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Stop Dragging That Bag Of Dog Food Around Purchase Van Ness Pet Food 50lb. Container.

Jul 23, 2012
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Pros:Has wheels and locks in freshness.


The Bottom Line: Stop dragging that big bag of dog food and losing your dog foods freshness after you open that bag. This container will help seal in that freshness.

Are you having trouble like I am with finding a container to keep your pet food staying fresh? Here's another question, have you ever opened up a bag of your pet food and tried to reseal and roll up the open bag, only to open the bag up the next time that you needed to feed your pets, and there you see is some ants or gnats. When you touch the food, is it no longer soft and moist, or is it hard and is it starting to lose some of that fresh food smell. You can stop all of those problems by purchasing one of these on-line or at your local Wal-Mart store for only 19.99. It is made of an attractive very durable smoke plastic container that can take a beating.

The top is a flip top lid with a rubber seal and a locking front latch, so that when you close the lid the food inside will be protected from drying out and free any pests. On the bottom there is a hand hold gripping area, that will help when you have to lift this container to dump the last remnants of food out for your pet to eat. This also has a heavy duty plastic roller to make it easier to move around. The rubber seal will keep the food fresher with the way that this seals the freshness in airtight. Ever since I saw this I had to have it because I would not like pests in my food if I had to eat this. This container is a 5 gallon capacity which holds 50 pounds of food easily, and it is 24" in height x 12" wide x17” front to back, but I have also seen them come in smaller capacities.

We have had problems in the past with small little black bugs getting into the pet food. We have also noticed that it is a lot easier with the four little wheels attached to the bottom for easier mobility. This one is very easy to move around and can be stored in the closet and out of sight instead of leaving an open bag out for everyone to see and smell.

We also have one of these to keep litter in, this way it stays fresh so that it stays absorbent until we are ready to use it. We usually keep a container of  kitty litter around for our kids when they drive their cars over our house and they are leaking oil or antifreeze. This always leaves a stain and the kitty litter, if left on the spot over night will absorb the oils up from the stain and once you sweep it all up you will have a clean driveway or garage floor.

The rubber seal that the lid has is the secret to keeping and locking in the freshness of the food and litter. By sealing, in the freshness you will know that your pets and driveway will be happy. Just think that if you had to eat the same food every day, I know that I would like it to be fresh if I had to eat the same thing every day.

This container is very valuable and you will know that your pets will have the freshest food that you can offer to them. This will be like opening a new bag every day that you open this container to feed your pets. You can find various uses for this type of canister even if it is not for your pets food. The other thing that I like about this is the fact that all you have to do is rinse it out with a hose to keep it clean and the food smelling fresh.

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Van Ness Pet Food Storage Container features a tight seal to ensure your pet's food will stay fresh longer, reducing spoilage due to pests and
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