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Walk it Out (Wii, 2010)

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Walk a few miles and create a virtual city! Walk It Out for Wii

Jun 14, 2010 (Updated Jul 19, 2010)
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Pros:Good low impact exercise, good motivation to keep walking, no additional equipment needed

Cons:Tutorial & manual could be a little more clear, not too exciting

The Bottom Line: This low intensity walking game is pretty simple. There's not a lot of fancy stuff, but it will keep you motivated to walk and get exercise in your home.

Walk It Out is a walking based fitness game for Wii.

This game can be played with one or two or players. You have an option of using just the remote and nunchuk, or you can use the two controllers with either the balance board, or a Dance Dance Revolution pad / Active Life Outdoor Challenge pad.

Playing Walk It Out
You will start out by creating a profile which includes making your character, height, weight, etc plus you will choose a trainer. There is space for up to six profiles. I had my doubts about this game during the profile set up.  I was being guided by a trainer and it was feeling a bit too juvenile. Luckily I got past that feeling. Once you are finished you can begin your tutorial.  In your tutorial your trainer will show up at the bottom of the screen and explain the basics of the game.  In Walk It Out, you will be walking to the beat of the music around Rhythm Island. Your goal is to walk in time with the music. If you are keeping time with the music, you get credits. Your credits will be used to earn items by clicking on "event capsules" around Rhythm Island. These event capsules will help you unlock parts of the island, music, and create your virtual city.  The tutorial could use a little bit more of an explanation of how the event capsules work. On my first walk I was a bit confused. The manual didn't help much either, but by my second walk, it became clearer to me.

The event capsules are floating circles all around the island. Most have pictures of a house. These will create objects around the island, from street lights to building apartments and stores. Others look like discs, and those unlock music. Finally, some routes must be unlocked, and those are depicted by an arrow with a yellow circle.  Each capsule has a different value. Some are as few as 10, others as high as 1000.  These numbers represent the number of credits you need to unlock that item. So as you walk, you collect your credits.  If you have enough credits when you click on a capsule, you will unlock that item. If not, it goes into a space at the top of the screen, and will remain there until you have collected the required number of credits. Not only is it fun to watch the city emerge, but there is also the motivation to keep walking.  I had the opportunity to unlock a bridge for 1000 credits. I just had to walk those 1000 steps to get the bridge!

There are also rainbow spheres located around the island.  Theses are colored spheres that you can click on so that when you find all the colors of the rainbow, a rainbow will appear over the island.  This is another motivation to keep you walking. If all you need is to find two more rainbow spheres, you'll be determined to walk until you create your rainbow.

You can walk along any available path on Rhythm Island. You choose where to go - you'll never walk the same path twice. You can walk along the beach, up in the mountains, and in the country by a farm. It's all up to you and you will create your surroundings as you walk.

There are a total of 120 songs. So far I have only unlocked about 15! There are current artists like Black Eyed Peas, and cover songs of older songs like the Go Go's "Vacation".  Many of the songs I have unlocked so far I have never even heard before. But they are upbeat songs that will keep you walking at good pace. There are also playlists so you can choose the songs you would like to hear. I was able to locate online a list of all the songs. The majority of the songs are unknown songs and artists.

You can see your progress tracked in a graph - you will be shown how far your have walked and how much of the island you have unlocked. You can also adjust the settings for the event capsules. If you are having a hard time achieving the number of credits needed to unlock events, you can change your setting to easy. And if you prefer more of a challenge, change your settings to hard so that it will require even more steps to achieve your goals.

I have tried all three control options. In all choices the A button will allow you to choose items like event capsules. If you only use the remote and nunchuk, you are supposed to put the nunchuk into your pocket, and that will keep track of your steps. I don't usually have pockets, so I have to tuck the nunchuk in my waistband, which has not been a problem. The remote will control everything else. A problem with this choice is when want to look around on the screen. In this play mode you hold down the B button to move your camera view. I find this a little hard to manage, and the options are in reverse - up is down, left is right, etc. But the benefit is that I can try different steps like lifting my knees higher, or stepping with my legs further apart. I also try to put a little dance in my step, such as walking forward and backwards. This is the option I now use for all my walks.

I tried using the Active Life Outdoor Challenge pad. I found that the pad slipped too much. There is also the balance board option. The instructions indicate to only lift and lower your heels. This is for safety purposes, mainly so you don't walk off the board. When using the board I will walk as directed, an also walk in place normally. With both of these play options you also use both the remote and nunchuk. The only difference with the remotes is that you should now hold the nunchuk in your hand, and the control stick can adjust your camera angle.

My experience playing Walk It Out
I was a bit reluctant to purchase Walk It Out. From what I had been seeing, it didn't seem interesting and I was unsure that it would even be enjoyable enough to play, but I tried it and as it turns out I like my walks.  My walks each time have normally been around 1.2 miles to 1.6 miles. Time goes quickly when I walk, and I am always surprised to see how far I have walked. The event capsules really do keep me motivated to push a little bit more. I use wrist and ankle weights during my walks.

Since this can be played as a two player game, my daughter (age 5!) sometimes walks with me.  She is often the one that wants to walk.  I'll let her pick the event capsules and she has lots of fun doing that, and especially finding the rainbow spheres. The only drawback to a two player game is that you don't get to see your stats at the end.

Walk It Out is really a pretty simple concept, and the only thing you need to do is walk. But there are some good motivations to keep you going. This is great for someone who prefers low impact exercises.  I also like to walk on days that I don't want to do a more intensive cardio workout. It's also good for walker during the colder months. I recommend trying Walk It Out.

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