Wherever I Go by Luther Barnes & The Sunset Jubilaires

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Wherever I Go Grant me Serenity! - Luther Barnes & The Sunset Jubilaires

Apr 14, 2004
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Pros:strong, powerful vocals, completely uplifting, down-home southern gospel


The Bottom Line: I enjoy taking long road trips and tripping to the deep gospel vocals from Luther Barnes & The Sunset Jubilaires. Own it, today!

Wherever I Go is a fabulous gospel CD filled with uplifting songs of praise straight out of Atlanta. Luther Barnes & The Sunset Jubilaires is a group that is new to this fan of gospel music, although their tight harmonies and typical southern gospel renditions are not new on gospel charts.

I discovered their powerful music, quite by accident. But then again, I believe that in His world, there are no real accidents or coincidences. Late one night, while feeling downtrodden, I sought to listen to new spiritual music on Radio AOL. Listening to their traditional gospel music queue restored my faith in humanity and soothed my spirit. Then, one song, the title cut on Wherever I Go grabbed hold of me and refused to let me go. I searched for it, found it, purchased the CD and have been enjoying it ever since.

From the very first track to the last, listeners will feel the love, the ever-present guidance and unconditional support from the One with All Power to heal and rejuvenate. No matter what trial or tribulation you may find yourself in, the turbulence will be instantly washed away when listening to Luther Barnes & the magnificent Sunset Jubilaires.

My favorite is the beautiful slow R&B type song of gratitude. Lyrically, track one is right on target, expressing the truth found in many people's lives; those who have faith and deep convictions that God has always been with them. The lyrics say it all, as the slower tempo allows the words to wash over us, touching every fiber of our being.

Lord, thank you for being there for me
For being there faithfully
Yes, You are always there,
wherever I go....

You've always stood by my side
Lord, you've always been my Guide.
Yes, You would always be there
wherever I go....

When my friends turned away
You were there to hold my hand
You understood my funny ways
And, I am here today just to give
You the praise

Through heartaches and pain
through the storm and through the rain
Yes, You were always there for me
Wherever I go!

You washed over me
Without You where would I be?
You're always there for me, Jesus
Wherever I go!

So many times things didn't go well
But I always had my story to tell
Just can't imagine what I'd do
If I had to spend one moment without You
Cause you've always been there for me
Wherever I go!

ad libbing..
..thank you, Jesus! ..thank you, Lord!
You're always there for me
Wherever I go!

Track two is superb, as well, bringing up the tempo a bit with lots of drumming, guitar, and organs. The background vocals work so well in this song. Luther is beseeching the Lord to stay with him, helping him to love his enemies and see the good in all people. This by giving him just A Little More Grace. I love the harmonious jubilant Jubilaires' wonderful deep bass vocals in their southern singing style. Then, when you least expect it, toward the end of this one, the tempo speeds up a bit more, ending the spiritual in a tumultuous hand clapping joyful song.

Continuing with track three, Lord, I'm Here Waiting the tempo is brought down again. This sets the rhythm for the rest of the disk, one fast song then one slow, reflective one. By track four, you will be on on your feet swaying, clapping your hands and praising God!

Everywhere I go,
I keep on leaning on the Lord.
Leaning, leaning, leaning on the Lord!

Luther shouts out various life situations and the Jubilaires reply with a hearty joyful chorus of ".... Leaning on Jesus!" This is the best foot stomper in the entire track listing. Halleluhah!!

Tracks five and six are sweet, sweet contemporary gospel songs explaining how those who are called to do the Lord's work must be grateful and willing to serve, even when they feel too tired or too inadequate. There is a brief sermon-like interlude in It's a Mighty Good Thing to be Chosen, where Luther tells the story of Moses when he was chosen by God to lead the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage. Wonderfully done.

Track six, Mr. Reliable, talks about gaining strength and comfort from the One who is always ready to protect and cuddle us in times of trouble. I loved the electric guitar solo performed during Luther's solo performance.

Track Listing
1. Wherever I Go.. 7:22
2. A Little More Grace.. 5:17
3. Lord I'm Here Waiting.. 5:44
4. Leaning On Jesus.. 4:17
5. It's A Good Thing To Be Chosen.. 7:36
6. Mr. Reliable.. 4:43
7. All Day.. 4:40
8. Sometimes I'm Burdened.. 4:57
9. Be What You Are -(traditional).. 3:03
10. Be What You Are -(contemporary).. 3:36
11. We Must Be Ready.. 6:32
12. Thank You For Mercy.. 5:54
13. Keep On Trusting.. 4:46

All Day brings the tempo up again as Luther & the jumping Jubilaires sing the praises of being blessed to be alive. No matter what the situation is, there is always a smile on their faces, they are happy and they count their blessings all day, because of God's mercy in allowing them to live a new day. A new day is beautifully equated with new beginnings and an opportunity for fresh starts. Now, what we do with the new day is totally up to us.

Midway through Wherever I Go, Luther belts out a fabulous traditional gospel song which has been known to grace the going home services in many church congregations. This song, Sometimes I'm Burdened, really highlights Luther's beautiful and powerful tenor voice. Track eight really makes folks reflect on the state of their lives and if they are truly ready to leave their burdens behind to meet Jesus. The pace is incredibly slow and is overall well done.

It's interesting to me how this CD is organized. In the next two songs, Luther does a traditional old time gospel song, Be What You Are, and follows it up with the newer contemporary version of the same song immediately after. My personal preference is the foot stomping, hand clapping upbeat traditional rendition. Talk about total spiritual rejuvenation!!

The newer version is also quite intense. It is definitely more on the order of an old R&B cut from the early seventies, reminiscent of something that Bobby Womack might have done. Magnificent electric guitar solo adds to track ten.

I said that I loved every beautifully performed gospel song on this CD. It ends with tracks eleven through thirteen helping to prepare us for Armageddon. The joyful Jubilaires round out the disk, released in 2000, on a note of gratitude for God's blessings.

Thank You for mercy
for Your love so dear
Thank You for compassion
through every tear

Thank You for kindness
and for Your grace
Thank You for mercy
All through the day

Atlanta Int'l Record Co, Inc
881 Memorial Drive S.E. Atlanta, GA 30318

Final Thoughts and Recommendations
This collection of very powerful traditional and contemporary gospel songs is an excellent addition to any music lovers collection. In my opinion, we could all use a bit of spiritual upliftment.

I highly recommend allowing Luther Barnes & the Sunset Jubilaires to help bring you even closer to God.

Recommend this product? Yes

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