Unstable Program sold with no tech support from ValuSoft

Dec 7, 2011
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This program is totally unstable...I've lost my personal cookbook too many times to ever trust it again.  Adding to the problem is the fact that ValuSoft offers absolutely no technical support.

I purchased and downloaded MC11 in Mar 2011.  I had 384 recipes in my personal recipe book.  Two days ago, 5 Dec 2011, the program would not launch.  I went online to find help and found only a "patch."  I downloaded the patch and received a message that I didn't have MC11 installed on my machine.  I had v1.0 and noticed that there was a v1.10 and foolishly purchased and downloaded the new version.  It would not import my personal cookbook file.

Currently, it lanches when it feels like it and shuts down unexpectedly.  The backup function doesn't work.  I feel that ValuSoft has taken a great program and corrupted it with too many bells and whistles.  Most of the recipe books were found in MC5 and subsequent version.

ValuSoft customer services informs you that they don't do tech support and refer you to the online page that is worthless.  I have filed a report with RippedOff.com.  Amazon.com has reviews from many dissatisfied customers who really feel "ripped off."

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