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Re: Re: Glad to see ya..
by AinsleyJo

Hope things improve for you and you get to go home for the holidays!

I've been going to different people here and leaving a notice, and you're one of the people.

Oh yes! I have a notice of my own that I'm having a W/O and you're invited! Your W/O was the first one I ever participated in, and I was in this pretend catfight with you about a certain somebody--then, I actually DID end up falling in love with him for awhile (Guess I'll always have a tender spot for the studmuffin!).

Anyway, here's what I've been leaving around (not about my W/O but important):


Just a notice to let you know that this review has been revised!

I'm not the one who wrote it, but we were both over there, and you gave it a low rating at the time, but I believe you would rate higher now.

AJ :o)
Dec 13, 2004
10:52 am PST

Very nice idea, Ginger..and I will let BUTI Ev in Ivanhoe
by danairozo
she needs to know about his non-GE product soon
... I know that Tony at the
in Visalia...part of GGP Inc. he needs this to use on Jim or Rudy soon
Nov 13, 2004
12:50 pm PST

Glad to see ya..
by nikefreak
back after a time off! Huh, this looks like something good for my hair huh Amanda? ;)

Nov 13, 2004
8:01 am PST

Re: Well.....
by Tigerlily137
Amy-You're right...this wouldn't be the best bet for you, unless you have a great house insurance policy!

Jack-a-licious- D@mn...I thought it'd be the thought of me waking up witih bed head that would get you...missed the mark on that one. I'll try better next time. ;) So, you're coming to WA when??
Nov 13, 2004
7:53 am PST

by amyk49, amyk49 is an Advisor on Epinions in Wellness & Beauty
I really need a curling iron that has an automatic shut off, because I'm notorious at forgetting to turn the dang thing off. I'd better steer clear of this one :)

Thanks for the review!

Nov 12, 2004
5:23 pm PST