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Waring Pro WPM25 Popcorn Maker

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Bring on the home movie theater popcorn - Waring Pro Popcorn Maker

Jun 5, 2010
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Pros:Good popcorn, Easy to use, Can hold multiple batches of popped corn, Novelty factor

Cons:Kettle is hard to clean

The Bottom Line: If you like popcorn and want to have the novelty of your own old fashioned popcorn maker for movie night or parties, this is a good choice

Want the experience of a movie theater or a carnival when you're having your popcorn?  Get yourself the Waring Pro Popcorn Maker.  This popcorn is a miniature version of the full size machines you'll find in movie theaters and on carts at a carnival.  It doesn't make quite as much popcorn, but it's fun to use, makes good popcorn and I think is a great addition to our entertainment room.

My only problem with the popcorn maker is that the kettle is a bit hard to clean and that it would have been nice to be able to pop more corn at one time as opposed to having to do multiple poppings.

Overall though, I've enjoyed the popcorn it makes and I like using it.

Popcorn Maker Basics

Take a full size popper and shrink it and you have Waring Pro's popcorn maker.  The popcorn maker is square and measures just over 14 inches on a side.  It's just shy of two feet in height.  It consists of the outer shell, which holds the popcorn kettle inside along with a tray to catch the popcorn as it pops.  There's a removable door on one side in order to access the kettle and the popcorn tray.  There's an outer electrical plug to plug into the wall to power the machine.  However, you also have a small plug inside the popcorn maker that connects the heaters on the kettle to the main popcorn maker.  This lets you remove the kettle to clean it.

The popcorn maker looks like an old fashioned full sized popcorn maker, just shrunk down. 

You can only make a ½ a cup of popcorn (well ½ a cup of unpopped corn) at a time in the kettle.  Much more than that and you don't pop all the kernels.  You can store several kettles worth of popped corn in the tray though without having to empty it.

In order to pop the corn, you add about a tablespoon of oil to the kettle, then the ½ cup of unpopped corn kernels.  You can add salt at this point too if you want the popcorn salted.  Then just turn on the popper, wait a few minutes and you've got popcorn.  It takes about 3-5 minutes for the popcorn to start popping, then as it pops, it's stirred in the kettle and then overflows and the popped corn fills tray.  It only takes about a minute once the corn stops popping to pop all the kernels.  When it's done, you turn off the machine, flip the kettle and let all the remaining popped corn out.  I find there's a few unpopped kernels left, but not that many.

Cleaning your machine

This is really the only area where I have a bit of trouble with this machine.  Yes, you can unplug the kettle and remove it to clean it, but it cannot be submerged since it does have the plug.  You have to kind of do your best to get out any remaining oil or popcorn material.  I haven't had trouble with gunk building up or anything, but I would have thought they could come up with an easier way to quickly clean the kettle when you're done using it.

The rest of the machine is easy.  You can wipe out the interior and the popcorn tray is easy enough to handwash or throw in the dishwasher.


I've used my popcorn maker several times to make popcorn on evenings when I'll be relaxing and watching a movie or some TV.  It's easy to use and it makes good popcorn.  I put a little salt in the kettle when I'm popping and it comes out well salted.  I don't bother with any butter for the corn.

I like that it's got that ‘kitschy' factor going and it goes well with the old fashioned hot dog roller I have.  I told my partner that if I got a mini-cotton candy maker, we could open our own mini-carnival.

It can be a bit tough to clean, but overall I'm quite happy with this popcorn maker.  I received it as a gift, but I know it's not exactly inexpensive, but in my mind, the novelty factor and the fact that it makes good popcorn make up for that.  It isn't for everyone, but if you like popcorn and you want a miniature old fashioned popcorn maker, than this is a good choice.

Final Thoughts

If you like popcorn and want to have the novelty of your own old fashioned popcorn maker for movie night or parties, I think Waring Pro's Popcorn Maker is a great choice.  It can be a bit tough to clean, but overall it looks good, is easy to use and makes good popcorn.

I'd easily recommend this popcorn maker.

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