Verdi Peach Non Vintage 750ml Champagne and Sparkling Wine Reviews
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Verdi Peach Non Vintage 750ml Champagne and Sparkling Wine

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Verdi Peach Sparkletini || peachy keen by me...

Jan 27, 2012
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Pros:Taste, lower alcohol content, lower cost than comparable sparkling wines.

Cons:Not a sparkling wine, less 'bubble power' than a true sparkling wine.

The Bottom Line: Probably not the correct 'champagne' to serve to 'wine snobs' ...but as an inexpensive, fun, good-tasting celebratory drink ...I think it would be a good choice for many budget-minded occasions.

" The Verdi Peach is fresh, lively, and medium sweet; pleasant on the palate, with a light sparkle and pure peach flavor."
--marketing site

The most striking note of the Verdi Sparkletini products, including Verdi Peach Sparkletini, is the marketing of them as fun, festive, sparkling . . .well, beverages.

They are not wines. They are malt beverages. They are produced not from grapes but from fermented grain.

" An elegant, sophisticated, all natural beverage made in Italy by the Bosca family, renowned for the superior quality of the sparkling wines they produce."
--marketing site

The clueless drinker might think they are enjoying a sparkling wine. The Bosca family may indeed 'produce superior quality sparkling wines' ...but this aint one of them.

That point established ...what of the beverage..??

Sparkling wines (and their imitative malt beverage cousins) are intended to be somewhat celebratory and fun. Adding a tasty, fruity flavor to the product, wine or malt beverage, adds an extra reason to purchase and consume. This Verdi Peach Sparkletini product is also available in Raspberry and Green Apple flavors.

The 'peach' here is definitely noticeable, I cannot tell whether it is natural or artificial. But it is pleasant, convincing, and 'true-tasting'.

The bottle has a 'pop' to it when opened ...another subtle suggestion of a 'sparkling wine' product. But a regular malt beverage (or beer) has a 'pop' to it as well. A "re-sealable [plastic] cork closure to preserve the sparkle until you are ready for another glass of 'All Natural Italian Fun!' " caps the bottle. The (hidden) screw-cap design is more reminiscent of a 'forty' than a true corked wine.

The alcohol content of this product is stated as 5% by volume, half of other common true sparkling wines. Surely a positive point for many consumers.

When poured, there seems to be fewer bubbles than a true sparkling wine. I also notice the bubbles do not seem to last as long in the glass. As I sit here finishing the last of the bottle, the last of my glass, the beverage also seems more 'full bodied' than true sparkling wines I remember.

The Bottom Line
I think when poured and enjoyed while toasting a new bride and groom or to celebrate a birthday or anniversary ...I think the 'working class' background of the Verdi Peach Sparkletini beverage would be glossed over or missed by most drinkers.

Verdi Peach Sparkletini would probably not be the correct 'champagne' to serve to a bunch of 'wine snobs' . . .but as an inexpensive, fun, and good-tasting celebratory beverage ...I think it would be a good choice for many budget-crunching and less-than-formal occasions.


Certified 'lean-n-mean' review.

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Year: Non-Vintage
Varietal: Other
Designation: ''sparkling'' *malt beverage*
Country: Italy
State or Region: State of confusion
Price: 5
Wine Rating Scale: A solid performer

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