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Weslo CrossCycle Stationary Bicycle

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Weslo CrossCycle Stationary Bike: Can you say ouch, my butt hurts?

Mar 2, 2012
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Pros:inexpensive, has some features, moving arms

Cons:no-frills, the seat, the warranty

The Bottom Line: I am recommending this with 3 stars with caveats.

We bought the Weslo CrossCycle  mostly because it was $97.00 and it is small. We have a treadmill and elliptical machine so this is just a small addition.


The Weslo CrossCycle has:

adjustable handles.

an adjustable padded seat. The seat can be adjusted up or down.

peddles with straps

adjustable resistance using a knob.

an LCD window, which shows calories burned, speed, and time.

a 90-day warranty on parts and labor.

a user weight maximum of 250 pounds.

The Weslo Cycle measures about 43 ½ inches long by 39 inches wide by 46 inches high. It weighs about 40 pounds.

Weslo’s parent company is ICON. The Weslo CrossCycle’s handlebars are a nice feature for some. I don’t usually see them on a bike; however, I personally do not like moving handles and for this price you won’t get handles that can be stationary so you are stuck with them moving if you want to read.

The padding on these approximately 22 inch handles is nice. You won’t mind holding them.

The seat is not generous. It measures about 9 inches across by 9 inches long. It is contoured and yes, padded, but the padding feel like a rock! It is hard not to think of how little I paid for it.

The bike came with a hardware kit so it wasn’t impossible to assemble. I did get a bit nervous when I saw the “Important Assembly Update.”

The ends of the base are made of plastic, which is fine if you are putting it on a mat, which I would recommend. However, this will scratch your floor if nothing is under it.

The cycle is made in China.  

Let’s use it:

Please remember this is as close to a no-frills stationary bike as they come. I get on and adjust the seat if my husband has used it. To adjust it I just loosen the seat knob, slide the post the seat is on to where I want it, let go of the knob into one of the seat adjustment. Then I tighten the knob.

The next step is to put my feet under the straps on the pedal. I adjust the straps and press the ends into the tabs on the pedals.

I can vary the pedaling resistance by turning the knob, which is under the LCD monitor either clockwise or counter clock wise. Since I do not love stationary bicycling, the amount of resistance if fine for me and probably for anyone who would consider buying the Weslo Cross Cycle.

The console is surprisingly well-made in terms of not feeling like a skimpy piece of plastic. It measures about 6 inches by 4 ½. It takes four AA batteries. On it is a large (2 ¾ by 1 ½) and easy-to-read screen. There is a display mode in the middle which when pushed will either scan the display or I can keep it on one of the settings, such as distance. If I just start pedaling the console will start as well. The console turns of automatically when I stop pedaling.

This machine is quiet enough and smooth enough for me not to complain about it.  My elliptical and treadmill are much louder. In addition it is light enough to move (or drag) to a room and close the door so you don't bother anyone else.
Jo’s Final Thoughts:

I would not suggest buying this bike if you do not have any other cardio-vascular equipment. If you are short on space look for a folding treadmill. In addition, the seat is so uncomfortable you will be investing in a seat pad, which I have for my regular bike and use. I use it as interval training so I go from the elliptical to the treadmill to the bike. I think for the money as long as you don’t use the Weslo Cycle for an hour a day every day, it will last for $97.00 worth of time. Please do not expect the monitor to be accurate! You can use it as a relative measure but even the most expensive monitors have about a 20% error rate!

Expect to use this as a way to get your heart rate up, get your legs and arms moving, and as part (not as the only) of your workout.

I am recommending the Weslo CrossCycle Stationary Bicycle with some hesitation.

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