Wahl Pro 9590 210 13 Piece Rechargeable Pet Grooming Kit (Wahl) Reviews

Wahl Pro 9590 210 13 Piece Rechargeable Pet Grooming Kit (Wahl)

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Grooming your dog is easy with these clippers!

Jun 19, 2012
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Pros:They work good. Easy to use, easy instructions, carrying case, affordable.

Cons:The clippers are wide for small areas, they run out of charge easily.

The Bottom Line: I'm glad I bought these, they have already saved me a ton of money.

I decided to go with this Wahl Pro-Series Pet Clipper Set because the reviews were good and the price was perfect for me. I had my eye on some more expensive clippers from $80-$180, but figured these would work for what I need. I'm glad I bought them- they work great for trimming my dog's hair.

These clippers come with:

-4 Different comb heads/guides from 1/8 of an inch to 1/2 of an inch. I have tried them all, but find on my American Cocker Spaniel that the shortest works the best. I use no guide when I am shaving him around his tail area. If you would like more guides, you can go online and buy more, but these 4 seem to work fine with me, I use them all except the longest one.

-Clipper scissors. These are sharp and work well. I have to use them for trimming my dog around his mouth, ears and eyes.

-A small plastic container full of clipper oil.

-Plastic comb. 

-Blade guard (used in storing).  

-Cord that recharges and detatches fully from the clipper.  

-A small mirror (I haven't used this yet, not sure what I would use it for).

-A plastic carrying case.

-A tiny brush to brush out the hairs, this is important to do to keep the clippers free of hair. I use the brush in conjunction of blowing out the hair.            

As far as how the clippers work, they do a good job for the price. I notice that a lot of my dog's wavy (medium-thick) hair does get caught up in the blades and I have to constantly pull it out, which seems pretty normal. The directions say to oil the metal blade it comes with before, (even during) and after clippings. I tend to do it before and after. The clippers come with a small amount of clipper oil, but I will surely need to purchase more Wahl Clipper Oil again the future. The clippers do have their own pre-set metal blade already screwed on. The directions tell you how to set it if it's off balance and you can always buy other metal plates for it. The plastic combs it comes with snap right on for use and create different lengths of coat on the dog.

When I use the clippers as-is without a comb attached, it seems fine on my dog. I have not knicked him but I DO suggest clotting powder of some sort if you accidentally knick your dog. I use this lowest setting when I am doing around his tail and rear area. If I shave my dog too short, he gets itchy around his face and ears, so I do snap on the shortest comb to do those areas. I did watch the video it came with but it did not help much at all (a little on how to use the clippers, but not really on grooming). I would have loved a much more detailed video, but it's worth at least one watch. It's very short as well, just 20 minutes of your time will suffice.  

The directions tell me of what combs to use on my Cocker Spaniel but I use much shorter ones than they suggest. I like to make his hair pretty short during hot summer months and then let it grow in a bit during the winter. I take him in for grooming/shaving but I will do it myself as well and between groomings. Grooming/shaving can cost me $60 per time, when these clippers were only $45 on Amazon (or Walmart.com) and I've already used them several times. I will say I find it hard with the width of the clippers to do his snout/face, and skinny legs. I tend to like to leave his hair longer on his legs after the first time I clipped his legs, they were difficult to do! This clippers is not made for small crevices that's for sure.  

The video also says to go in the direction of the hair growth. I find that when I do that, the clippers barely take off very much hair. It's sort of trial and experiment with the combs, comb sizes and which direction to go in. I will say that I have a newfound respect for dog groomers, though!  
The clippers do buzz pretty loudly and so my dog is a bit nervous with them around the ear and face, the rest of his body he loves it (it feels like a massage to him). It does take me a long time to do his whole body though, and especially if I let his hair grow out too long (I work up a sweat). If you don't wait as long between shaving your dog, then it is much easier to do!
The downsides are;
*The clippers do get hot. I make sure not to press the hot part up on my dog or my hand.

*The clippers run out of battery about half way through my clip job on my dog, so I usually have to take him near a plug to plug it in and finish the job. This is EVEN after I have charged them all night. This eliminates the possibility of clipping him outdoors so I don't make a huge mess in my living room.            
*These are medium-duty clippers, not heavy duty.

*The blades will wear down eventually. When that happens, the instructions tell you to go ahead and take off the blade (with a screwdriver) and put in an envelope, send off for sharpening. This is free apparantly, which is good (via Wahl), except for the shipping costs of course.    
Overall, these clippers work great on my medium-sized dog. I would skip them if you have a dog that needs to be groomed all the time and has a lot of hair (then you would need to invest in better clippers). For medium-sized jobs, this works great.

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