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Vitamix Standard 5200 10-Speeds Blender

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Getting my "five-a-day" is easy with Vita-Mix 5200

Dec 29, 2009
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Pros:-Very easy to clean
-very easy to use
-Easy to eat 5-a-day

Cons:This is an expensive kitchen appliance--definitely an investment. Somewhat loud, but bearable for the results!

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend this to anyone serious about eating more fruits/veggies or time-saving gadgets.

I've had the Vita-Mix 5200 only a few weeks but have used it nearly every day and am very pleased with it. A friend had recommended this blender to me as we had been talking about easy ways to get more vegetables and fruits into our diets.  I waited four months before getting this, because the price just seemed so high for yet another kitchen appliance.  But I also was more conscious during this "wait period" of how little fruits and veggies my husband and I were eating. Finally, when I saw a refurbished model from the company, which came with an additional year's warranty on top of the standard 7 year warranty, I decided to go for it. 

It feels very durable, though it is not very sleek or attractive. It is somewhat industrial-looking, and it is taller than most under-the-counter spaces.  The 5200 comes with a variable dial, to control the speed better, which my friend wishes she had on hers, and it is useful.  The lid and vent hole cover are easy to put on and off and feel very durable.  The carafe is hard plastic, and is very easy to clean.  What is surprising is that the carafe pretty much just rests on top of the base--nothing really locks or unlocks into place, you just place the carafe on top and go.  This model has a wet-blade container, but you can also buy a package that has a dry-blade container for grinding grains. The wet-blade container holds 64 oz.

The package I got came with a cookbook and a DVD, as well as a tamper to aid with certain foods.  The cookbook is very helpful and a great starting point.

So far, I've made lots of smoothies and even soups. I can't wait to try making some blended daiquiris! Everything comes out blended very smooth. No shards or lumps of ice--it is just super blended cold smoothies--just like at the cafe or smoothie shop.  You can even put in the apple core, and it just disappears! We even put spinach or carrots into our fruit smoothies and you cannot taste them at all.  They are just blended so smoothly that it gets incorporated into the rest of the fruit. Makes it REALLY easy to get several servings of fruit and veggies with just a smoothie.

When making soups, you leave the machine on for at least 4 minutes or so, and the contents will steam due to the speed of the blades inside!  Sometimes the contents get "frothy" which some people don't like--I just put the machine to a much lower speed, and it seems to get rid of most of the foam. I made a broccoli cheese soup that took me less than 10 minutes, from refrigerator to serving in bowls!  What a time-saver!  It is loud, but not as loud as I thought it would be.

It is so easy to clean.  A good rinse is all it needs most of the time. If you didn't rinse it right away, then just put in a few cups of warm water and a drop of dish soap, then turn it on for a few seconds, and the liquid will get super foamy and you'll have a very clean carafe. 

Our former blender was a very sturdy Kitchenaid model, which was OK, but it never blended as smoothly as the Vita-Mix!  But the blade housing broke and I decided to splurge on this.

In the short time we've had this blender, my husband and I have probably tripled if not quadrupled the amount of produce in our diets.  And it was really easy to do it.

If you don't like smoothies very much, then you might not get the full benefit from this blender, as it excels at smoothies (and frappucino type beverages). But if you like smoothies somewhat and are looking for an easy way to get more fruits/veggies in your diet, I highly recommend this machine. 

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Amount Paid (US$): 379.00

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