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Viggle App for iPhone and Android - get paid for watching TV!

Mar 13, 2012 (Updated Jun 27, 2012)
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Pros:earn gift cards for watching TV, Social Networking, easy to navigate, customer service

Cons:tutorial could be more complete, wish they posted points for each TV show watched.

The Bottom Line: Viggle is an App that pays you in gift cards for watching TV Shows. The App also allows you to easily connect to social networks. Customer Service is excellent.

I recently tried a new App with my iPhone and I just have to share. Viggle is a free app that pays you in gift cards for clicking a button while you are watching a TV show. If you have kids this app is simple enough to use that you could ask them to do it while they are watching their shows. Points add up fast on this fun App.

Update 6-19-2012: I have cashed in so far $45 in gift cards to Chlis and I do not even use the app every day. If you did you could easily have double that or more. I am currently about half way to my next $15 reward to Chilis. There are other gift card options but we like that one the most.

How I found Viggle
Update June 27, 2012 - Viggle is now available on  android devices as well as Apple products.  

I have been having such a great time trying new Apps for my Apple iPhone 4s and my iPad 2. One of the first Apps I got was called Checkpoints. Checkpoints gives me points for trying new Apps and that was how I found Viggle.

Downloading the App

Viggle can be found at the App Store and downloaded to your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for free. At this time it is not available for android devices. I had no problems with the download and it was read to use in a few seconds.

Using Viggle

Registration: I could not wait to try Viggle out and found the App easy to use. I did have to register before I could start but to begin with I only had to give an email address and user name. It also asks for your zip code and if you have Cable who your provider is, or if you are just using an antenna. The reason it needs this information is to determine what channels you have.  It will ask you to verify your email address. If you want a prize that has to be mailed to you then you will have to give your home address but it is not required to start using the App.

Getting Started: When I opened the App there is a big V with a circle around it and under it, it says "tap here to check in" To use the App turn on the TV and click the button. There is a list in the settings that tells what channels the app will pick up in your area. All the programs that I tried worked, except the news but  I was able to manually check in for that.

What Channels does the Viggle App Recognize?: I have Comcast Cable and there were over 100 channels listed in my account that the App can detect. They include regular local channels, as well as cable channels. It even included pay channels like HBO.

The Tutorial: The App contains a tutorial but I found it was lacking in some of the information. I understood that I had to press the V to check in, but I could not figure out if I had to press it again or if the App would just assume I was still watching it. I could not find that answer so I went online and found their website which gave a little more information but I still did not quite understand it. That led me to send an email to customer service.

Customer Service: I know that some Apps I have tried are great but if I write with a question I am lucky to get an answer within a week if ever. When I contacted Viggle, I got an answer in minutes!!!! The customer Service Rep answered my question thoroughly and I wrote back asking how long they had been operational and she wrote back right away to say they had only been up a couple months. Perhaps when they are more popular the Customer Service experience may change but I hope not.

So how does it work?: The Check in works by listening to the TV show and detecting from the Audio, which show you are watching. Make sure to keep any background noise down while checking in. When you check in to a show, the App assumes that you are going to finish watching it. Unless you click to check into another show it will give you credit for the entire length of the show.

How many points do you get and what are they worth? Currently you get 2 points per minute that you watch TV and the points are posted after the show is over. There is a limit of 12,000 points per day which I can not see happening unless you watched TV from Morning until Night. Some shows will have bonus points included. Most bonus point offers are from 100-300 extra points. So if you watch a half hour show with 300 bonus points you will get 360 points for watching that show.

Gift Cards: Gift cards are available for several stores. Some options are Movie Tickets, Starbucks, itunes, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, JC Penney, Burger King, Sephora, Foot Locker, CVS, Papa Johns, Chilis, Hulu Plus, Fandango, 1800 Flowers, and many more. If you save up 375,000 points you can even get a Kindle Fire! To give you a general idea of how many points you need to cash in. A $5 gift card needs 7500 points. A $10 gift card is 14000 points. So it seems to pay to save them up if that is an option for the gift card that you want.

Viggle Assistant Facebook Page: For help in getting the most points from the App check out the Viggle Assistant Facebook Page (cut and paste the link)

Redeeming a Reward (updated March 29th)

I have been using this App for about two and a half weeks. I might be considered an average user. You could get more points if you have the TV on all day and remember to check in. I just redeemed my first gift card for $15 to Chili's. I am am pretty excited as I did not really have to go out of my way to do something different than what I was already doing.

The redeem process was flawless. When I went to redeem it did ask me to enter my address into my profile which I did. The App walked me through the redeem process and a page came up saying to check my email to print out my reward. I could have done it from the App if I had a printer hooked up to my mobile device but I do not, so I went to my laptop and the email was there. I clicked a link they gave in the email and entered the code there and the E-Gift card appeared. I guess we are going to Chilis tonight!!!!

Can I use Viggle with shows recorded on my DVR? I was happy to find out that I can use Viggle with shows recorded on my DVR. The thing to remember is that you will get credit for the actual minutes that you are watching before you press "check in" if you are like me and buzz through the commercials so that I can watch a two hour show in an hour remember that the App will not give you credit for two hours if you press check in for a new show before the two hours have passed.

Invite Friends: You can invite friends by clicking a little icon at the top right when you are in your profile. it shows a person and a plus sign. If you click on that you can email a friend to join and if they do you get 200 points. I sent out a couple but have not seen any indication that anyone joined so I am not sure where they would list the points.

Navigating the Viggle App

From the main screen. There are three options at that bottom: What's On, Check In and Rewards.

Whats On: From the What's On Screen you can flip through some popular TV shows and see any bonus point offers. You can set a reminder for the app to make a sound to let you know your show is on. You can also click on the TV show and see more info through popular networking sites related to the TV Show.

You can talk with others while the show is playing and chat about the show under the "Latest Chatter Tab" (Twitter Feed) You can also visit the show's Facebook Page, Bing, IMDb, Wikipedia, iTunes, Amazon, or see your check in.

Check In: The Check in Screen is the default for the app and once you hit the button it will recognize the show and start giving you points. I did notice it had trouble recognizing when I was watching the News. In that case I was able to search for the listing and manually check in to get credit for watching it.

Rewards: The rewards tab allows you to browse through rewards available and also redeem a reward. There is a way to sort them by point value at the top of the reward page.

Checked in Show: If you look to the top left when you are checked into a show you will see an icon indicating the show and that you are watching. If you click that it will show you a page with information about the show. It will also show you the listings that I mentioned in the "whats on" tab for that show. Just for fun I clicked on the "latest chatter" while watching the news and it was just a twitter feed for the news show. I could see this being fun if you were watching something like the bachelor when there are opinions flying. There was not a lot of interesting chatter about the news, but I like how the app gives you an easy way to use social networks while checked into watching a show that is airing live.

Your Profile: On the top right you can see your profile. When you click on it you can easily add a photo if you want. I added a photo just to see how it worked and it took a photo off my iPHone camera easily.

From your profile screen you can see how many points you have and your check in history. It does not list points per show just a time frame for when you checked in and the point total at the top. I sort of wish they would list how many points I was credited for each check in. While on this screen up at the right are two icons. One is for inviting a friend which I discussed earlier, and the other is for info about your account. The icon for your account looks like a sun. At the left of the profile screen is a back button to get you back to the main screen.

Your Account: From your profile screen, click the sun icon on the top right to see A tutorial, add, view or change personal information, See or change your TV provider, A channel list, Facebook and Twitter Connect, App Notifications(set up or change), a contact us tab(to email customer service)  about Viggle, Resend Confirmation Email, Reset Password, or Cancel account.

Final thoughts

I was able to navigate the Viggle App with ease after getting a few questions answered. I feel that they could do a better job of indicating some basic information about the check in within their Tutorial, but they were easy enough to contact and give feedback so this did not hold me back. I have to give their customer service and A+. Once I familiarized myself with the App it was easy to get around and very intuitive. The App has never frozen or given me any trouble. I have a feeling that I will be using this App a lot in the future and may try using some of the social networking sites while watching shows that are fun to talk about. I think that the rewards accumulate fast enough to motivate me to use the App, and that the reward choices are ones that I will enjoy using. The only one I wish they would add is an amazon gift card. I will probably get the Chilis gift card that is 21,000 points for a $15 gift card because Chilis is one of our favorite restaurants and we eat their often. The only other thing I would change is to add a point total credited for each show watched rather than just the total points for everything at the top. I really love this App and think it will be one I use every day.

Some of My Favorite Apps

Snoopy's Street Fair
Words with Friends
Coin Dozer
The Sims FreePlay

Thanks for reading my review

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Viggle App and that if you use it you will take a moment to comment on your experience with the App or even better, take a moment and write your own review.



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