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quality sliced thin

Feb 25, 2005 (Updated Feb 26, 2005)
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Pros:For a low price this will slice meats and cheeses.

Cons:Can only run for short periods, thorough cleaning is difficult.

The Bottom Line: This will slice, but I hope you can find a better quality item than this.

Why we bought it: We were off shopping and realized that we were paying upward of $2/lb more for sliced meats and cheeses than regular. With a slicer we felt we could save $$ and get better quality lunchmeats. There is just 2 of us and use will be light, so we didn't figure we needed to buy a $200 -$600 slicer. When we happened to see the Waring FS150 in the store for $90, and we went ahead and grabbed it.

We bought a big precooked ham, some roast beef to slice to go into my smoker to make jerky, and a big loaf of cheese to try it on today. I DID read the description on the box about this slicer being "professional quality" With a sturdy 130 watt motor and stainless steel carriage.

How it works: It does have 1 sharp undulating 7 1/2" blade that rotates as you slide a carriage back and forth. There is a platform to place the meat on that has a stainless steel cover. In the back is a knob which adjusts the thickness of the slice. The meat platform can flip up so you can clean behind it and underneath it. There is a clear plastic thingamajig with prongs in one side that goes in front of the meat. You press on this to hold the meat in place while slicing and it protects your hands. The meat falls off to the rear of the blade and you catch it with your other hand. The motor has only one speed ,and on/off switch only.

What it accomplished in our first use: It did slice consistently and yielded slices 1/8 inch to about 3/8 inch. NOT the 1/32nd inch to 1/2 inch as indicated on the box. The ham we sliced for dinner slices is thinner than I would have preferred. It did do a good job on what it did.


1. BIG misrepresentation on the box labeling! You can only run this machine for 10 minutes and then it needs to cool down. It says this right in the directions inside the box and we did have to shut it down a few times. I wouldn't call this "professional quality," I doubt I would call it quality period, but then I've never owned a slicer before. If you want to slice up a large quantity of anything, this one is not for you.

2. There is no indicator for the thickness of slice on the knob. I find this only a minor irritation. I eye the width, do one slice and adjust as necessary.

3. Cleaning is a BIG concern and I even thought about returning the machine after this first use (but we live rurally, it is a long drive, we'll live with it). While you can easily clean the meat platform and exterior of the machine , I mistakenly assumed that the coin shape slot on the center of the cutting blade meant I could simply insert a coin, loosing the blade. Then take it to the sink (very carefully since it IS sharp) and wash it and sponge it off. WRONG!!!!! The back side of the blade is screwed to the gearing and all comes out together with the blade. Now on the cleaning instructions it says you can take it out and use a sponge to carefully clean it. What they did NOT say was the gearing and associated lubricant grease would come out with it in addition to a small plastic/rubber washer that is tricky to replace. It is my assessment that they never intended you to wash the back side of the blade with every use despite the fact it is not totally sealed and juices or small meat fragments do make their way behind the blade. You can clean it, but it is not easy. Since when I did the beef slices the meat was raw and there were meat juices, I judged it was necessary to clean it. I feel this is exceptionally poor design that discourages proper food handling.

It has a 5 yr. limited warranty and we will keep the machine since I feel it will save us $$ and accomplish most of what we wanted BUT there are many things that could be better.

It is possible all slicers are built this way as I have never owned one before. I know this is a cheaper model and frankly, you get what you pay for. I still think this will save us money and and we will have much tastier lunches for a lower price. But the product is not what I would call professional quality. Perhaps quality sliced thin, is a better description.

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