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Waring DF250 Deep Fryer

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Waring Pro DF250 Deep Fryer Makes Frying Too Easy

Aug 2, 2012 (Updated Aug 2, 2012)
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Pros:easy to use, easy to clean, too easy

Cons:somewhat sharp edges on housing, timer sounds once:  DING!

The Bottom Line: Waring Pro Deep Fryer makes deep frying a breeze, has us looking for new recipes to try, and will live a long, helpful life here.

The Waring Pro DF250 Deep Fryer sits on our kitchen counter too often these days, frying up batches of French fries, coconut shrimp, battered fish and hushpuppies for our family of four.  Too often, because the quality of the frying beats any other fryer we have owned.  

Why Deep Fry?

Those who like a good, deep-fried delicacy, or just simple fries, know that serving them up fresh makes a great difference in quality.  When fried foods arrive in a take-out container, they have steamed during the ride and lack the crisp, just-out-of-the-fryer texture and the same in flavor.  Deep frying in the comfort of your own kitchen allows you to prepare as much as you should or can, and allows you to control ingredients.  All a person needs are a few good recipes and some oil.  Go for it!

The Waring Pros and Cons

Waring is an older name in small appliances, verging on "old-fashioned", but, in my opinion, offers higher quality for the money than you find in a department store.   

I came across the Waring Pro online last fall and promptly added it to my Christmas list.  It has proved to be a gift that keeps on giving, much to our children's delight.  Two days after Christmas, we were downing a huge batch of fresh French fries and thinking how handy the Waring Pro would be in many future applications.

The Waring Pro makes deep frying simple and straightforward, offering an easy-read temperature dial and a built-in timer.  The electrical cord, at about 2 feet long (standard these days) connects magnetically, disallowing a hot oil accident, should someone snag the cord while the unit holds high temperature oil.  Great feature, in my book.

The Waring Pro also provides a sturdy fry basket with a hook for resting the basket above the oil for draining or waiting purposes.  The basket cleans easily in soap and water and holds up the 2 pounds of food you might decide to add to it easily.  

You may find, as I do, that the lid of the fryer offers excellent protection from spatters of oil, but that the "see-through" window might as well not exist.  I can't see a thing through it, whether this is due to lighting or the simple fact that so much steam can build up during frying that visibility diminishes considerably.

Vents exist along the sides of the lid handle, letting that pent-up steam an excape route, keeping the fryer from hissing and spitting from condensation resulting from the frying process.  

The removable oil reservoir, enamel coated, cleans easily with a quick washing, even if breadings or batters form a crust on it.  The reservoir holds up to a gallon of cooking oil and provides markings for the "high and low" levels allowed for deep frying in this unit.

The temperature settings run from 175° to 375° and once the power cord connects to both the unit and an outlet, a red "power" light glows as indication that, indeed, you are set to set the temperature.  Get right to it!  Once the unit heats the oil to the set temperature, the "ready" light that neighbors the "power" light will glow green.  This fryer, in my experience, heats quickly.  You will not spend a lot of time waiting between batches if cooking for a crowd.

The only actual cons I can dig up are these:  the timer bell rings once, so be ready and waiting (which you should be anyway, for Pete's sake, when cooking with hot oil) and the crimped edges of the  stainless steel housing of the fryer can cut you if you, as I did, accidentally run your finger along it with a decent amount of pressure while cleaning it.  

The Deep Frying Experience

I keep looking up recipes to download for testing in this deep fryer, and that is no good for any of us.  We like fried foods well enough as it is, much less adding to our repertoire of favorites.  

So far, we have succeeded with General Tso's chicken, coconut shrimp, fries (of course), chicken strips and battered fish.  We have visions of fried Snickers bars, fried Twinkies, and funnel cakes.  With the cooking basket available, retrieving foods from the oil takes no skill, just lift and hook on the side to drain. 

This fryer takes the work out of frying, really.  No adjusting temperatures, no peering cautiously into a pot of oil to check for browning, no spitting and spattering, no guesswork.

As for me and my family, we store the deep fryer in the basement, because when we keep it out of sight it feels easier to keep it out of mind.  Yet, we seem to remember it about three times a month, give or take.  After 8 months of use, that seems reasonable.

Want One?

I don't think the word "need" applies to a deep fryer, but should you wish to look into such an appliance, look no further.  The Oster deep fryer we owned prior to this did not register high enough temperatures for accurate frying, took a lot of finagling to rebuild after cleaning, and found its way to a garage sale within two years of use.  

The Waring will serve us fried foods as long as we have the desire to consume them.

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