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No, Dear, You Can't Fry Crayons ; Waring DF55 Deep Fryer

Oct 25, 2011
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Pros:Easy to use, easy to clean, efficient, large capacity

Cons:short cord, hot sides, easy to unplug

The Bottom Line: If you want an efficient deep fryer that is easy to clean and efficient to use, this unit might be just what you are looking for.  We love it!

It all started with an octopus. 

Yep, an octopus. 

My husband and I were trying to find a place that had something we could eat, and lo and behold, a local restaurant started serving calamari salad!  A few times a month, we looked forward to our little time alone and the calamari salad that we could eat.  I can not have pasta and that is about all they serve at this place, so I took solace that at least I had THIS I could have.

Then it happened.  The calamari salad became AWFUL.  Rubberbands would be about the same as this.  We tried and tried to get a calamari salad like we had before, but for some reason due to changes, that was not happening.

I was looking for a family Christmas present and while looking through JCPenney, I found the Waring Pro DF55 Deep Fryer.  It claimed to be a professional level fryer and it looked like a much nicer fryer than we used to have when we had the Fry Daddy Jr. which had long since died.

For a rare price of $39, I decided to buy it for the family.


The Waring PRO DF55 Deep Fryer is a brush stainless steel unit that is about 8.5x6.5 inches with the heating unit sticking out another 2.5 inches in the back.  The unit is about 11 inches high at the highest point which is the handle on the cover of the unit.

There are two black handles on the sides for carrying.  The top lid is rounded with vents for air to get in while the oil cools. 

Inside the unit, there is a heavy mesh basket with a cool touch handle that disconnects and stores inside the basket.  There is an immersion heating element attached to a black box which houses the heating element roots.  On the black box are two lights.  One is the power light that tells when the unit is on and that is orange-red.  The other is a green light that shows when the oil is up to temp.  There is a dial that goes from 175-375 degress and turns around to allow you to set the temperature. 

The tub where the oil sits is a 2qt capacity enamel coated pan with a pouring spout.  The food capacity is 1.3lb at a time. 

Once the unit is assembled, there is a cord that attaches to the back by magnetic force- it is easy to knock it off, so if the fryer is hit at all, it will disconnect.  The cord is quite short- only a few feet in length.


There is a recipe book and manual inside which tell how to do basics for :

Applesauce Spice Doughnuts
Hush Puppies
Spicy Buffalo Wings
Blue Cheese Dressing
Fried Calamari
Herbed Beer Batter Onion Rings
Better Than Fast Food French Fries
Crispy Chicken Fingers w/ Honey Mustard Sauce
Deep Frying Guide for basic foods to fry


I have to say that although I have only worked with a few deep fryers in the past, the Waring DF55 Deep Frayer is one of the nicest deep fryers that I have ever used.  The frying is quick, the temperature of the oil goes back up quickly once food is inside, yet nothing burns if you follow the guidelines for foods and temperature to fry at.

We have made Calamari many times and it tastes PERFECT.  We have also made onion rings, batter covered banana slices, and fried green tomatoes (although we prefer pan frying over this).  We have also deep fried french fries but we prefer the baking method. 


Although I was skeptical about the magentic cord connection, I have to say that this fryer is excellent.  A fryer should not be knocked anyway, so having the fryer connected at such an easily broken interface point is not a bad thing.

The sides of this unit get hot so make sure you have close access to a plug because of a short cord but also a lot of clearance space around the unit due to the high heat that radiates from the side.

The oil takes a long time to cool, so make sure to set up the fryer in a space that it can sit for a while while it cools off after you are done frying. 


You can find out more information about the Waring Pro DF55 Deep Fryer at www.waringproducts.com.  They are also sold at JCP.com and Amazon.com.  The current price is around $50.


Because this deep fryer is so easy to use and such a family occasion, we have found our daughter slipping in some weird foods and things that thankfully did not damage the unit or oil while we are turned around to get more food to put in the fryer. 

Keep your eye on it especially if you have kids in the house. You don't want to find, well, like, crayons in your deep fryer. 

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Amount Paid (US$): 39

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