Vigoro Weed & Feed - Greens the grass, but doesn't kill all the weeds

May 5, 2007 (Updated May 5, 2007)
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Pros:Cheaper than Scotts, easy to apply, kills dandelions, greens the grass

Cons:Doesn't kill some common weeds, required more than one application to green the grass

The Bottom Line: While itís cheaper than Scottís, it isnít as effective at greening grass or killing weeds.

Something strange happens during the winter months. While the grass of my lawn lies mostly dormant, the nastiness known as weeds seem to be planning their attack for when spring arrives. Sure enough, spring arrived with a whole slew of weeds. I decided to go a little cheaper than Scotts and try the Vigoro Weed ‘n Feed. Did it work? Was it worth the extra savings?

Read on, dear reader...

•• What it is ••
Vigoro Weed & Feed is a lawn fertilizer that also kills weeds.

•• Features and Commentary ••
The bag of Vigoro Weed & Feed makes some interesting claims. It says that it covers 5000 square feet, kills 200 varieties of weeds and greens in 72 hours.

I’ll skip the third claim so that I can explain the first claim better. Fertilizer is made up of 3 components: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. This particular fertilizer has 28 percent Nitrogen which is responsible for greening up the grass. The Vigoro Weed & Feed did not green the lawn as much as I had hoped. I applied it with a hand spreader according to the directions, in slow even paths along my lawn. Since I have less than 2000 suqare feet of lawn, there should have been planty left over. In reality, I went through roughly half the bag.

A week later, the grass was slightly greener, but not much. Realizing it was the first feeding since the winter, I susp[ected the grass needed an extra bump. So a week later, I fed the lawn again. The next week, the grass was noticeably greener, far closer to my anticipated results. However it was one application more than I needed to with the Scott’s fertilizer.

Therefore to say that the bag covers 5000 square feet is a misnomer since the fertilizer required 2 applications. Had I put the Vigoro Weed & Feed on the lawn in a heavier concentration, I would have gotten the results I wanted, but would have used nearly the entire bag.

The other 2 ingredients in the fertilizer are needed for overall grass health and growth promotion. I will say that the grass in thinner spots seems fuller and thicker, but that could be due to the beginning of spring. Certainly the application of fertilizer helped because it coincided with the same time the grass was greener.

Let’s not forget that this is also a weed killer. So after 2 application, did it kill the weeds? Not really. I still see many weeds in the grass. Some have wilted and there haven’t been any new outbreaks, but I still had to go around with a trowel and dig up the offending greens. It seemed to work best on the more common ones such as dandelions, but several varieties of weeds survived quite well. This makes me wonder about the claim of killing 200 varieties of weeds. Either than claim is false or I have varieties with numbers 201 and up.

Given the extra applications necessary to do a mediocre job, I’d recommend the Scotts over this brand. If cheap is all you need, this is a fairly satisfactory choice.

•• Conclusion ••
While it’s cheaper than Scott’s, it isn’t as effective at greening grass or killing weeds.

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