Van Ness Plastics Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan: - Giant Reviews

Van Ness Plastics Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan: - Giant

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Large Cats Need a Big Jumbo Sized Giant Litter Box with High Sides

Jul 9, 2011 (Updated Aug 14, 2011)
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Pros:Odor resistant, long lasting and durable.

Cons:Can be hard to find.

The Bottom Line: Highly recommended for the larger cat, it's long lasting, durable, and big.

If your cat is doing his business somewhere other than the litter box there's always a reason why.  He could be sick, stressed, marking his territory, or just too darn big for a standard size litter box.  Weighing in at 20lbs. my cat is LARGE and to accommodate his size I've chosen the Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan - Giant size.  It's large enough for him to comfortably climb into and it contains his poops and pees.

When I started noticing an occasional poop ball and wetness around my cats litter box I knew something wasn't right.  After secretly following him to the litter box I knew his droppings weren't intentional.  He was just too darn big for the litter box I had put out for him.  He would get into that standard sized box and use it the best he could but his back side would hang out the entrance or sides of the litter box when he was in it!  This problem was easily resolved once I got him the Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan in the Giant size.  This box is perfect for him because it's large enough for him to get into and move around comfortably.  He can easily and comfortably move within the box and drop his pee and poo in any spot that he chooses.  Occasionally he stretches his front paws on to the high sided rims of the box and does his business while standing vertically. 

I purchased the Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan in the giant size from a local Meijer store when I lived in Michigan.  Surprisingly a few of the local pet stores didn't carry any kind of litter pan close to the size of this giant sized Van Ness Litter Pan.  If I didn't find a large sized pan locally I had planned on using a 14 gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Tote and modifying it to suit my cat's needs.  Instead of spending an entire Saturday afternoon shopping for a cat toilet I could have easily purchased the Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan - Giant on-line.  But I really wanted to pick up the thing and look at it before I made the purchase.  I also wanted to get the litter box problem solved immediately!

The Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan - Giant is large enough for king and queen sized domestic cats and small to medium sized dogs.  This sturdy plastic litter pan measures 21" L  x 17" W x 9" H and has stain resistant properties.  It provides enough space for the cat to move around and the high sides are helpful for preventing spills.  The high sides are also great at catching the urine of cats who don't squat when they pee.  Cleaning the sides of a litter pan is much easier than cleaning a free-flowing mess outside the litter box.

My cat has been using the same Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan Giant size for a year and a half.  He's not declawed and digs around in the box so there's quite a few scratch markings on the floor of the pan and edges of the high sided walls.  These deep scratches have not caused any damage to the pan.  The litter pan has no cracks or chips, it's holding up very well.  Regular cleaning also helps keep the Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan is top condition.  I use a scoopable litter and scoop the droppings several times a day.  Every two weeks (or sooner) I completely remove the litter and soak the box with a bleach solution or other disinfecting product.  I also wipe down the high sides when needed.  The strength and good quality of the plastic has prevented the litter pan from harboring permanent odors.  Having your cat(s) use a giant sized litter pan should be for his comfort, not so you can let his droppings accumulate and pick up the mess less often.

We've been very satisfied with the Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan - Giant size.  It's durable, easy to clean, and most importantly it's more comfortable for my cat.

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