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Waring Pro PBB201 2-Speeds Blender

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Returned the PBB209 for a Waring Pro MegaMix HPB300

Sep 11, 2004 (Updated Nov 1, 2004)
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Pros:Attractive. Glass jar that's not too big. Heavy-duty base.

Cons:Not powerful enough to make a super-thick smoothie. Emits bad odor. Plastic lid stiff.

The Bottom Line: Several reviewers have noted they love the Waring PBB209. The more heavy duty, yet less attractive and costlier Waring Pro MegaMix HPB300 better suits my needs.

This is the second blender I've purchased after reading positive Epinions.com reviews about them. I've been disappointed with both.

I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast, with soy milk, flavor extracts, protein and cocoa powders, stevia, frozen fruit, and about a cup or so of ice.

The first blender I purchased, in August of 2003, was a Braun MX 2050 PowerMax Work Top Blender. 525 watts. Worked fairly well for just about one year, although after a few minutes of blending the thing began to smell like burning rubber. (We took the first Braun blender back because of the burning rubber smell, but the second blender emitted the same odor.) Then, late last month, all the plastic tabs on the coupling mechanism that attaches the blades to the base snapped off, rendering the blender useless. (I've since learned this is a common problem with this particular model.)

After doing a bit of research, I purchased the Waring PBB209 Professional Work Top Blender. Again, after a minute or so of blending, the thing emits a burning/smoking-type smell. It can't be of rubber, because there is no rubber gasket. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what. I put in the soy milk, powders, and sweetener, blend it for less than a minute, then add the frozen fruit, blend, and then the ice (about a cup or so), and then blend.

The blender (at 390 watts) doesn't seem powerful enough to continue thoroughly blending the ingredients after a certain amount (but not enough for my tastes) of ice is added. I have to keep turning it off, stirring the concoction, and then turning it on again. Ultimately, I have to stop before the smoothie is thick enough, because it simply won't blend any more.

Yes, as other reviewers have noted, this blender is attractive and easy-to-clean. But either its or my smoothie-making abilities need to improve!

As a result, I had planned to return this blender and splurge on a $379 Vita-Mix. Instead, I decided to give one more less expensive model--the Waring Pro MegaMix HPB300, more than $100 cheaper than the VitaMix--a try.

I am extremely pleased with the Waring Pro MegaMix HPB300. Please read my review of it here on Epinions.com.

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Amount Paid (US$): 104.00

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