Western Digital Elements SE 1 TB,Plug-In Module,5400 RPM (WDBABV0010BBK) Hard Drive Reviews

Western Digital Elements SE 1 TB,Plug-In Module,5400 RPM (WDBABV0010BBK) Hard Drive

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Sep 11, 2010 (Updated Sep 11, 2010)
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Pros:It is affordable and very good in size

Cons:no backup software and no I/O switch

The Bottom Line: Storing heavy data with ease with cool design and affordable price

Why do I buy this?
First of all, we are in the 21st century, computer age.  Very often, we have to catch up with technology.  I used to have lot of storage media devices like backup tape drive, zip drive, etc.  However, those are not sufficient when it comes to today's demand.   
As far as usb external drive goes, I have purchased before.  The price dropped dramatically while the size of the drive increases.  So 1 Terabyte drive is really enough for storage.  
Back then, when I had my first XT (That is first my pc, the younger generation may not know what it is.. yea I am old I admit, I practically grew up technology :) ) , 20mb hard drive, all the data may not seem big, but nowadays, the data includes picture files, video files, music, mail files.  Those files can be size consuming if you have an older pc and if you do not have a backup drive.  All your memories, things you like will be gone once your hard drive  is crashed.   
I bought this additional 1 TB hard drive for two reason.  
1.  Size - due to the fact that is it huge.  I don't have to worry running out of disk space.  This can store years of years data.
2.  Cost - It is less than $100 bucks to the place I found online.  And it is brand new, and so I would like to give a try

What come with the  box
Basically it is very stylish box.  Black box I may add.  The Dimension is about 4 x 2 1/2 x 1 1/2.  This box comes with a power adapter ( about 4 ft long), USB cable - the small type from other end or it is called the mini USB cable - Type A 4 pin (about 3 ft long), and it weighs about 2 pounds.
It is plug and play.  With computer you have today whether it is xp, windows 7, mac, plug into your computer, and the new drive will recognize it and  populate it, and you will see the drive letters.   There are couple of files inside, but basically those files are information files.  It really serves no purpose at all.

What I like about this box
This box I recommended because of its price, and its size.  I paid less than $80 dollars online.  Besides, it is very cool box.  I mean cool.  When you plug this device in, and if there is no activity going on, this box stays cool.  So, you don't have to worry about overheating.  Even when data is being transferred or having write/read activity, it is a little warmer but back to coolness when it is idle.  When there is activity going on, you will see a little white light in the bottom of the box flashing.   Of course, when it is on, you will feel the vibration in the hard drive, just a little though.  The transfer rate is pretty fast.  It is 5400 RPM.  I cannot tell you how fast it is (it really depends on your pc cpu time, type files you transfer, bottleneck you know), I moved my other 80gig (with 60gig data) to this box, and it took about 45 minutes.  (P.S., my pc is XP, and it is pretty old - about 5 years)
Also, I had another external drive I mentioned above.  That drive has holes all over.   The reason being that is to avoid overheating.  The bad thing about that drive is somehow it may collect dust.  As far as this one goes, since it is all compact in and there is no exhausting holes because it is quite and cool design.  It is unlikely that it will collect dust.

What I don't like about it or what should be improved.
No software
- I have bought other external drive before and it came with pretty cool backup software. If you expect cool or any backup software from this box, you can forget about it.  Basically it is a raw drive.  Plug and you can store your data right away.
No on/off switch - For those who like the idea to switch off directly from the box, this may not be a drive for you.  This box basically has not switch wheresoever.  All you need to do is to plug directly into power source and if you want to turn it off, either you unplug the power adapter or shut down the main power source directly.  What I do is to plug it into surge protector with different switches, and if I turn off the computer this thing will be idle and I then can switch off the main switch which is connected to my pc, monitor, speaker and so on.
Additional information from Western Digital
North America - 1-800-275-4932         (spanish) 1-800-832-4478
Get one if you need to backup your drive or just simply use it as data storage drive.  You will like what you buy because of its price and size.  

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