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Waring Pro FS150

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Food slicer by Waring Pro worth a try.

Aug 31, 2010
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Pros:sharp blade, decent suction ups, nice range of cuts, easy use,

Cons:clean up not so easy, not good for long hours of cutting,

The Bottom Line: Warning Pro slicer food slicer is great for home use because it will ave you money in the long run.

Waring Pro has put out a food slicer model number FS150. This food slicer comes in a big box and there is no assembly. The off and on switch is on the side and easy to access. There is a slice control knob in back of the machine. This allows you to choose how thick you want to cut or how thin. I however, did not find any numbers on the knob to indicate the thickness in inches. There is a food guide handle that is plastic. This plastic guide goes on the back of whatever you are cutting for easy movement. The blade is a 7.5 inch undulated stainless steel blade. This blade seems to be durable. The last thing is a stainless steel slicing carriage. This carriage moves back and forth with the meat you are cutting to ensure a good cut.

The box states right on it that this slicer is for household use only. I take this to mean if you are a business and use it daily for long hours it may not hold up. When I read the direction I found a section that says this item is designe to perate for short period maybe ten minutes.

The slicer has suction cups on the bottom so make sure you place it on a clean flat surface. If you press down on the suction cups it will hold the machine in place. Make sure your switch is off before plugging it in. Adjust your slice knob to what thickness you want. This knob has three cut sizes. You can make the meat as thin as 1/32 inches or as big as 1/2 inches. Put your food in the the carriage and secure it with the plastic safety guard. Now turn on the machine. Use your hand on the food guide handles and slide carriage back and forth. After your slicing is done turn off the machine and unplug.

Cleaning is not all that easy. The carriage only folds outward, it doesn't come off. You must clean all around the edges and legs of the machine. Use a damp warm cloth for the cleaning. Turning the slice control knob to zero and clean down the blade faceplate. You can use soap and water on this area. Make sure you dry right away. None of the parts to this slicer is dishwasher safe. I do however, take off the blade and clean it. There is a  long screw that holds the blade. I used a butter knife and turned it till it comes off. Wash the blade, dry thoroughly and replace.

My opinion:

I have had the slicer now for two years. At first I was sceptical that anything this small could do a good job. I find that I can cut up pieces of pork to make boneless pork chops. Beef also works good and ham well you can make paper thin slices for great sandwiches.

We made a whole boneless ham on the grill and cut the meat down to paper thin slices. No one could tell that is was not lunch meat bought at a store. We have done the same thing with pork and beef. Why pay for lunch meat when it is so much cheaper to make your own and healthier.

As far as the slicer you need to be careful when you first get the slicer. There are a lot of plastic guards put around the blade as well as the tray itself. This is to keep you from hurting yourself before you read the instructions. I also recommend that you put the safe guards back on the slicer when you are finished using it to help protect the blade and your fingers later. I keep mine in the original box with the Styrofoam to keep the machine from moving around.

Cleaning is not easy but it is worth the extra  time it will take you to clean up the machine and put it away. When you take the extra time to clean and package you are extending the life of the slicer.

I have used the slicer for more than the recommend ten minutes. However, after about a half hour the machine will get hot. I would recommend at this time you let the machine rest for about a half hour. The cord does get hot so you want to keep an eye on that. The suction cups rarely slipped on me as long as I took the time to make sure the suction cups are firmly pressed on the counter. The only problem with the suction cups are that they leave marks on your counter. I would recommend that you release the suction cups immediately after you are done using the machine and wipe under it first.

Note: Please read the guide book that comes in the box first. I know we all hate to read the instruction but it will be of help to you. The booklet tells you just how to unpack your new slicer and where all the safeguards are.

It is not recommended for using outside.
Do not pull on power cord to disconnect from socket.
Never plug in where water could flood the area.
Never put your fingers near the blade while the slicer is on.

Warning Pro slicer model number FS150 can be bought online and in retail stores. The prices ranges according to sales and discounts. I paid $79.99 for mine at Dick's Sporting Goods store.

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