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My Personal Life Saver

Jan 2, 2001
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Pros:Relieves anxiety, insomnia and helps you to handle stress

Cons:I can't think of any

Let me explain why I believe taking a b-complex has helped to save my life.

Ever since I was a child, I was plagued with sadness in my life. I thought it was because I was just overly emotional. I remember crying almost every day over things that seemed so little to other people but seemed so big to me.

Then the year I started University, sadness exploded into full blown depression. My grandfather passed away from cancer. He had lived with me so I witnessed his 6-month transition from a healthy 80 year-old man to a virtually disabled cancer patient. It pained me to see such a change. It hurt me more to see that this once strong man who laughed and danced his way into people's hearts die after lying still in a hospital bed for 3 months.

With grief in my heart, I found it difficult to study or even have fun with friends. I waited until the last minute to cram for exams, sometimes staying up all night for several nights at a time. The stress built up and I started to feel quick heart palpitations and severe anxiety. The palpitations were so great that I couldn't sleep at all for a week. I went from doctor to doctor for help and each one just told me to relax. They didn't understand that I just couldn't relax! At that time, all I could think about was suicide. Without sleep, my body was going haywire. I felt like my brain was dying. My brain hurt from what felt like electrical shots attacking it. Can you believe that two doctors had the nerve to tell me I was just imagining things? I felt like I was just a joke to them. I just wanted to die, at least all the pain, both physical and emotional, would go away.

Finally, after another week of not being able to sleep and worrying my parents, I was put on paxil, an anti-depressant and a sleeping pill. Being on these medications worsened my symptoms but at least allowed me to sleep for 2 hours at a time. My sleep increased over a few days until I was sleeping at 5 hours a day. This greatly helped to relieve the palpitations in my heart and the shocks in my brain.

I stayed on paxil for a few weeks afterwards and noticed that I passed blood through my urine, my hair started to fall out, my insides started to hurt. I was beginning to feel pain all over again. I found out from my doctor that these were some of the side effects of taking paxil. No way did I want to go through continuous physical pain again. I could barely walk and I was only 19! I started to wean myself off the anti-depressant. I began feeling the heart palpitations and the shocks in my brain again. Then as I was surfing through message forums on paxil withdrawal, I chanced upon a message that said taking a vitamin b complex could help to relieve depression for those who had a deficiency.

I asked my mom to buy me a bottle of vitamin b complex and started taking it that very day. The next day, the side effects lessened and continued to lessen until I felt free of pain. I did additional research on the vitamin complex and discovered that those who were dificient were prone to anxiety, mild to severe depression, morbid thoughts and insomnia. I had felt all these symptoms. Even as a child, I felt anxious and had occasional bouts of insomnia. I realized that I didn't eat well all my life. The foods that were good sources of vitamin b's were: dark leafy green vegetables, liver, soybeans, walnuts, brewer's yeast, meats and fruits. These were the foods I was lacking. Instead I ate mostly junk food from McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell. All these foods are processed and lack nutritional value which can create a deficiency of vitamins if that is all one eats.

Since, I have been taking a vitamin b-complex every day, I feel less moody, less anxious, less stressed and much happier. I am able to handle stress much better and have no more symptoms of depression. And, most important to me, I am able to sleep much better. I sleep about 9 hours a day, about 2 hours more than I used to sleep when I was a child. After the vitamin complex has relieved me of anxiety, stress, and insomnia, I am able to change my eating and exercising habits. I have more motivation to eat well and exercise well.

My only regret is that I didn't receive the adequate nutrients I needed when I was younger so that I could have handled stress and anxiety better than I did.

If you feel these symptoms:

-inability to handle stress
-insomnia and sleep disturbances
-chronic fatigue
-loss of ability to concentrate
-heart palpitations
-cold hands and feet

And you don't eat enough of these foods:

-dark, leafy greens
-unprocesed meats

But eat a lot of processed foods, like white bread and hamburger meats, and sugar, then you may have a deficiency. Also, some of the b vitamins are produced by your intestinal flora, but if you have taken antibiotics before, the antibiotics might have killed off these important flora. Another thing about vitamin b's is that they are water soluble vitamins and are not stored in your body. That means, they need to be constantly replenished. This means that if you don't eat properly, you are very very likely to have a deficiency.

Whenever my friends are feeling overly stressed from their University studies, I always reccommend that they take a vitamin b complex to help them. Some of them now religiously take a vitamin b complex every day.

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