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Weider Crossbow Platinum Home Gym

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WEIDER CROSSBOW PLATINUM - Bowflex Can't Compete With This Bling Bling!

Mar 18, 2004 (Updated Mar 18, 2004)
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Pros:Amazing Price! Lots of Exercises, Lots of Weight, Great Quality, Good Feel


The Bottom Line: Platinum means better!

The Weider Crossbow has made a big impact as far as home gyms go. Now Bowflex, perhaps the most popular home gym, has serious competition! And the Crossbow Platinum only ups the ante even more! I've had my Crossbow Platinum for almost 2 weeks now. I integrate the Platinum into my daily workouts. I like to use free weights but the Platinum allows me to lift big - safely. The Platinum is really good for circuit training too!

Whatever your fitness goal; weight loss, muscle gain, toning, etc., the Crossbow Platinum will work very well for you - without breaking the bank! You can even finance it for only $37 per month!

As you probably know strength training boosts your metabolism, increases bone density, sculpts, tones and builds muscle, and boosts your energy and enthusiasm. These are just some of the reasons to workout.

Just when you thought the Crossbow couldn't get any better...

The Crossbow Platinum

Only $999?! Are you kidding?!


This is perhaps the best home gym available! I'm not joking. You get a lat tower and squat station that only the most expensive Bowflex units offer. And the leg extension/leg curls are functional for tall people, with the Crossbow Platinum. What really excited me was the computer unit that comes with the Platinum. It helps you train and lets you digitally adjust the weight resistance! This is a unique feature on a home gym of this quality and in the price range. Another great thing about the Platinum is that for every exercise you can go through the entire range of motion. Range of motion is important for the complete development of your muscles and allows for a full contraction and extension. Another important issue is form. The Platinum promotes good form much better than any of the Bowflex machines. For great arm workouts there's a curl station and for a super butt and legs try the squat station!

Be sure to note the quality of the machine. Once you put it together, if you do it correctly, you'll notice that it is simply great. There should be no squeaking, no wobbling. The material used is very good, solid construction. The bench and handgrips are comfortable and very durable. The lifts are very quiet, there are no clanking weight stacks. The pulleys allow for smooth movements, they are even better than the regular Crossbow.

Switching exercises is very simple, there is very little for the user to do. And switching weight is done at the touch of a button! The built-in computer is simple to use and easy to learn. The buttons are large and easy to press and the displays are easy to read. You can choose between strength training, circuit training, and fat burning. The personal training feature is amazing! It has a diagram of the human body with muscles named. It guides you through the exercise movements you need to do to achieve the desired result you want. It even sets the weight and reps for you! There's an audible beeping noise that sounds off as you complete each rep. This is easily one of the best features of the Crossbow Platinum!

I love working out in a gym, but sometimes home workouts can be more effective. It's certainly harder to skip training if your gym is in your house! Blast some music, or watch TV, whatever works. Beginners usually like the privacy of working out in their house. I highly recommend the Crossbow Platinum to anyone (at any fitness level).

Sample Of Exercises: Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Squat, Hammer Curl, Bicep Curl, Tricep Pushdown, Seated Row, Ab Crunch, Leg Extensions...and many more!

Keep in mind that the number of exercises possible on the Crossbow Platinum surpass anything Bowflex has to offer in this price range.

* 340 lbs of Resistance
* Digital Resistance Control
* Personal Training Function
* Full Range of Motion
* 75 Exercises
* Lat Tower
* Squat Station
* Curl Station
* Leg Developer
* 6-Week Money Back Guarantee

These are just some of the reasons to buy the Crossbow Platinum!

Assembly: This is a big, heavy machine so it'd probably be best to have someone help you put it together. Putting my Platinum together took about an hour or so. I've had lots of experience building these kind of things so I'm getting really good!

Dimensions: 86" Tall x 50" Wide x 85" Deep

+ Digital Resistance Control
+ Quality
+ Comfort
+ Weight Resistance
+ Good Aerobic Rowing Function
+ Great Value (only $999!!)

- No Built-In MP3 Player (J/K!)
- Assemblying Is Slow
- Uh...
- Um...

What's Comparable?

This is an important question for any major purchase so you can be sure to get the most for the least amount of money. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the huge advantage the Weider Crossbow Platinum has over the competition!

Comparable By Price:
* Bowflex Motivator XTL $1,049
* Bowflex Power Pro $999

Comparable By Features:
Well, this one is difficult to answer because no Bowflex comes standard with as much weight resistance but all the Ultimate models offer more exercises (Ultimate XTLU = 90+ Exercises). However, none of the Ultimate's offer the low price that the Crossbow Platinum does and no Bowflex has digital resistance control.

Strength Training: Strength training should be the cornerstone of your fitness regimen. Add to it good aerobics, with the rower or running, and good stretching movements and you have a complete fitness regimen. Always be sure to warm up and cool down when working out.

Shipping: I received my Crossbow Platinum about 3 weeks after ordering it over the phone. (1-800-260-8996) Sometimes orders roll in faster than they can ship them out, I was lucky there was no backlog.

Final Say:

I like the Weider Crossbow and I love the Weider Crossbow Platinum! Considering everything you get for only $999 Bowflex isn't even in the same league! Weider has truly outdone himself. I liked that the aerobic rower on the Platinum actually works well, even for a big guy like myself! I've been so frustrated at Bowflex's lack in this area. The Platinum can be folded up to save space but moving it would be somewhat difficult for many people. It weighs in at over 150 lbs! The 75 exercises allows for a lot of workout variety, it should be sufficient for the majority of exercisers.

As soon as I learned about this I sold my regular Crossbow on eBay and bought this bad boy. I'm extremely happy with it! The Crossbow Platinum cannot be beat for a low priced, quality home gym! The Platinum will help you reach your goals. Weider has a 6-week guarantee on that!

I've only had my Crossbow Platinum for about 2 weeks so if I find anything that needs to be added I'll update my review. I highly recommend the Weider Crossbow Platinum!

Order One Today: www.platinumcrossbow.com
Or Call: 1-800-260-8996

Take Aim On Your Muscles - And Fire Away!
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