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Addictive, Fun, Free...Get Paid To Watch TV!: Viggle App for iPhone

Dec 29, 2012 (Updated Jan 2, 2013)
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Pros:Easy to use; get paid for watching TV; fun; addictive

Cons:Occasional outages; limited rewards; rewards are a feeding frenzy

The Bottom Line: Where else can you get paid to watch TV? Give Viggle a try if you are a moderate to heavy TV watcher!

I got an iPhone for my birthday in July and remembered a review on the Viggle iPhone app that my friend becky2259 wrote earlier in the year. As soon as I got my iPhone, I made the Viggle app mine.

The Viggle App In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, Viggle is a FREE app for the iPhone. It is available for downloading to your iPhone from the iTunes app store. You will need to create an account with Viggle, giving them your name, email address, etc. You will receive 200 Viggle "points" (the same points you get for watching TV) as soon as you sign up with Viggle.

When the app is opened, you can start to get credit for watching TV right away. Simply touch "Check In" from the Viggle menu, hold your iPhone fairly close to your TV, and the app will listen to what is playing on your TV right through your iPhone. It will then show the name of what Viggle thinks you are watching. If what it is showing is correct, you touch "confirm" and you are then on your way to getting credit for watching that program. You get one point per minute of TV. When your points reach 1,000 to, on average, 25,000 points, you can then trade them in for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, electronics rewards and charity donations.

Using Viggle On A Daily Basis

It takes a little bit of perseverance to really get in the habit of using Viggle. The first few days that I was using Viggle, I kept forgetting to "check in". But once I got in the habit, I was addicted. When I got up in the morning, I turned on the TV and checked in on a show. As soon as I got home and until I went to bed, I checked in on various shows I watched. The Viggle app will recognize many different types of shows – reality, comedy, drama, movies, sporting events, infomercials, morning and late night programs.

So my points started to add up fast. There are a few features of the Viggle app that make it easier to use, such as setting reminders for when certain shows are on. Also, Viggle “features” several shows per day, mostly prime time shows and sports events. If you check in on these shows, you will get bonus points in addition to the points you get for watching. The bonuses, back in the summer of 2012, were in the 200 point range, but now are most often in the 50-point range, but can sometimes be in the 100 to 150-point range.

Another fun thing about using Viggle is that you can play along with “Viggle Live” while you are watching one of the featured shows. This will give you additional points for answering multiple choice quiz questions while the show is airing and is available for you to participate in as soon as you "check in" on that particular TV show. This is fun, and, if you have been watching a particular show for quite a while and know a lot about the show, you will get many of the questions right. These quiz questions used to offer more points (25+) for correct quiz answers and 10 points for incorrect answers, but are now typically more in the 10 point range for correct answers and 1 point for incorrect answers. It’s still fun, though, and if you are a fidgety TV watcher like I am, this helps keep you occupied.

There is a limit to how much credit for TV watching you can get in a day. You can only get credit for 12 hours of TV per day. This helps prevent people from checking in on TV shows 24 hours a day. No one is watching TV 24 hours a day, so I don’t think anyone would complain about this limit.

If you work a lot and use your DVR to tape your favorite TV shows, you can definitely play these shows back and still use your Viggle app. The app recognizes shows on your DVR.

There are some shows and channels that Viggle does not recognize at all. For example, it never recognizes anything on the Spike channel. It DID recognize the show Bar Rescue on the Spike Channel during the summer when I first downloaded this app, but I haven’t been able to get the app to recognize this show or the Spike Channel at all in the past few months. Also, I can never get Viggle to recognize local news and mornings shows, but it will sometimes bring up shows out of the state of New York (I have no idea why, since I live in Ohio).

If you try three times to get the Viggle app to recognize a TV show and it still can’t recognize it, it will give you the option to type in the name of the show manually. As you are typing, it will bring up shows it thinks you are typing. For example, if you are typing Days of Our Lives and the movie Days of Thunder is also showing on cable TV during that time, it will bring up both options. You then just tap the name of the show you are watching and confirm that you are watching that show.

It’s easy to game the Viggle system. For example, you can check in on the Today Show at 7 AM and then go out the door to work. The Viggle app will give you credit for the entire Today Show. The app is supposed to only give you credit for a maximum of two hours of a two or more hour show, but in several instances, I got credit for a four-hour program. And speaking of getting credit for the time that a show is on…if you check in at 7:15 PM for a show that started at 7 PM and runs until 7:30, you will get 15 minutes of credit for watching that show. You will not get credit for the entire 30 minute program. To get credit for an entire show, you will need to check in right when the show is starting.

The Viggle app does not know when you have changed the channel or gotten up and left your house. It does not have the capability to know these things. That’s why you will get credit for the entire show you checked in on, unless you check in on another show before that first show is over. The app will only listen to your TV if you tap the “Check In” function in the app.

Speaking of checking in, it’s best to have as little background noise as possible when checking in. This makes it easier for the app to listen to your TV and get the show you are watching correct the first time it tries. You don’t have to be right next to your TV to check in; I’ve been across the room and have had Viggle recognize the show on the first try.

Viggle keeps track of your points, and you can see your points history by clicking on “Points History”. It gives a listing of all of the shows you have watched, along with the number of points.

Another way to earn points (5 to 100 points, normally) is to watch a short (15 to 30 seconds) commercial. These range from Febreze to Chrysler to Dove soap to online game commercials. You will see these offered in various places in the app. All you have to do is touch the offer and the video will start. You must let the video play all the way through. A few minutes later, you will see the points for watching that commercial in your points history. These commercials are very random and will be available to you when you "check in" on shows or when you look through the "featured" shows.

Viggle has occasional outages when you can’t check in or receive credit for watching TV. I have had this happen to me just a few times but have seen others complain about it more frequently on Viggle’s Facebook page. Just once Viggle gave me a certain number of points (I think it was 200) for an outage that lasted an hour or so (they gave that to everyone). The other time I didn’t receive anything. I would say that I hear of an outage probably once or twice a week but a lot of times when I hear about it on Facebook, it’s during the day when I’m at work and don’t care about the outage at that time.

I have not had to contact Viggle customer service but have heard that the customer service is good.

Redeeming Points

Redeeming your points for rewards is easy. Just touch the “Rewards” icon to see a list of current rewards. As of right now, a $10 iTunes code is 25,000 points, a $25 Best Buy eGift card is 62,500 points and a Starbucks $5 gift card is 12,500 points. A $10 Old Navy eGift card is 20,000 points. Some eGift cards can only be used in stores; some can be used online and in stores and some can be used only online. It depends – and it pays to read the fine print when redeeming.

The first reward I redeemed my points for was a Papa John’s Pizza $10 online code, which cost me 20,000 points. Redeeming the code was a disaster, though. When I entered it online when ordering at, the online system didn’t recognize my code. I had to call the local Papa John’s store, and they couldn’t get the code to work either. I ended up calling Papa John’s corporate office, who got it to work. It was a pain in the butt. I haven’t redeemed more points since then. I don’t know what I’m saving them for, but right now there really isn’t a gift card or eGift card that really catches my eye.

will sometimes have codes available, but they are very rare and sell out really fast. I don’t feel like playing that game and trying to hurry up and beat out hundreds or thousands of other Viggle users to the punch. I’ve also heard stories (on Viggle’s Facebook page) that people who redeem for the CVS Drugstore and Burger King gift cards (which are printed and taken to the store) can’t get their local stores to accept them. I will be shying away from these two gift cards for this reason, although I wouldn’t mind having a CVS gift card. I just don’t want to run the risk of my local CVS not accepting it and me being out of 20,000+ points.

You can also redeem points for charity donations. For example, right now Viggle will let you redeem 7,500 points and they will make a $5 donation to the Boys & Girls Club of America. If your favorite charity is listed (there are only one or two available at a time), this is a good way to donate to your favorite charity without having to come up with the money yourself.

Viggle also has a Royal Caribbean Cruise for one person available for 4,000,000 points. It includes 4 or 5 nights and includes just the cruise for one person. You can also get an iPod Touch for 375,000 points, a Kindle Fire HD for 375,000 points or an Apple TV for 210,000 points. These four items have been listed consistently in the Rewards section for several months, so these are rewards that you can really count on. I guess Viggle probably has the right to discontinue any of the rewards at any time, but I would assume that there would still be a fun reward put in the place of any of these items if they were discontinued. 


Overall, I love the Viggle app. Where else can you get paid to watch TV? I’m addicted to this app, and it’s fun to watch your points add up. I hope that the rewards get better and that Viggle offers a greater variety of rewards. I will continue to let my points add up until I see something I really want. I have turned a couple of other people on to the Viggle app, and they too have become addicted. It’s really a win/win app and is one that I’m glad to have on my iPhone!

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