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Awesome Results From A Great Machine

Aug 18, 2002 (Updated May 28, 2008)
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Pros:A very big variety of different excercise techniques.

Cons:not very mobile.

The Bottom Line: Great fitness machine for the whole body.

I recently purchased the weider 8525 hoping as a lot of men do to bulk up.Well, the machine is everything that it is supposed to be but you have to do your part.The weider 8525 offers a selection of weight stations designed to develop every major muscle group of the human body.Whether you just want to tone your body or build dramatic muscle size or just improve your cardiovascular system, the weider 8525 will help you to achieve the specific results that you want.I am going to give you all of the features and different weight programs that this machine has to offer.

height-76 inches
width- 38 inches
length- 59 inches
The dimensions are to give you an idea of the size so you can compare to the space that you want to place it in your home.

The weider 8525 comes in four stages prior to set up and they are as follows.
1-frame assembly
2-press and butterfly arm assembly
3-cable and pulley assembly
4-seat and backrest assembly.

The weider 8525 is great for all age groups because it has minimum and maximum settings on the pull and weight strength.The weider 8525 also comes with a 90 day warranty that includes a product warranty free from defects in workmanship and material.you can recieve free part replacement and repair under this warranty at any authorized service center,and now on to the features,set-up and weight program.


The weider 8525 comes with easy to assemble parts that comes in a four stage group along with a easy to read and understand diagram and directions.This machines performance is based on leverage and stretching power,and this decreases risk to muscle damage.Everything is powered by pulleys,cables and guides to give you maximum effeciency towards achieving your fitness goals.The weider 8525 also comes equipt with weight amounts ranging from about 25 pounds to about 300 pounds.this setup is designed for people with different workout and fitness plans.All bolts are carriage and retainer bolts that come with nylon locking nuts.these features are designed for less wear and longer use.


As stated before the weider8525 comes equipt with easy to read instructions and a easy to read diagram but I will go over some of the instructions and parts to give you a better idea.As with any piece of fitness equipment, be sure to thoroughly read your warnings and risk section.make sure to lay out all of your parts by each section stated.

1-two-adjustable cresent wrenches.
2-one-standard screwdriver.
3-one-phillips head screwdriver.
4-one-rubber mallet.

while your parts are in the four sections go ahead and install section and then join all four sections as stated in the diagram.here are some of the parts and accessories that come with the machine.

1-5/16x2/12 carriage bolts
2-1/4 inch locking nuts
3-5/16 locking nuts
5-1/4 inch and 3/8 inch flat washers
6-3 1/2 inch pulleys
8-nylon straps
12-hand grips
13-pulley brackets
14-leg press frame
15-seat plate
These are just a few of the parts to give you an idea of what you are looking at.

Before using this machine be sure to pull each cable a few times to be sure that all cables move smoothly over the pulleys.If one does not move smoothly then find and correct the problem.Also, inproper installment can also lead to cable failure from rubbing against support frames and pulleys.


the top weight is 6.5 pounds while all the others are 12.5 pounds but here is an example of the weight spreadout compared to all resistance exercises.
top weight(6.5 pounds) is equilivent to 13 pounds on the arm press-9 pounds on the butterfly-27 pounds on the leg lever-14 pounds on the high pulley-32 pounds on the low pulley and 30 pounds of resistance on the leg press. These are just examples of how much resistance that your muscles will be flexed to with only the top weight.


There are three levels of workout levels

there are 6 work out positions on the weider 8525
1-arm press
2-leg press
4-leg lever press
5-high pulley press
6-low pulley press

here are some of the basic exercise techniques that you can use.you can use the basic bench press that allows you from 6.5 pounds of resistance to over 300 pounds of resistance.you can use the over-head pull down which is great on upper torso also. you can us the tricep isolater which maximizes the strength of the triceps.you can do the butterfly and butterfly press which is very good for the upper torso and you can use the leg press frontwards or backwards to get maximum performance out of your leg and thigh fitness programs.I will recommend the weider 8525 to anyone who wants a professional state of the art fitness-all-in-one gym.

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