2 patterns for every letter of the alphabet!

Jul 11, 2005
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Pros:Good variety, large color photos, some very unique ideas

Cons:Not every single pattern is my taste of course

The Bottom Line: There are 2 patterns for each letter, which makes this book packed full of options. There are more color-work graph type patterns in this one than in her others.

This was the first of Vanna's afghan books that I purchased. I own 3 now because of this one. I was surprised at how much I liked this book since I expected it to be "fluff", and it inspired me to buy her other afghan books as well. It really was the unique looking pattern on the cover which attracted me to it.

There is a great variety of patterns in this book. There are afghans that are feminine, masculine, neutral, for children, for babies, etc. There is also a good variety of skill level and techniques. The projects are not rated, but when there is a more advanced or unusual stitch, it is noted before the pattern with instructions. There is also a basic crochet instruction section in the back. I like that they didn't use up too much space with basic instructions, however, since this is a project book and not meant to be an instructional book.

There is a table of contents and then an intro from Vanna explaining her personal history of crochet. Then it just jumps right into the patterns...page after page of patterns! Each one has a large full-color photo of the ghan, and a lot of them also have a close-up detail photo as well.

The weight of yarn is always included so that it is easy to make substitutions. I have made several afghans from this book and always used different brands of yarn. They all came out very nicely and look like the photos. The instructions are easy to follow. There are also charts and diagrams whenever needed. I have found no errors so far.

I've included a list of the patterns, since that is always the most important thing for me when deciding to purchase a project book like this...2 for each letter as follows...

August Morning...Worked in a lot of small granny type squares and joined together. Solid black background with bright colored flowers all over. Really beautiful.

American Beauty...Worked in rows of DCs with stripes of red, navy, and soft white. Some of the stripes have a neat texture variation with shells.

Blanket Buddies...2 patterns, each is a large solid color square worked from the center out in rounds in DCs. Then a triangular shape is added to one corner and ears and a face are added to make it look either like a cute rabbit or bear. A child can wear the head part like a hood. Very cute and easy!

Buttered Popcorn...Solid yellow in a sort of filet crochet pattern with some popcorn stitches. Looks like a big mesh rectange with a solid area forming a smaller rectangle inside with borders of popcorns. Very easy and unique.

Can I Buy a Vowel?...This is just white blocks with red borders with black letters in each one forming whatever words you want. They include charts for all the letters.

Cat's Meow...This is a tunision crochet throw made up of 6 large squares each with a happy looking cat in a different color.

Daisy Patchwork...Made up of blocks of alternating white and pink daisy looking patterns on a blue background. Each block is worked in rounds.

Dreamweaver...Made with multicolored yarn, it is large sort of lacy and textured hexagons joined together. Very unique. Each hexagon worked in rounds.

Elegant Rose...This is the one on the cover. The white roses are very 3D! I thought it was black and white, but it is actually dark forest green and white. I love this one but will probably do it for a little girl I know in bright pink roses with a pastel background since those are the colors she prefers.

Edelweiss...Lacy squares each worked in rounds to look like a pretty flower are done in solid white sport wt and joined in the end.

Football Fever...Looks like a green football field with white stripes for the lines on the field and brown end zones and a big brown football in the middle. Could be done in different colors for someone's favorite team. Done in SC with simple color changes using a graph.

Fish in the Sea...Done in SC with color changes to look like a light bakcground with large tropical fish and waves all around as a border. Very cool, includes a graph.

Giggles and Squiggles...Worked in 4 separate sections then joined. 1 section has pastel stripes, 1 has rows of arches, one has rows of wavy lines, and 1 has circles. Might be cool in primary colors too. Very unique baby blanket! Graph is included.

Granny's Delight...Small granny squares that look like a sort of basic flower in shades of mauve and burgandy, then with cream borders in clusters around each one. This one has a very cool border added after the squares are joined. A nice variation on the granny square type of design.

Hudson's Bay Memory...Worked in rows of SC, it looks like a cream background with large black, yellow, red, and green stripes at each end. Very rustic and simple.

Hooked on Checkers...This is a functional checkerboard throw made up of solid squares of red and black joined with white so that it looks like a checkerboard. Then you crochet big checkers to use to play it with in red and black.

Ice Crystals...This is a victorian style throw in solid white. It is a fancy shell pattern with picots worked in rows. Very pretty.

I Wish I Could Fly...This is a sport wt baby blue background in solid SCs with a cute airplane and stars made separately then lightly stuffed and sewn on.

Jigsaw Fun...Done in primary colors it looks like 9 puzzle pieces interlocking together. Very cool. Made in rows of SC with simple color changes using a graph.

Jewels of the Nile...Shown in jewel tones it is worked in rows of a large shell pattern alternating colors after each row of shells.

Kiss Me Quick...Very simple and basic shell pattern in blue with a few color changes in red to form what looks like red lips spaced all over the ghan.

King of the Jungle...A graph ghan of a giant lion's head.

Lovely Poppies...I really didn't like this one at all. It is worked in blocks, each worked in rounds and it is supposed to look like poppies, but I really don't see it.

Little Lambs...Worked in blocks that are each worked in simple rows of Sc in grey. Half of them are solid and half have a white lamb that you make using a loop stitch so that the lamb looks and feels like it has fleece. Then you sew it together with the lambs in different places and some face opposite directions. Very neat.

Mix and Match...A very easy pattern worked in 3 large panels. Each panel forms 4 colored blocks that have a simple but interesting texture pattern. Then you sew the 3 panels together and it looks sort of like a sampler. Very quick to make and easy.

Merry Christmas Wreaths...Very pretty Christmas ghan. It has a cream background with green wreaths that have red yarn to look like ribbons woven through them and a bow at the bottom. Made in squares, each the same and each worked in rounds. The wreaths are made 3D with clusters.

Nursery Sampler...This is a pastel graph ghan that has numbers, letters, shapes and such all around a center plain pastel area. You work the graph parts in strips so they go quickly.

Night Blooms...Looks like big green night blooming cacti on a black background with white and pink flowers blooming on the cacti. Worked in SC with color changes using a graph.

Ode to Santa Fe...A very southwestern looking ghan in rows of HDC with color changes to make it look like jagged chevron sripes in southwestern colors.

October Afternoon...Worked in squares that each look like the squares used in the quilt pattern called Log Cabin. You can put them together in any of the log cabin variations you want, like the barn raising variation, or the diagonal stripes variation which is how it is pictured.

Perfectly Pink...A simple but pretty filet crochet pattern in solid pink sport wt yarn. It looks like columns of hearts. Pink ribbons are woven in the edges and tied in bows in the corners, very pretty for a baby and very easy.

Pretty Baskets...A very nice solid color pattern worked in rows with post stitch variations to form what looks like a large basket weave texture pattern.

Quick and Cozy...Worked in rows with front post DCs used to give it a very nubby allover texture. Shown with a medium purple background and a few stripes of dark purple an a few of white. The texture is so nice it would also look good in a solid.

Quiet Moments...Made up of squares that each are divided diagonally to form 2 triangles, each either one pink and one variegated, or one blue and one variegated. Very easy and sort of looks like kites. This one is a little too basic for me.

Radio Waves...A variation of the ripple stitch.

Rainbow Treasures....Worked in simple rows of DCs with pastels and color changes every 10 rows to form horizontal pastel stripes. Then you add fringe to the bottom of each row. It is very simple, but really does make a unique and interesting looking baby blanket.

Stained Glass...It really looks like a stained glass window and you could use whatever color scheme you want. Made up of lots of small solid color squares in bright colors, then joined with a very dark green (I think black works better though). Very easy and portable since you make a lot of little squares. You could even do this as a scrap ghan in my opinion, to use up extra leftover yarn in different colors.

Shooting Marbles...Looks like the quilt pattern called Grandma's Flower Garden. This one could also be a good pattern for a scrap ghan. Made up of hexagons worked in rounds, then joined.

Tea Time...Made up of 6 large blocks in tunisian crochet with a large teacup on each block. Each teacup had different embellishments such as lace or bows and beads etc.

Tickle the Ivories...Red background with a row of musical notes at each end in blue and black and a large row of piano keys in the center. Perfect for a gift for a pianist of music lover. This one is woked in SCs with color changes.

Under the Mulberry Tree...This one is worked with 2 strands of multicolored yarn held together. It would be just as pretty in a solid color though, or maybe one strand of solid and one mulit. It is worked in rows with an easy but very attractive textured allover pattern. Looks so fluffy and warm!

Utter Elegance...One of my favorites, very chunky and warm looking! Worked in squares, each worked in rows using the crab stitch (revers sc) and with 3 strands of yarn held together. Each square is very thick with large dimensional ridges. Then the squares are assembled alternating the directions of the ridges in a parquet style. Very nice.

Vanna's Choice...This is the one pattern designed by Vanna herself. It is a solid color and worked in rows. The pattern forms bands of DCs and mesh stripes that run vertically. She gives directions for a full size throw or a baby blanket size.

Victorian Lace...Made in white sport wt yarn this one is made in lacy squares worked in rounds then joined. Very delicate and pretty.

Winter Wonderland...Looks just like white snowflakes on a blue bakground! Made up of hexagons worked in rounds.

Whispers of White...This is a Terry Kimbrough pattern from one of her booklets I have. I have always loved this pattern. It is solid white sport wt and very easy and quick, but unique. It's worked in rows along the length of the ghan in a sort of lacy and textury pattern with rows of eyelets. At each end are lacy scallops. Then you weave ribbons through the vertical rows of eyelets and tie bows where they end between the scallops. A wonderful baby ghan!

X Marks the Spot...This is one I made for my son in a different yarn and I love it. Made up of solid color squares that each look like they have an X of eyelets right over the square. The colors shown are 3 shades of blue, brown, and then cream for joining the squares. The squares are assembled in the quilt pattern formation called Trip Around the World. This is a very simple pattern, but looks great when all put together with the simple edging around it.

Xs and Os...This is a big tic tac toe game you can actually play. The blanket is a big white square with blue lines to form the grid. Then you make white pillows with the Xs and Os to play the game with.

Yesterday...A victorian/lacy style throw made up of white lacy pineapple squares worked in rounds with a pastel 3D flower in the center of each one. Very elegant.

Year-round Comfort...Solid cream color worked in rows of SC with puff stiches which form rows of puff diamonds over the entire ghan. Sort of Aran looking.

Zipper Tape...This is a Mile a Minute style ghan in strips made with shells in 2 colors. Nice variation of the mile a minute, goes quickly and can be done in any colors.

Zebra Garden...A sampler style black and white ghan. 4 different blocks, all worked in rounds, and each is in black and white. You could do it in any 2 color combo and it would look great.

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