Vornado 783 " Stand (Pedestal) Fan Reviews
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Vornado 783 " Stand (Pedestal) Fan

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USA made cooling gets the job done

Jan 13, 2009
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Pros:Quiet and powerful for its size and stable base

Cons:Plastic case and non lubricating motor.

The Bottom Line: Looking for a USA made product?  This will deliver the goods and a blast of cool air.  I rate it a solid buy.

Here I am again, reviewing another fan and this time it is another Vornado product. I think they should put me on their payroll!

This model is the 783 B (for black, W is white/linen) stand circulator that can be adjusted from 27 inches to 42 inches or roughly waist height to a tall person.

*Stable base which is not affected by fan speed, you can run the fan on high and it is still stable.
*8 foot cord means optimal placement is easy
*3 speeds with each one being distinctively different, 1000 RPM on low, 1300 RPM on medium, 1600 RPM on high
*Grill is removeable for access to innards for cleaning
*3 rubber rings to slip on base so you can use fan on hard surfaces without rattles or slipping
*The trademark "Vortex" airflow
*lifetime warranty
*no rattles, runs quietly except for the whooshing sounds of moving air

*Cannot lubricate the motor. There is no such thing as a permanently lubricated motor despite what manufacturers tell you
*Swivel head appears to have no provision for tightening should it get loose as you adjust the head.
*while advertisment says the height is adjustable, you will need to remove 2 self tapping screws and pull apart the frame then re-assemble it to achieve this goal.

Obviously, I like fans.  Especially ones that move a lot of air. And in that regard, the Vornado 783 does not disappoint. I use a fan year round and while my Patton (usa made) is still going strong, it sits on the floor and sucks up gobs of dirt blowing it all over. I figured a stand fan, 42 inches off the carpet, will minimize this.
I expect a lot from a fan. Quietness, durability, and flexibility are hallmarks of a properly designed unit.  Thus far, this Vornado seems to meet all those stringent criteria.

The motor Vornado uses in this unit is sourced from Superelectic Ltd, a Hong Kong company with a factory in mainland China.  It is a 4 pole capacitor start unit with bronze sleeve bearings model CM3-123.  Probably not the most rugged design but it is exposed to enough airflow that overheating should not be an issue.  How long the bearings hold out is anybody's guess however note that Vornado offers a lifetime warranty (not five year as outlined on the box) for this unit.  Also, the fact that it is up high and not at floor level, sucking up dirt, should add to the expected life of the motor.
The switch is located at the back of the power head.  It is a 3 position rotary type with the universal symbols indicating hi, med, and low.  Not difficult at all to use.
Power consumption on high is a meager 84 watts

Some assembly is required and that consists of placing the lower suppor unit into an extension pipe about 10 inches in length and securing the two with a provided self tapping screw.  Final assembly is placing the power unig on the aforementioned section and also securing it with a provided self tapping screw.  To lower the fan, reverse the above procedure and take out the 10 inch straight section.  Place the power unit on the lower u shaped base, tighten screw.

For cleaning, the front grill can be removed by depressing a locking tab on the back side of the main grill.  Then it removes rather easily. Given the fact that the whole upper unit is plastic, caution is in order here so as not to break the tab.

The blade is a 3 wing design that uses a deeper pitch to move air rather than rely on brute speed.  This can result in a bit more "white noise" that some might find objectionable, especially on high, but for me, it is just what the doctor ordered.  It is plastic also and measures approximately 10 inches across.  This can be pulled off the motor shaft for cleaning. I don't know how long it will tolerate being removed and replaced without getting loose. 

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