You caught your daughter doing what to your brother?

Jun 14, 2001 (Updated Jun 14, 2001)
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Pros:These guys are different

Cons:some might say bad different

The Bottom Line: A non genre fitting band from the Philly area. You may have heard of them from Jackass

CKY = Camp Kill Yourself

I first came to know of this three-pieced band from the Philly area through skating. Jess Margera is the drummer of the band and is also the brother of a pretty popular skater/MTV star named Bam. Most people who know band (the every day lad) will know Bam either from the show JACKASS or from his appearances on Tony Hawk's skateboarding tours on ESPN. But before Bam was ever on TV he was sponsored by Toy Machine Skateboards and was in their video Jump Off A Building. Bam was able to get one of his brother's songs in the video and this was the first time I had heard it. I think it was some sort of speed metal song and was just a funny song. Bam put out a Jackass style video (Landspeed) through his wheel company which later went out of business and contained a lot of songs and footage of CKY. There was later another video that was named after the band and had even more footage of the band than the previous video- CKY2K. If you like CKY or you just like crazy stuff like off of Jackass you should definitely check these two videos out. These videos are what helped spawn that show and the stuff in it is twelve times crazier than the poop they show on TV.

The Band\
Consists of:
Deron Miller on Guitar, Vocals And Bass
Chad Ginsburg on Guitar
Jess Margera on Drums

I'm not sure if there's a genre that these guys fit under. They play hard core at times, metal, emoish (not quite full blown emo), they never quite seem to stick with one thing. This can either be a good or bad thing for people. I find it refreshing for a band to just play whatever and not worry about what classification they're going to be placed in.


Song 1- 96 Quite Bitter Beings- A steady beat with complicated guitar. I'm not very sure what the song is about but I like it all the same. It gets a little goofy

Song 3- Disengage the Simulator A slower song on the album with unique guitar work that gets caught in your head for hours at a time, but not in the bad way. When you have this song in your head it's more soothing than anything.

Least Favorites

Song 4- the Human Drive in Hi Fi It isn't that I don't like the song in general, it's just that opening part of the song. It starts off with some music that sounds like it came straight out of a porno movie. Bow chicky bow chicky bow. Then the lyrics come in and are like a dog barking. The song gets better after that intro though.

Song 7- Promiscuous Daughter This song was better when I heard them play it live but I really can't stand just listening to it. Its a goofy song kind of catchy yet vulgar at the same time. The lyrics aren't too complex, its basically Deron repeating "I caught my daughter giving h@ed to my brother" with some variations and short explanations thrown in the mix. The lyrics are just wierd and that's pretty much why I don't like this song

NONSONG I don't have MTV2 or whatever they're calling it for the time being but my friend who does have it said he saw CKY on there. I'd rather keep them underground than have them "go big" it just makes them more special to their fans for a couple of reasons. For one concerts are a lot more personal. When a band is lesser known the shows are in smaller venues and therefore fit a smaller crowd and you have a bigger chance of interacting with the band. When you see a big name band perform tickets cost an arm and leg and you're lucky if you can even see the artist let alone dance in the pit during their set. I'm not too concerned about them being sold out though. Most people who watch MTV don't have too open of minds and can't handle a band that can't really be categorized. "Uh should this go with Metallica or Ja Rule?"

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