Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 2.0 1 TB,External,7200 RPM (H1U10000N) Hard Drive Reviews
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Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 2.0 1 TB,External,7200 RPM (H1U10000N) Hard Drive

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Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 2.0 (1000 GB) !TB USB Hard Drive

May 11, 2009
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Pros:The My Book is a great storage, compact, attractive, portable, and  very reliable product.

Cons:No cons for me but would be nice to have a built in virus protection.

The Bottom Line:

I strongly recommend this product for anyone wanting a fast easy solution to store anything from ebooks, movies, music, software, games and pics. Move over clutter meet the My Book.

      Let me just say I absolutely love this hard drive. The My Book has paid for itself 100 times over well probably 1000 times over. This product allows you to keep so many things, it has been a life saver for me more then once. I will buy movies, ebooks, music etc online and instead of wasting all my precious memory on my computer I download it to my book and I have it for all eternity (or at least until the day comes that it bites the big one).
      The product itself is so easy to use and self explanatory. Granted if you know about computer and hard drives already it is nothing but if you are completely clueless as I was about removable hard drives then you have nothing to worry about from this wonderful product. I actually bought this for my husband for his birthday because he has a bad tendency of downloading way too much stuff to his computer and bogging it down beyond, but I think I just might use it more then he does. I think this is one of the most practical thing I have ever purchased.
      The My Book has a very attractive sleek design that actually resembles a book (go figure lol) It is about the height of a paperback book and about the width of a 1,000 page paperback book. So that means it takes up practically no room. It has a built in fan so when in use you do not have to worry about it getting to hot and frying.
      Another great feature is that while it doesn't take up alot of space it also can help you eliminate clutter not only on your computer but in your home as well. For example: I have taken all my pictures and scanned them onto my computer then download them to my E Book. This not only allows you to delete the pictures on your camera but allows you to ensure your pictures are safe and protected on the hard drive and not collecting dust or melting in heat. And as on all hard drives you can create separate files for all your pictures so you can separate them as needed. I am a HUGE reader and I can't tell you how much I use to spend on books and when I am finished I store then on a shelf until the next time I want to read them or I have to box them up and take them to the attic for lack of room.
      I have recently started purchasing books online not only because I am able to buy them for a fraction of the price and also save time and gas money, but I can down load them onto the Book. After that all I do is scroll through the My Book and find my desired book for reading.  It has freed up so much of my shelf space and room in my house for other things. This also applies to movies I purchase. I have also been taking my ebooks, music, and movies and burning 2 copies onto CD-r and DVDs and cataloging them. This way if something happens to my Book I have my precious items stored and no money lost. You can also download programs and software that you don't use too often onto the book that way you are not wasting space on your computer and when needed again you just pull it up. When you are not using your My Book it stores anywhere and as I stated earlier it takes up no room so you can pop it on a shelf of put in your computer bag.
      I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this product but one thing I wouldn't mind seeing in the future is maybe a built in anti virus. I just wish I could have discovered this product earlier. The way I found out about this product is that I work at AAMCO Transmission and they use two programs called All Data and Mitchell on Demand and it takes up so much space it is not practical to store it on the company computer because there is already so much shop and customer information, but these programs are a must because of the business so the shop invested in the My Book. Wow what a savior for us. It allows us the flexibility of keeping out records in tact but still being able to access the 2 programs when needed. 
      If you have any information you Cherish on your computer: ebooks, music, photos, movies, software, games. You really need to invest in this. I would suggest the 1000 GB one because it is well priced and the biggest bang for your buck. I probably have 200 movies, 50 books, some software, and no telling how many Pict's on mine and still have a ton of room for more goodies. So.

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