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Weber One Touch 757001 Charcoal Grill

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Weber One Touch Gold - The nicest little grill!

Apr 17, 2012
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Pros:Well-made grill... easy to use

Cons:Plastic wheels, but this in turn, makes the grill light.

The Bottom Line: A well-made kettle grill.  Easy to use and clean-up is a breeze.  Should provide many years of enjoyable grilling.

Our first Weber was an 18-inch kettle grill that was given to us as part of our “home kit” in Luanda, Angola.  While this little fellow served us well, it wasn’t the easiest to use, in the sense that the vents at the bottom of the kettle did not seem to do their job. After four years of living in the verandah, it was showing rust around the edges, and sadly, was falling apart.

Our time in Angola ended six months ago, and while putting together a “new home kit” (this time I had to pay for the grill) I decided to purchase a Weber, but not any Weber, mind you.  This time, I opted for the Gold 22.5 inch model.  After reading many glowing reviews on Amazon, I purchased it for $159.00, with free shipping.

Of course, I had to buy the other recommended items, such as a: Weber Rapid-fire chimney starter, the Weber premium cover, the Weber worktable, a grilling mitt, a scrub brush, these little side holders, etc., etc.  By the time I had kitted out this little grill, I had spent over $250.00.

“Some” Assembly Required

Guys seem to enjoy putting together a new grill, and my husband is no exception.  The assembly includes, installing the base ring for the ash catcher; installing the metal grates, the little wheels, and the side work table (sold separately).  After the assembly was complete, I saw him admiring his handy work with a big grin on his face.  He beckoned me to come over to appreciate his fine work. I think it took him about 15 minutes to put it all together.  I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Product Features Along with my comments:

1) The Weber One-Touch Gold charcoal grill is made from heavy-gauge porcelain enamel that prevents rust

We’ll see about this promise, as I live in a very humid environment, in Lagos, Nigeria.  However, the grill feels well-made, and the enamel feels solid. This grill is much better quality than my previous 18-inch Weber.

2) The One-Touch cleaning and venting system allows you to empty the ash in seconds without getting your hands dirty. 

This is true.  Cleanup is a breeze.  One has to move the levers underneath, back and forth, and the ashes fall into the catcher pan.  It is not too difficult to remove the catcher, should you need to give your grill a good hose down, once in a while.

3) The hinged cooking grate allows for easy re-fueling (with charcoal).

The side grates allows easy refueling.  Of course, a heavy duty mitt is required, which, behold, was available for purchase when ordering the grill, and I’m glad I ordered it.

4) The Weber Gold 22.5” has a 10-year limited warranty.

Would I seriously want to claim my warranty in 10 years?  Who keeps the box and the receipt for that long? I threw away the box a few days after the grill was assembled. 
Using the Grill

Starting up the charcoal is a breeze when using the Weber “premium” fire starter chimney.  Ha, ha, I feel like I’m making a commercial! We’ve used chimneys before, and this one is terrific.
Once your charcoals nice and hot (bright orange), you place them on the metal grate. The cooking grate allows air to come up beneath, keeping the charcoals to stay hot.  There are two little side flaps (with handles) on the grate, which allows you to add charcoal as needed.  Very clever.

Be careful however, the dome lid can get very hot, and you will need a grilling mitt, which, hello! I had ordered as well.

Grilling Space 

The surface area of the cooking grate is large and I am able to grill four steaks, four large pork chops, and four hamburgers, and there was still room for a couple of more steaks.  The secret lies in spreading the coals evenly, the heat is well-distributed, and everything is grills well.

Possibly, what makes this mid-size Weber the “golden” grill, is the ash catcher pan, which will also catch some of the little bit of hot charcoal that sneak through the bottom.

While this grill is definitely a “gold” grade grill, funny enough, the plastic little wheels on the legs feel cheap, but hey, they still do the job, and pushing the grill around is no effort at all.

As a bonus, in the box we found a nice booklet with several cooking tips and grilling recipes, which I plan to test.  I am intrigued about the claim that you can smoke even a small turkey.  We’ll see about that. 

I think we made a wise decision in buying the Weber Gold, 22.5 inch, One-touch Charcoal Grill.  It certainly feels stronger, sturdier than other lower Weber models, and even some other brands out there. I browsed through the many grills at Home Depot and Lowe’s, and this was a great choice.
You can go broke purchasing all the Weber gadgets that complement this Weber Gold One-touch grill.

Being that I live in a tough environment in Lagos – Nigeria:  I’m less than one mile from the ocean (salty air), and the humidity is most always high, I will certainly be impressed if after one year the grill is not showing evidence of rust.

We are very much enjoying our new mid-size grill, and we hope it will give us many years of happy grilling – at least I hope it will make the next 3-4 years!

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