WD 40 Company Wd 40 Smart Straw, 12 Oz. Can (10032) Reviews

WD 40 Company Wd 40 Smart Straw, 12 Oz. Can (10032)

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WD-40 For Squeaky Doors, Lubrication, and Sticky Residue Removal

Aug 26, 2011 (Updated Aug 26, 2011)
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Pros:Lubricates door hinges, removes sticky residue!

Cons:Smells bad, is toxic, precautions need to be taken when using

The Bottom Line:

WD-40 was a real problem solver for us.  Our doors no longer squeak and it removes sticky residue like magic.

Our daughter and granddaughter have been living with us while our son-in-law is deployed with the Air Force for 6 months. 

My husband and I never noticed how squeaky a few of our doors were until we had a sleeping baby in our home (who is a very light sleeper).  Man, our laundry room door leading to the garage was loud! 

My husband picked up a can of WD-40 at our local Walmart store for around $4.00, and it sure did the trick for a squeaky door!  I have found other uses for it as well, which I shall share with you.

Product Description

This comes in a blue can with the WD-40 printed in a bold, eye catching yellow background.  The front of the can states that it is designed with the "Dual Action Smart Straw", and touts "Never lose the straw again".  The original version of WD-40 had a loose straw that had to be attached each time, and it was indeed hard to keep track of.  The WD-40 company surely took care of that problem for good with the new design.


The front of the can states that this product:

* Stops squeaks
* Removes and protects
* Loosens rusted parts
* Frees sticky mechanisms
* Drives out moisture

The back of the can describes the uses in further detail.  It states that WD-40 lubricates moving parts such as hinges, wheels, rollers, chains and gears.  It also protects against rust and corrosion for tools, firearms, and sporting equipment. 

If you have any nuts or bolts, valves or locks that are corroded, WD-40 can free them, or unstick them for you.  I was not aware of this use, but the can also says that WD-40 displaces moisture to restore wet or flooded equipment such as engines, spark plugs and power tools.

Last, the product claims to clean grease, grime, tar, adhesives, gum, tape, crayon, scuff marks, and even water deposits!!

Easy To Use

WD-40 with the built in straw applicator is pretty easy to use.  The can does need to be shaken to build up pressure, then you flip the straw up to get a stream or down for a spray.  There is a gray colored button on the top of the can that you press to expel the product.  You need to saturate the area you are working on and let the WD-40 soak for a few minutes.  If you are using it for rust protection it is suggested you not wipe it off.

My Experience

After spraying a bit of WD-40 on our door hinges they were like new again.  NO more squeaking, they were as quiet as can be.  I then treated all the door hinges in our home to a little lubrication!  I think this is probably one of the main uses for WD-40, and for good reason.  For the record, I felt that the stream mode was too strong and let out too much liquid, while the spray mode didn't allow me to hit one small specific area, such as a hinge.  It got spray on the door where I didn't want it.

My next experience happened by chance.  My husband has an expensive pair of LL Bean slippers that he wears around the home.  They were making a squeaking sound when he walked on our hard wood floors, and he thought he could solve that my putting Duck tape on the bottoms of the soles.  Yep, you read that right.  I know, at the time I thought about warning him that it wasn't going to stick and he was going to ruin his slippers, but I knew it would fall on deaf ears so I just watched him apply the tape.

Well, his remedy did work for a few days, but then the tape started to peel back allowing dirt and dust to collect on it.  Pretty soon I had tape residue on our floors and new carpet!  The soles of his slippers were a real mess.  I pulled off the tape and a sticky residue was covering his slippers.  I honestly thought they would end up in the trash, but as a last ditch effort I googled "how to remove duct tape residue".

Guess what I found?  A site that was dedicated to all things duct tape, and suggested applying WD-40 to remove duct tape residue.  Great!  I just happened to have a can.  I used the "spray mode", but the spray came out pretty pathetic - it was more of a trickle really (it didn't work nearly as well as it did when I first used it on the hinges).  I put the slippers in the sink and coated them with WD-40 and took them outside to soak. 

This brings me to the smell.  WD-40 smells awful.  It reminds me of paint thinner!  There was no way I was going to keep those slippers in our home, they smelled horrible, and my entire kitchen was starting to smell like WD-40. 

After letting the liquid sit on the slippers for a good 10 minutes I took a plastic knife and tried to remove the residue.  It came off fairly well, but what actually worked better was just sliding a paper towel across the soles, and ALL of that sticky, yucky stuff came right off like magic!!  Yes!

I do have a few complaints about the product, even though it did work wonders for us.  When using the stream mode, the product came out really fast, and the spray mode wasn't much of a spray.  When I was finished spraying, the end of the straw dripped for a while, so I set the can on a folded up paper towel. 

As mentioned, the smell is pretty bad.  After the residue on the soles of the slippers was removed the slippers smelled like paint thinner.  I ended up washing them with Dapple Baby Bottle Cleaner, which smells like lavender and really cleaned the soles and removed the odor.  (The can does say to use in a well ventilated area and not to breathe the vapors).

This stuff is pretty oily, and it is hard on the hands.  I didn't wear any gloves to protect them and they felt so dry afterward that they actually hurt.  A little bit of Corn Huskers Lotion took care of that, but next time I will wear some rubber gloves.

After I was done cleaning the slippers my paper towel was pretty saturated with WD-40, and I didn't know how to dispose of it.  Initially I placed it in the kitchen garbage, but soon the kitchen started to smell and I got a headache.  I placed the paper towel into a baggie, sealed it up and put it in the outdoor garbage can.  A little bit of odor removing air freshener (Fresh Wave) and an open door solved the smelly kitchen problem.

My sink was coated with an oily film from the spray, but BonAmi cleaner cut through that and cleaned my sink nicely. 

Closing Thoughts

WD-40 is a very good lubricant, and it did a great job of fixing our squeaky door hinges.  It cleaned up the sticky residue left from duct tape, and that was a real mess.  I don't like the scent and I don't like the oily feel of it on the hands, so some precautions are necessary when using it.

According to the can, this can be used in a multitude of ways, I haven't begun to discover them all, but I am glad we have it in the house because it is a good overall product to have on hand.

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