Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter (11 3 8 x 6 7 8 x 9 ) (Van Ness) Reviews

Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter (11 3 8 x 6 7 8 x 9 ) (Van Ness)

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Sadie Girl is AFRAID of Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter

Aug 6, 2012
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Pros:It hold's enough water, so I don't have to keep refilling all day long. 

Cons:The lid is hard to maneuver, because it has to fit so tightly.

The Bottom Line: As long as your dog, isn't afraid, the Van Ness Auto Waterer, works well for keeping water available throughout the day!

Sadie Girl has had just a regular water and food dish.  They have been adequate for Sadie Girl's needs.
But then about 3 months ago, Sylvia, my grand-dog, began coming everyday for me to day care for her, while her parents work.  

Sylvia seems like she has "four hollow legs", by the amount she drinks, It was evident I needed a different vessel to take care of the extra water.   

I went online to and found Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter, at a price of under $6.00, I thought I couldn't go wrong.  

In just a few days our Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter, arrived.  

First thing out of the Box:

The Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter, was already assembled, and had some packing tape around it holding it together.

There was a Green and white label on the front of the 'Waterer', which  stated the following:

PureNess placed inside of a double heart design.  Then below that was 3L water capacity, also in French and Spanish.  Directly below that in bold white letters 'AUTO WATERER',  econess safe & green 20% recycled content, Made in USA,  Van Ness Plastics, Clinton, NJ 07012,, and a picture of two sweet dogs on the label.  

As I inspected and measured the Waterer this is what I found:

The Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter is a total of three parts, The tank, with a tank lid, and the watering dish.  

The 3 liter tank for the water is a grayish clear plastic and it is 8 1/2 inches tall, it is 4 inches square at the top and tapers down to 5 inches on the bottom.  The lid fits on the bottom of the tank.  The watering dish is 11 inches long and 6 inches wide and is a dusty blue colored plastic. 

The watering dish has a molded 1 3/4 inch tall 1/2 inch wide peg, which the water tank lid is molded  exactly to go over the peg for stability.

Directly in front of that molded peg is a white floating plug.  When the dish is full, the white plug remains closed, and as the water level is depleted, the tank floats down to the bottom.  

This action, pushes the white plug up to release more water into the watering dish.  This process continues on and off until the reservoir of water is empty.  

The first time taking the  Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Literout of the box, I disassembled it, removed the packing tape and the label.   I then, washed the three separate parts in warm soapy water, just for good measure.   After it was rinsed thoroughly, I filled the tank up with fresh water.  

I then, I attached the lid, securely.  That takes a little getting used to, and is hard to maneuver, because it fits very tightly.

Now, all I needed to do was to put the tank upside down on top of the watering tray, over the molded peg.  This automatically caused the floating plug to rise and fill the watering tray.  It automatically stops when the watering tray is full.   

Now  Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter  is clean, put together, filled up with water, and ready to put down for the dogs.

From the Dogs Point of View:

I don't know about your dogs, but my dogs are very inquisitive.  They are quite skittish at something new. They will continue looking at me for re-assurance.  They are so funny.

Sylvia is the boldest dog, even though she is the youngest, so she steps up to the Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter, and slowly sticks her nose into the water.  Just as quickly she jumps back, and looks at me, as if to say.  "What?"

I simply re-assure her again, and stick my finger in the water and put it to her nose.  She licks it and wags her tail, and steps back to the watering dish and has a few licks.  

Now this whole time, Sadie Girl, is watching, with a horrified expression, on her face, as if to say, "Sylvia, what are you doing?"  

But, soon enough, Sadie sees that Sylvia is relaxed about this new contraption, as Sylvia is now drinking eagerly from the watering dish.  

Now it is Sadie's turn. I put my finger in the water, and put it up to her nose, and told her the same thing, "It's OK!"  

She readily licked the water from my finger, and then skittishly stepped over to the watering dish and slowly puts her nose into the dish.  

But, just as Sadie Girl is about to take a  drink, the reservoir settled, the plug raised up, and the "water "Gurgled", into the watering dish.  

Well, that was too much for Sadie Girl, she gave me another horrified look as if to say,  "It Gurgled at me!"

Now, I am trying to contain my 'laughter', for the dogs not to see.  This is just hysterical, to me. (Big, Silly, Puppy, Smiles) 

These girls are just too funny! Kind of like the saying "Kid's say the darnedest things"   Well, to me this is "Dog's Think the darnedest things!"

Well, I left the Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter, down for the rest of the day, hoping that if, acting natural, and so forth, Sadie would calm down and get adjusted.  
Sylvia, was all set.  She had no problem, other than a funny look at the watering dish when it would "Gurgle", but that wouldn't deter her from drinking.  

The day came to an end, and Sylvia went home.  

Now Sadie came to me and started, 'ruffing', wagging her tail, and beckoning me to come with her.  

So finally, I got up and asked her what she wanted.  She went right over to the Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter, and looked at me, and back at the watering dish.  

I asked, "Do you want a drink of water?"  She danced and wagged her tail!  I said, "OK, then, go a head and have a drink of water!" But,  she continued to look puzzled, and I thought, maybe it was out of water.  

So, I went and filled another cup with water to just add some to the watering dish.  

Well, Sadie got all excited, and came to me and tried to put her head in the cup, I had in my hand.  She wouldn't go near the Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter.

Now it dawned on me, that she was really thirsty, and hadn't been drinking from the 'Gurgling' dish, at all!

I filled a regular dish with the water, put it down for her, and I have never seen her drink like she did.  I was concerned, as fast as she was drinking, she would make herself sick.

To Summarize: 

Now I know, that Sadie Girl will have nothing to do with the  Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter, 'that Gurgling dish!'(Big "How Rude of that dish, to Gurgle," I Smile!)

Sadie Girl, is also terrified at our floor vents for heat.  If a toy, or treat lands anywhere near one of the floor vents, Sadie will wine and cry, and dance, until someone goes to her 'Rescue'!  She is a funny girl!  

So we shall add Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter, to the list of,  'Sadie's Fears'!

Sylvia, on the other hand, isn't "Afraid", of anything, so far.  So I will continue to leave the Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter on the floor beside the food.    

I will also, leave a dish of water, for Sadie Girl.  I think that will make both dogs, and me happy, since I won't have to keep getting up 4 and 5 times a day to fill the dish.  

Other than Sadie's aversion to the Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter, I can't see any other problem with it!

I can gladly give it a 4 star, knocking off one star, because the lid is hard to maneuver, since it has to fit so tightly.  

Overall, I am satisfied with  Van Ness Plastics Van Ness Auto Waterer 3 Liter.   I hope I have helped you to make a decision for yourself.  

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to comment and I will do my best to remedy the problem.  

Thank you for reading/rating, and commenting, if you choose to do so.  

If you see someone without a smile, please give them one of yours.  You never know, it could change the course of the day.  After all 'moods' are contagious.  So let's have the Smile's be contagious.  

Have a Happy Day! 

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