very heavy duty aluminum cast handle, which is heavy for good press on the tortilla.

There is a cord wrap under the unit to store the cord. The cord is three feet long. The plug is a two pronged polarized plug.

The lid has a good grip plastic no-burn grip on it, and the surfaces have a very tight no-stick surface on them. The cover is stainless polished steel. The under part of the unit is black plastic.

1000 watts is what is needed to run this unit and it is made in China for the Villaware company in Cleveland Ohio.


Now, you might be wondering what this unit is for and how you use it. Permit me to attempt to explain it to you .

The unit is made of two flat round surfaces with are joined by a hinge. When closed, these surfaces lie flat upon each other.

When closed, a hinged handle (which is hinged to the bottom surface on the opposite side of the hinge which joins the two round surfaces) closes down on top of the very top of the unit.

This metal handle is to apply pressure so that you can press and cook the tortilla in one step and motion.

The unit heats up the bottom of the unit quite hot. You start with a ball of dough and begin to press very quickly, open the unit, and turn the dough a quarter turn.

The rhythm goes something like this:


By this point, the flatbread should be evenly flattened and ready to cook. You close the unit for a moment until the bread is cooked on the one side and then flip it over and cook the other side.

The entire process takes only a minute or two per flatbread.

Cleanup is a breeze, you do not need to grease the unit so there is nothing to clean up.

Just make sure you do not press to hard too soon. It is a coaxing process with the dough and not a smashing process.


This is one of the best presents that I could have gotten for my husband. He makes flatbreads every week, sometimes as many as four times in one week. In the 6 months that we have owned it, it has performed beautifully. No complaints (from us or it) .

For a gizmo guy, it has everything. He can analyze its operation, develop a method, work with the tool, and eat the results at the end.

A perfect gift for the guy who loves to direct in the kitchen.

While he is occupied with making the flatbreads, I am free to make dinner how I want to without the usual abundance of kitchen criticism or advice. He is too busy playing with his tortilla maker.


I have seen this at cook stores, and also at www.cooking.com

The price retails for about $60, but you can usually find it for about $50 or so.

I love having this unit as it is quick, easy, and we LOVE flatbreads.

We always used freshly ground whole wheat dough made with or without soy pulp and/or milk.

We do not use white or unbleached flour, so I do not know how it works with that.

The unit comes packaged in an excellent foam packing and the instructions are clear and helpful.

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